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15 Things That Are Attractive To A Sapiophile

15 Things That Are Attractive To A Sapiophile

What is the meaning of sapiophile? What is a sapiophile personality, and what are the things that are attractive to sapiophiles?

The word sapiophile is made up of a combination of the Latin “sapient” (meaning “wise”) and the Greek suffix “phile” (meaning “lover of”).

So, being a sapiophile means being someone who finds intelligence the most attractive feature and being romantically or sexually attracted to intelligence in others.

To a sapiophile, smart people with a great sense of humor are far more attractive than just their physical appearance.

If you find yourself longing to have an intelligent conversation with someone about quantum physics or you simply can’t help yourself from breathlessly staring at someone reading a philosophy book like it’s a romance novel, then you know that you’re a sapiophile (aka sapiosexual)!

There are a lot of other signs that show you’re a sapiophile, but we won’t go into that too much.

Here, we’ll be going over all those things that are romantically or sexually attractive to a sapiophile because sometimes these things can get a little bit weird.

Of course, these things all depend on each person, and every sapiosexual has their own preferences.

Some sapiosexuals are more into wise, intellectual conversations spiced up with a great sense of humor, while others connect most with emotional intelligence in others.

But, if the majority of the following signs apply to you, then you definitely know that you’re one of them (and you’ll also learn how to attract that special someone of your crew!) So, let’s see!

A sapiophile will love it if you have a library

Since the definition of sapiophile is being attracted to intelligent people, they usually prefer spending their time with someone who has a library.

It sounds strange but thinking about how someone has read a whole lot of books, that their vocabulary is good, and that they know how to talk using complex sentences without stuttering or thinking about it too much, really is a turn-on to them.

So, if you perceive libraries as the Holy Grail of knowledge and wisdom and you specifically prefer talking to clever and wise people who have read at least five classic books, then you know you’re the embodiment of a sapiophile!

Long, intimate and eye-opening conversations

Have you ever found yourself feeling strong sexual attraction while talking to an intelligent man or woman? (If yes, you might have been a sapiophile in disguise all this time without even knowing it).

As already said, sapiophiles long to have deep, meaningful conversations with others, so communication is the best thing that you can use to impress a sapiophile and turn him on (if you’re interested in doing so).

Having long and intimate conversations that open their eyes to new horizons is crucial in their relationships.

You can talk about philosophy, art, science, the universe, and information technology—anything that can help the sapiophile learn something new and have his knowledge expanded.

And don’t be afraid that the sapiosexual will get bored—as long as you have interesting topics to talk about, the length of the conversation doesn’t matter.

Photographic memory

Some sapiosexuals find unusual things like a photographic memory extremely sexy.

Why? Well, because it means that the person knows a lot and also that they will remember everything that has been said as well.

Even though a photographic memory can be a burden sometimes and can be very annoying from time to time, it’s actually very attractive.

A photographic memory is actually equivalent to seeing a picture in your head.

A person having this kind of memory finds that moment in their memory, sees it as a clear picture, and can examine every little detail in that picture, zooming in on different parts and so on. Sounds sexy and incredible, doesn’t it?


When someone can win a debate with a sapiophile, the sapiosexual will be all over them! If you have the ability to win a debate with arguments about any scientific discussion, be sure that you will catch the eye of a sapiosexual.

If you know the topic very well, if you are genuinely interested in what they have to say without being ignorant, their sexual attraction for you will reach its pinnacle!

Sapiophiles can’t help themselves from admiring those who are not afraid to speak their minds and who know how to organize their thoughts in perfect order.

It is that creative mess which arises during intelligent conversations that gets them every time!


When someone is curious about the world around them and always wondering how different things work, in the eyes of a sapiophile, they are extremely attractive.

To know that there is someone out there who will research day and night just to find out about a certain topic and so on, to a sapiophile, it means that they are not alone out there.

Intelligent people simply have that urge to continue expanding their knowledge and to experiment with different things to make sure that they aren’t missing any important data.

In their eyes, curiosity is the most attractive feature one can have, and it works like fuel to their imagination.


Education isn’t a deal-breaker when someone is confident in their own intelligence but education does give you insight into a lot of new topics and literature that can help you become a better version of yourself.

For that same reason, sapiophiles love to have someone educated by their side.

Being educated on anything and everything and being able to engage in an intellectual conversation at any time of the day is hot as hell, and it’s a huge turn-on to a sapiophile!

An open mind



Even though having your own opinions on certain topics is extremely important, having an open mind is sometimes even more attractive.

To know that you have someone by your side who will listen to a theory of yours and be able to agree with you because you have shown them another aspect of it means that they are open-minded to new things.

Being open-minded means that you have a greater understanding of the world around you, and who wouldn’t want someone like that for their partner?

After further research and conversations with my sapiosexual friends, where they told me that there are many more things that attract them than this basic list, let’s dive deeper into what is actually attractive to a sapiophile!

When someone knows that ‘pretending to be dumb’ isn’t cute

Believe it or not, I have seen so many girls out there being ashamed of their brains, thinking that it only brings about poor relationships and so on. H

ow many girls have you seen who play dumb just to make someone else think that they are cute or funny?

Well, let me just tell you that I find a girl’s IQ to be questionable if she thinks that hiding how smart she is will bring her greater popularity.

Owning the sapiophile in her


Sapiophiles are attracted to other (smart people) like them. When women or men are not ashamed to embrace their interests, wants and needs, when they own the fact that they are attracted to an amazing brain rather than to a six-pack, it’s the most attractive thing to a sapiosexual.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen of the world, you shouldn’t hide that you’re smart, and you shouldn’t hide the sapiophile in you.

Don’t be afraid of what you love in other people because that is who you are; it’s really attractive to those who love the intelligence in others just like you do.

Correct spelling

Every sapiophile I have ever talked to (myself included) loves when someone doesn’t make spelling errors and doesn’t make mistakes while writing in general.

Reading a text or a written letter that does not need any spelling corrections is a blessing sent from heaven for a sapiophile! It’s a huge turn-on!

When someone admits that they are clueless about a topic but they want to know more

Do you know the feeling when you meet someone new and you start talking about a certain topic, and they admit that they are interested in it but never got around to researching it themselves? Well, let me tell you that is something extremely hot!

This is when the sapiophile you’re talking to gets really excited because they get to talk to you about something that they’re passionate about and that you actually care about. And you ask questions? Instant boner!

Revealing your weird interests


If you talk to a sapiophile about something weird that you love to research, if you have something very unique for you that you are fascinated by, you better tell them!

This is what they want to learn more about. If you have a weird interest, don’t hide it!

Share the fact that you love alligators and learning more about them, or the universe, or paranormal encounters! These things are what connects you and a sapiophile on a higher level.

Using conversations as foreplay

When you set the mood after dinner with candles and wine, instead of kissing each other and talking about those disrespecting ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends of yours, try turning a sapiophile on by reading them a chapter of your favorite book or talking about a recent study you have encountered.

I can guarantee that with your passionate conversation and the mood going on around you, a sapiophile will go crazy for you.

Also, remember that you shouldn’t neglect your physical appearance when it comes to foreplay, but it is not something that you should be overly worried about because sapiophiles are mainly attracted to your mind instead of your body.


A sapiophile will never go for someone who follows all the trends to a T and does their best to fit in.

They want someone who has their own viewpoints and doesn’t stray away from their own preferences just because something is trending right now.

By staying true to yourself and cultivating your taste in music, movies, food or anything else, you are sending him the message that you are someone interesting and special, which is all they want.

They want to see that you’re original and that you’re not afraid to display your weirdness or act a little bit silly.

They want to see that you’re living your life not worrying about what others will say and whether you will be liked by everyone.

The heart is just as important as the mind

Emotional intelligence is just as important as raw intelligence. Being well-read and having admirable knowledge means nothing if you aren’t in touch with your feelings.

Although they will admire your knowledge, if you lack emotional intelligence, they will consider you cold, as every person needs warmth and understanding more than anything—especially a sapiophile.

Final Thoughts

As already said, sapiophiles are attracted to others who resemble them.

So, the biggest shortcut to winning the heart of a sapiophile would be the combination of raw intelligence, a sense of humor, emotional intelligence, and a dose of ‘not giving a fuck about what other people say’!

And if you already possess all these qualities, you can now officially declare yourself as a true sapiophile! Congratulations!

P.S. (Don’t forget to add this new feature to your profile on social media or dating sites!)