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6 Possible Reasons Why He Suddenly Changed For The Worse

6 Possible Reasons Why He Suddenly Changed For The Worse

When you first met this guy, you thought he was a dream come true. He had everything you were looking for in a man and more.

But now, after a while, it seems as if the loving and caring guy from the beginning of your relationship has simply vanished.

It is almost like he suddenly became someone else and you don’t know how or why it happened.

That is why we are here to give you 6 possible and the most common reasons why men suddenly change for the worse after some time.

This is his true face

I assume that this is the last thing you would like to hear but there is a possibility that your boyfriend’s personality hasn’t actually changed—maybe this is the real him.

It is possible that he only manipulated you into thinking that he was different than he really is just to get in your pants or to get you to fall for him.

But now that he has reached his goals, he has taken off his nice guy mask.

Or he simply grew tired of pretending and started showing you his true colors without even being aware of it.

He’s started taking you for granted

One of the possible reasons why your boyfriend suddenly changed for the worse is the fact that he has started taking you for granted.

He has become certain of your love for him and he simply doesn’t feel like he needs to try anymore.

He thinks he has done the work—he won you over and there is no need for him to put any more effort into this relationship.

This guy is sure that you aren’t going anywhere and that you’ll love him, no matter what.

This guy believes that he doesn’t have to work to earn your love anymore and that is the main reason for this change in behavior.

He cheated on you

OK, this is the worst possible case scenario but there exists a possibility that your boyfriend cheated on you or plans to do so.

Maybe he hasn’t done anything physical but is having an emotional affair.

If he has been unfaithful, he is probably consumed by guilt which has made him change his ways.

Or he is currently cheating on you and he gives all of his attention and love to this other woman.

He grew tired of being in a relationship

There are men who are sworn bachelors and your boyfriend might be one of them.

He fell for you in the beginning and he probably still has feelings for you.

But he simply grew tired of being in a relationship and he started seeing it as an obligation.

Even though he tried to be a good boyfriend, commitment started suffocating him.

He feels caged and all he wants to do is go back to his single life. This guy wants to go back to dating, sleeping around and doing whatever the hell he wants and you should just let him go.

His love is disappearing

In the beginning, this guy was crazy for you. But now, the honeymoon phase is over and he has seen that you are actually not the one for him.

I hate to break it to you but this means that he never loved you enough.

What he felt were passion and butterflies and he might have even been in love with you.

And when all of these feelings disappeared, there was actually nothing left.

Or he did love you but lately, he feels like his love for you is disappearing and he is in doubt about what to do next.

If this is the case with your boyfriend, you need to understand that these things happen and that there was nothing you did to make his love for you fade away.

You are seeing him for who he really is

When you fall in love with someone new, you usually fail to see them for who they really are.

It is not unusual for love to blind you to the point where you only see this person’s qualities and you start to think of him as perfect.

And this is exactly what might have happened to you. In the beginning, you disregarded this man’s flaws but now as time has gone by, you have taken off your rose-tinted glasses and you’ve started seeing him for who he really is. And you don’t like what you’re seeing.