We are all guilty of social media stalking activity of a guy we are into. It’s simple and it gives us access into his life, likes, dislikes, and behavior.

In any case, being a bit of a stalker gives us a clear insight into his life. His posts themselves tell stories, some good and some bad. Either way, it’s always better to know.

Here’s what his social media posts reveal about him as a person and the relationship you have or might have with him.

1. If he hits like on the photos of every random girl, he is keeping his options open

Regardless of whether you are in an exclusive relationship or still don’t quite know where you stand, you will be upset if you see that he is hitting likes on half-naked photos of some random girl.

You will be even more upset if they are following him right back, liking and commenting on his posts and responding to his Insta Stories. He might not be cheating in the literal sense but it’s micro-cheating to say the least.

All in all, this is not a good sign and it is probably not enough to make things work as he is still keeping his options open.

2. If his profile is filled with selfies, the odds are he will always love himself more than he loves you

It’s more than OK to love oneself but if he is obsessed with his own image, the way he dresses and looks, there might be something major to worry about.

For starters, if you are in a relationship, nobody would guess it from his social media activity because it’s all about him.

Secondly, exaggerating with self-love and focusing only on himself and the way people perceive him might be an indicator of a narcissist in disguise.

3. If he often gets into arguments on Facebook, he might be self-righteous and a relationship with him might become messy in no time

Almost every day, your Facebook feed is filled with posts that have his snarky comments underneath. Sure, he might love to debate and get into discussions about some of the topics that he is interested in but he also might exaggerate in all of that.

Make sure he isn’t one of those self-righteous people who have to win every argument. He won’t be much different in a relationship either and you will always be the one to blame because he is always right. Constant fights and bickering about every little thing is not the relationship you want to be in.

4. If he is blowing up your posts, he is probably needy and obsessed with you

It’s nice to be with someone who likes your posts and notices your social media activity. But if he is liking every single thing even though it’s something that he has no knowledge of or if he is tagged as your friend underneath some meme, he has creepster written all over his face.

There is such a thing as being too involved in someone’s social media life and it just indicates that he is needy and obsessed with you.

5. If he is overly active on his every social media platform, it’s a sign of insecurity

You can’t remember the last time he spent a whole hour not glued to his phone. He posts a story about his every move and if he was declared missing, he would be found in a matter of seconds (lol).

He changes his profile picture on a daily or weekly basis. He takes everything a bit too far and it’s all too much because deep down, he is insecure and he believes in that way he has control over what other people think of him.

6. If he is constantly posting pictures of the two of you, he is trying to make a point

Better said, he is trying to prove something to somebody else or even himself. He might want to make his ex jealous, make his friends envious by parading you around or boost his ego.

Whatever the reason is, it’s not a good sign. There is no need to prove anything to anybody. It’s better to build your relationship in the real world than in a virtual one.

7. Low activity on social media shows that he likes to keep things private

You can’t find a trace of his ex-girlfriend on his social media account because there was never any. He doesn’t like to post a lot on social media and he prefers it if nobody messes with his business.

If you would love to see a photo of the two of you on his Instagram or Facebook, your wish might never come true but that doesn’t mean you are in a bad relationship.

On the contrary, if all other aspects of your relationship are great, you have hit the jackpot, as couples who post every aspect of their relationship on social media are usually the most troubled ones.

8. A moderate use of social media indicates you are involved with a perfectly balanced man

He changes his profile picture every now and then. He tags you in random posts or videos that remind him of you or he believes you might find funny.

He hits the like button just enough so you know you are on his radar but there’s nothing that indicates obsessive behavior. Basically, you have nothing to worry about.

Here's What His Social Media Posts Reveal About Him And Your Relationship