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How To Recognize 10 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

How To Recognize 10 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

When it comes to dating, people often hesitate to open up about how they feel. Rather than saying it out loud, we prefer to show someone that we’re interested. That way, if the other person doesn’t like us back, we can save face and protect our feelings.

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you? He’s not going to come out and let you know it unless he’s sure he has a chance with you.

Luckily, there are many powerful signs of male attraction you can look out for to figure it out.

Even if he doesn’t explicitly say it, here are all the ways he’s telling you that he’s attracted to you.

What Are The Most Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction?

The first thing you should pay attention to is how he interacts with other people. One of the most powerful signs of male attraction is that he acts differently around you than others.

His body language and his behavior reveal his feelings, so if it’s only you who is on the receiving end of these signs, it means that you hold a special place in his heart.

1. The importance of body language.

Even if he’s not big on expressing his feelings verbally, there are still lots of ways he communicates how he feels. Watch closely for body language signs of attraction.

For most people, this is unconscious, so if you notice your crush doing these, he’s most likely attracted to you. (Although if you notice him manipulating his body language, it might mean he’s a pickup artist, and you should move on.)

Typical male body language of attraction involves getting close to you and showing you what a great partner he’d make.

• Eye contact? He has to work up to it.

It’s all in his eyes! There’s nothing quite like eye contact to ramp up the heat and intrigue the senses. Eyes are called the windows to the soul for a good reason – there’s no hiding when two people look each other in the eyes. It’s all there, waiting to get out.

For this reason, eye contact isn’t for the faint of heart. It might take a while before he can gaze deeply into your eyes. Direct contact is an advanced technique, usually used only when he can’t help himself and really wants to tell you that he wants you.

• His eyes tell.

Until he gains some confidence, he’ll pull away from eye contact when caught looking at you. Before he reaches the point where he’s ready for an eye-to-eye, he’ll look at you while you’re not looking, quickly looking away when you turn towards him.

His eyes are always on you, staring and drinking in your every move. He’s always looking, except when you’re looking at him. Still, he’s constantly glancing at you to check if the coast is clear for him to let his gaze go back to you.

He’ll pay close attention while you talk, his eyes flitting from your eyes to your lips, taking in your whole face. He’ll look your body up and down, especially if you’re not looking.

• Listen to his voice.

If the tone of his voice changes when he’s talking to you, it’s a good indicator of attraction. When you compare how he speaks to other people to how he speaks to you, his tone will be noticeably different.

His voice will become generally more expressive: you’ll be able to glean his feelings just from the tone of his voice. For instance, if he’s nervous, he might stumble over his words or speak confidently when he feels like the attraction might be mutual.

• He starts to sound like you.

In fact, changing vocal pitch is one of the most telling subconscious signs of attraction – we can’t willingly control it. According to a study, people tend to change their voice when talking to someone they’re romantically interested in.

Here’s the interesting part: his honey voice might get softer and sweeter, deeper and sultrier, or higher, depending on your voice and how you talk.

When talking to someone they like, a person will change their voice to mirror the other person’s. If both of you are attracted to each other, your way of speaking will start to resemble one another’s during your conversation.

• It’s written all over his face.

You can catch a few powerful signs of male attraction if you pay attention to his face. Sometimes these subtle signs can be hard to read, but if you look closely, you’re in for a revelation.

In the same way his voice shows more of his feelings, his face becomes more expressive as well. His face becomes more obvious, so to speak – more intense and easier to read. Don’t be surprised if you catch him mirroring your facial expressions.

His lips part, and he might lick them too. Not in a creepy, lecherous way, but the way you do when you’re nervous and your mouth gets dry.

His pupils get bigger, which might be difficult to notice, but that’s actually what happens in those romance novels when ‘his eyes darken.’

When he stops blinking, he’s blushing and flushing, his nostrils flaring to smell you better, and his eyebrows rise to see you better – he’s not about to eat you, at least not literally. All these things mean he’s strongly attracted to you.

However, the most important thing you should look for on his face is his smile. He won’t give you a picture-perfect smile but a real one. He’ll smile with his eyes, even with his whole face. And he won’t be able to stop.

• Can’t seem to stay away from you.

Personal space? Don’t know her. A man who’s feeling attraction feels it literally. He’s drawn to you, and he can’t resist. He’ll do whatever he can to be close to you.

When you’re walking, he walks beside you. When you fall back, he stops and waits for you to catch up. When you stop and talk, he comes too close, especially when he’s facing you.

If you’re sitting somewhere and the seat next to you isn’t available, he’ll find a way to make that problem go away. He’ll move close to you and stay glued to you.

This can be especially cute when you’re in a group setting, and he’s struggling to fight his way to be next to you.

• He turns to you.

He mirrors your voice and face, so it’s to be expected that he’s also mirroring your posture and mannerisms. He’s unconsciously trying to make himself look similar to you to establish a connection.

Another sure sign of attraction is open body language. What this means is that he uses his whole body to show you his interest and openness.

When he’s nervous, he might cross his arms and legs or keep his hands in his pockets. A sure sign of physical attraction is keeping his palms turned up, his arms uncrossed, and his body facing you – everything from his feet to his head pointing towards you.

When he wants to make you feel comfortable and welcome, he’ll remove all obstacles between you, such as cushions or personal things lying around. He’ll lean in and not be afraid of gesturing as he talks, feeling the need to express his interest.

• He needs to touch you.

Physical touch is inevitable when there’s sexual attraction. Some of his moves might be subtle, and others completely obvious. He’ll find excuses to touch you – tuck your hair behind your ear and hold your hand for some imaginary reason.

A gentle hand on your lower back when you’re walking, fingers that graze yours when he hands you something, a hug that’s a bit too long.

Not moving his leg when it touches yours when you’re sitting close to each other.

Tender and affectionate, those small, “accidental” touches are his way to initiate physical contact that can be interpreted as casual if necessary.

• He wants you to look at him.

A good sign a man is attracted to you is that he tries to get you to notice him and start feeling the same attraction right back.

How he does this is by preening and showing off. For instance, he’ll subtly flex his muscles, suck in his stomach and keep his back straight.

He wants to look good to you, so he’ll fix his clothes and run his hand through his hair or show off a body part he’s proud of.

Another thing he’ll make sure of is that you know he’s a man by over-the-top moves that show his masculinity. They’re generally focused on taking more space: standing with his hands on his hips, manspreading, and fixing his posture to seem as tall as possible.

2. You’re the most interesting person in the world.

One of the most powerful signs of male attraction is when he openly shows his genuine interest in you as a person. This usually means that he feels not only physical attraction but also an emotional attraction. In other words, he thinks of you as relationship material.

When you feel like you’re the center of his attention and he wants to know every little thing about you, it’s one of the most common signs that he wants to date you.

He’ll ignore his phone when you’re together and give you his full attention even when it’s inconvenient.

When a man is attracted to you, he’ll want to spend all his time learning things about you. If he’s curious to know every little detail about you, it means that he feels a pull and wants to get close to you.

When he’s absorbed by you, your thoughts and ideas, the small things, everything you say and do interest him, and he wants to know more.

3. He’s gentle and sweet.

When he’s friendlier to you than to other people, it’s definitely one of the undeniable signs that he’s attracted to you. This is especially noticeable if you’ve known him for a while, and he’s different from how he used to be in the past.

He’s showing his soft side by trying to make you feel comfortable and being gentle with you. He might give you a thoughtful gift or show that he remembers your preferences.

Paying you compliments and showing that he’s paying attention to what you say and what you show him is a way to let you know that he’s sweet on you.

4. He acts up.

Has he been trying to get your attention by being loud, dramatic, or doing things you wouldn’t expect him to do? When a guy is attracted to you, he wants you to notice him, so he tries different things to see what gets a reaction out of you.

If he’s flaunting his skills or his looks to impress you, it’s a great sign that he’s into you. He wants you to like him back, so he’s showing off things he considers attractive about himself.

He’ll flex, literally and figuratively. He’ll brag and talk about his accomplishments, and if you happen to mention that there’s something you like in a guy, he’ll make sure to let you know that’s exactly him.

If everyone says that he changes when you’re around, he’s trying to do something to draw your attention to him.

5. You’re connecting.

It’s not only physical attraction that a man can feel for you – when it’s combined with emotional attraction, there’s a solid foundation for a relationship.

The way to know that he’s emotionally attracted is to look for a developing connection between you. The first step in that direction is finding the courage to be vulnerable.

This means sharing parts of yourself that can easily be hurt and trusting the other person not to do it. It happens through deep conversations that lead to opening up and understanding each other.

He’s inviting you to do the same by being attentive and listening intently when you speak. Your opinions and ideas matter, and he’s curious about your personal life. He feels like you get him and won’t judge him, so he tells you things about himself.

6. He’s playful.

Relationships don’t have to be serious and deep all the time. It’s important to be able to have fun together. It helps develop a friendship between you and heightens feelings of affection for each other. Laughing together is a relaxed way to create a bond.

Does it feel like he can’t stop teasing you? It’s a telltale sign that he’s attracted to you and comfortable around you. Flirtatious teasing helps build an emotional connection in a no-pressure way.

When he’s gently ribbing you, he’s showing a willingness to be teased back. The only rule of teasing is don’t be mean and don’t put down the other person. It’s teasing so long as no one gets hurt.

Inside jokes and acting silly are all signs that he likes you and enjoys your company. When he says something funny and looks at you to see if you’re laughing or if he laughs at everything you say, he’s trying to connect with you.

7. He’s making moves.

Does he make an effort to talk to you and keep in touch? Does he try to keep the conversation going when it starts? Is he always prepared with deep questions that make you want to share and interesting comments that make you glad you had?

When a guy is attracted to you, he’s eager to be with you. If he texts you in the evening and keeps you talking for hours, if he invites you to do things or introduces you to his friends, he’s actively trying to spend time with you.

When a man is attracted to you, he’ll try hard to keep you engaged in conversation and make an effort to spend time with you. He’ll take the lead on making plans with you and always manage to think of something for the two of you to do.

8. He does things for you.

Big favors or small gestures, a guy who feels attracted to you will want to do things to make you happy. It can either be by doing things that make you feel special or by doing things you need.

For example, mention that you need help with something, and he’ll be the first to volunteer to help. A man who likes you wants to take care of you and protect you.

For example, he could take you to his favorite spot to show you the view or show you how to do something he’s good at. If he’s always ready to make an effort, it shows his attention and care and that he’s thinking about you.

9. He lets you influence him.

It’s a clear sign that a man is attracted to you if he lets you change something about him. There are a lot of examples of this.

He shows he values you by accepting your suggestions, and he looks for things you have in common as signs that you’re meant to be.

Being influenced by each other is a way for both you and your relationship to grow. Sharing experiences deepens your connection.

Because he respects your opinions, he’ll try to find ways to be more like you. For instance, when he finds a habit of yours particularly impressive, he’ll follow in your footsteps and try to emulate it.

Among powerful signs of male attraction, one of the most obvious signs is when he rearranges his life to fit you in and make you feel welcome.

If he makes a space for you that you feel comfortable in, makes himself available when you need him, and makes time for you when you need him. The bottom line is, if he makes you a priority, he wants you in his life.

10. He’ll show you he wants you.

When a man is attracted to you and decides it’s time to stop hiding his feelings, he’ll show his desire for you. When he wants you, he’ll find a way to let you know, even if he chooses not to say it outright.

He’ll check you out and let you see him do it. He’ll make it a point not to look at other girls and make sure you know he doesn’t do it. On the other hand, when he notices other guys checking you out, he might show you he’s jealous.

Strong attraction can also make him feel nervous around you. Adrenaline causes an increased heart rate, which is one of the physical signs that he’s excited to be around you. If he’s getting flustered and fidgeting, he’s probably anxious.

All the physical signs we’ve talked about so far are ways he flirts with you to let you know he’s attracted to you. The soft touches, standing too close, the ways he makes time to spend with you show that he wants you close.

Can You Read The Signs?

Relationship experts understandably consider body language one of the easiest ways to figure out whether someone likes you when they don’t let you know directly.

If you take a look at all the ways a guy unconsciously shows you how he feels using his body, it’s clear that elements of body language are the most powerful signs of male attraction.

It’s not all, however, because his behavior says a lot too. When he’s interested in knowing things about you and lets you influence him, or when you feel like you’re connecting, or he wants to help you, he’s showing he wants you.