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3 Smart Methods To Outsmart A Narcissist (And Leave The Relationship For Good)

3 Smart Methods To Outsmart A Narcissist (And Leave The Relationship For Good)

What is the main key to repel a narcissist?

The gray rock method – become as dull as dishwater.

Narcissists are attracted to compassionate and loving people, people who radiate energy and are bursting with empathy.

The more emotions a person shows, the more attractive they are going to be to a narcissist.

The reason is very simple. Narcissists need their supply. They need the attention and admiration of their victims.

It’s what feeds their egos and gives their lives meaning.

In other words, the narcissist is using their partner as a source of impersonal narcissistic supply.

Love is nowhere to be found in such relationships.

The fact you are seen and perceived as a narcissistic supply makes you weak and easy to control.

Only if you let someone treat you like shit will you come out as a victim, but if you play your moves smart and sneaky as they do, you’ll be able to outsmart a narcissist.

Experiencing a narcissistic relationship is probably one of the worst things you’ll live through in your life.

Those people suck you dry; they steal every little emotion from you – that’s the first step to gain complete control over you.

When they succeed, then they have you in their grip. They control your emotions and your thoughts.

From that moment on, you are their puppet, you move where they tell you to move.

In the beginning, you thought you loved him. You gave him a sea of second chances despite his constant betrayal.

It was because of all the hoovering tactics and guilt-tripping.

That’s what brought you back every time you decided to leave. But the fact is, you keep coming back until you hit rock bottom.

For as long as you have even a bit of strength, they will find a way to lure you back into the relationship to take that little you have left.

When you are left with absolutely nothing, only then will you be able to leave.

You won’t be interesting anymore. You’ll be dull and unimportant.

Only, you don’t have to risk your sanity to leave a narcissist. You don’t have to come to your lowest point to leave.

Try using some of these smart but down-low methods to outsmart a narcissist.

1. The Gray Rock Method

The whole point is to really become a gray rock. A rock that is so boring and unattractive that no one would look at it twice.

Using the grey rock method, you’ll become completely unattractive for him to interact with.

Your abusive partner will lose interest in you and eventually leave you alone.

Look at it this way. Imagine him being a small boy and small boys want toys to play with – only a narc doesn’t want toys because his toys are people.

He plays with people and their feelings, and that has serious consequences.

In a narc’s eyes, you are the same as the toy. He knows he can do whatever he wants with you because he has the authority.

He can create scenarios he likes and make you dance to the music he plays. Narcs are in complete control over you.

2. Ignore him

Narcissists are unable to produce emotions, that’s why they feed off of yours. It’s in their interest to provoke any kind of reaction from you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s love or rage, the emotion is what counts. They need to see your reaction to their behavior.

Normal people would interpret the fact you are upset as something they probably did wrong, but not a narcissist.

Your every emotion, anger or happiness, they will see as love because they don’t know what love is. They can’t understand love.

By playing their game, you’re only entering deeper into their trap. Another way to get rid of a narcissist is to tell them everything to their face.

If you think they are lying to you, call them a liar in front of everyone.

Stop meeting their expectations and stop believing their promises and grandiose gestures. That is all a lie.

And for as long you give their behavior attention, they will keep doing the same thing.

Stop feeding their egos by making them think they are important.

Even when you stand up to a narcissist, the job is not done. The struggle has just begun.

When you show them they won’t be able to control you that easily, they will come at you with everything they’ve got.

They will use every sneaky technique and every manipulation in the book to get you back on their track.

The first thing they will do is to try to find another victim to feed off of. You are not giving them enough narcissistic supply and they need it badly.

They are like junkies in a desperate need of a fix. No matter what they have to do and who they have to hurt, they’ll do it.

If that plan fails, they will start behaving differently – they will start acting as normal people do in normal relationships.

They will apologize for their behavior and swear to never do it again. They will be on their knees beginning you for forgiveness.

Their fear is real at that moment.

They are sincerely scared you’re going to leave them, but not because they love you, but because they need their supply.

Ignore those false emotions and don’t be crazy to give them a second chance.

3. Praise him

This is the most dangerous and risky method to take up.

If you really think you’re able to lie like that without giving away your true intentions, then, by all means, do it.

Not only will you succeed, but you’ll hurt a narcissist in the process.

Shower them with attention, give them everything they want. Tell them how beautiful, considerate, and smart they are.

Lie all you want, but it’s crucial to stay believable, otherwise he’ll put you through hell.

At the same time, plan your escape. Carefully calculate everything down to the last detail before you decide to leave.

Make sure he doesn’t expect you to make that move, or else  the whole plan may go to waste.

There is a way to leave a narcissist, but there isn’t a way to do it without having consequences.

Whatever happens in your life after dating a narcissist, be prepared to heal and start believing in yourself once again.

By using these methods, you’ll be able to do it faster and maybe less painfully.

3 Smart Methods To Outsmart A Narcissist (And Leave The Relationship For Good)