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The Most Bitter Love Lesson Her Toxic Partner Taught Her

The Most Bitter Love Lesson Her Toxic Partner Taught Her

Life is one unpredictable whirlwind of unexpected events.

Sometimes you end up counting your lucky stars and other times you end up learning tough yet invaluable lessons.

Both times are equally necessary in order to keep us grounded and aware that as much as you try to plan your life out, it never really works.

What is meant for you always eventually finds you but not until you have been faced with some tough predicaments that have shaped you into the strong, brave woman that you are today.

The same goes for love.

We always take that leap of faith into the unknown, praying that it takes us somewhere new, magical and safe.

Somewhere we won’t get hurt but rather shown the extent of the deepest love possible and thrive.

But before you are blessed with that special, once-in-a-lifetime type of love, you typically go through some mighty hardships that rock your world and make you think your soul has been crushed forever.

Luckily, that is rarely the case but the toughest lesson you’ve probably learned seemed so cruel and devastating at the time and now you are thankful, because all it did was made you stronger and much more resilient.

It always happens when you least expect it.

You are beaming with joy and content and feel like you’re on cloud nine most of the time.

Your man is showering you with love, affection and kindness and you’ve never been happier.

It kind of seems like things are too good to be true but somehow, it just works and you wouldn’t dream of doing anything to jeopardize it.

Until that one thing happens. Until the man you feel so blessed to have crushes you with those five painful words…

‘’I don’t love you anymore.’’

And one day, it just stops.

You are taken aback.

You don’t believe what you’re hearing and you can’t accept it.

The man who makes you feel like the happiest woman on earth has suddenly decided he no longer loves you and what exactly are you supposed to do with that?

How are you supposed to react to hearing those soul-crushing words that have effectively ruined your hopes and dreams?

The man you planned your future with no longer deems you worthy of his attention and no matter how painfully crushed you feel, that’s your reality and it’s not going to change.

This is one of those things that will either break you or make you ten times stronger.

This is the moment when you decide that no matter how broken you are, you are not going to let this, or him, kill your spirit and crush your soul.

You are faced with a brutal truth and there’s no getting around it.

Yesterday, you were as happy as one can be and today, your heart is shattered and you truly don’t feel like you can move on.

How one person can cause you so much pain is incomprehensible to you… but unfortunately, it’s all too real right now.

You never thought this would happen to you and even if you did, you were sure that this guy was the last person who could do such a thing to you.

He was supposed to be your ‘one’!

Like I said, heartbreak and pain always find you when you are at your happiest.

Life works weirdly that way but in some sense, this is a wake-up call that you didn’t even know you needed.

Recovering from such a rough break-up that you never saw coming is a lesson that you would never really understand until you went through it.

It’s bitter, it’s raw and it’s world-shattering.

One can’t really comprehend it without surviving it first and that’s exactly what you did.

You survived and you’re doing better than you ever thought you could.

What’s important to understand in situations like this is that it’s never your fault.

You can love someone to the moon and back and they can still decide you’re not good enough.

You can go out of your way doing nice things for this person and they will still have the balls to leave you and go off looking for someone better.

This is not a reflection of who you are as a person. This does not define you, nor does it make you insufficient or not good enough. Remember that.

People will do all kinds of vicious things and there’s nothing you can do to stop it other than keeping your head up and walking out of that situation dignified.

Never let them see you cry and never let them see how deeply they have hurt you. Chances are it will only inflate their ego.

Go home, cry your eyes out and let it all out.

Do whatever you need to relieve your soul of this hurt and don’t feel like you need to be strong for anyone.

You deserve to go through this however you choose, as long as you decide that you’re not letting it mark you for life.

Once your tears have dried and your soul feels a little more at ease, rise above this and take this lesson as the most invaluable thing you’ll ever learn.

You deserve the world. You deserve a man who won’t give up on you.

You deserve a man who knows how precious you are and who would never dream of hurting you this profoundly.

So, until such a man shows up, do whatever it takes to get yourself back to that healthy, happy place.

There are no rules on how to grieve. And when you’re finally back to your old self, you’ll be ready for that all-encompassing type of love that will find you and sweep you off your feet.

Because just like pain, love always finds you when you’re on the verge of giving up on it.

And isn’t that the true beauty of this thing called life?