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30 Way Better Things To Do Instead Of Texting Him

30 Way Better Things To Do Instead Of Texting Him

1. Stalk someone you hate on Facebook. That should get your mind off him.

2. Turn off your phone; hide it in an illogical place. Turn on the TV, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Forget that he exists.

3. Scroll through your photos, and delete the ones you don’t like. This will probably take a while.

4. Throw yourself a nice bubble bath. Turn on your favorite music, and just lay there. Do absolutely nothing.

5. Go in the building, and ‘accidentally’ run into a neighbor. Chat to get your mind off of sending him a text which you know will be a huge mistake.

6. Write him an email which you know you’ll never send. Write it on a piece of paper, and then throw it away. Write down everything you’re feeling.

7. Eat a greasy, delicious pizza, and don’t worry about getting fat.

8. Assume there is probably something terribly wrong with him. He wouldn’t want to send a text back to you??

9. Go to the gym you keep avoiding. This is the time to do it!

10. Stop watching romantic movies; it will only make you want him more.

11. Read every article ever written on the subject! Literally, anything you can find.

12. Clean out your closet. Give the clothes you don’t want to wear anymore to Good Will.

13. Watch a whole season of your favorite show. Be awake the whole night. It doesn’t matter.

14. Set up a date via Tinder. Go on the date, kiss him and disappear. I know, ghosting is horrible, but it’s not like you promised anything at the beginning of the date.

15. Post on Instagram how you’re having a great time, but mean it. If you don’t mean it, it doesn’t count. He’ll see it, don’t worry.

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16. Never forget to smile. Even if you’re hurting, smile. It’s the best and fastest way to forget. Smiling can solve any problem you’re facing. Just keep on doing it, and believe in what you’re doing.

17. Play dress up, and try some new makeup styles.

18. Cry when he doesn’t wish you a happy birthday. Be a complete mess for a few hours. Then, wipe your tears, and move on.

19. If self-respect could be bought, you would need a butt load of it. Get some self-respect, damn it!

20. If you catch yourself texting him, just ask yourself one simple question: Why am I texting him?

21. Go for a drink alone…and then hit on the bartender.

22. Just chill.

23. Unfriend people you haven’t heard from in a while or ever on Facebook.

24. Throw out that the sexy underwear he bought you the first time he said he loved you. Buy yourself something new. You’ll wear it with someone who tells you he loves you and means it.

25. Get ridiculously drunk. Bring a friend to keep an eye on you, so you don’t do something stupid.

26. Snapchat everyone you know.

27. Call your grandparents, and actually talk to them.

28. Fix your hair, put on some makeup. Wear that sexy lingerie and take pictures. Never send them to anyone.

29. Reorganize your Pinterest boards.

30. Do literally anything instead of texting him.