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340 Revealing “How Well Do You Know Me” Questions

340 Revealing “How Well Do You Know Me” Questions

Even for couples that have lasted the test of time, it’s never a bad idea to test how well you really know each other. This list of the most interesting “How well do you know me” questions will surely help you out with that.

It is common to think that you know your partner pretty well, and you most likely do, but there is always something that may surprise you.

A dose of mystery is a good thing for a relationship because it always leaves a little something to the imagination.

Something to be discovered and possibly admired. Do you think that you know your partner so well that there is nothing you could possibly be surprised by?

Or do you believe that your partner knows everything there is to know about you?

The “How well do you know me” questions below range from the most casual, fun topics, to those a tad more serious.

These lists of questions below on who knows you best might uncover many hidden, fun facts!

“How Well Do You Know Me” Friends & Family Questions

Let’s first start with your friends and family members. People say that our friends and family know us better than anyone else, so it’s time to check if it is really true in your case too.

1. Do I have a middle name and if so, what is it?

2. Do you know what my zodiac sign is?

3. Do you know my mother’s maiden name?

4. Do my parents have any siblings and can you name any of them if they do?

5. Do you know which city I grew up in?

6. Did I like going to elementary school and do you happen to know the name of it?

7. What is the name of my high school best friend?

8. What year did I go to summer camp and did I enjoy it?

9. Did my parents give me an allowance as a child?

10. What were the chores that I absolutely hated doing when I was a child and which ones did I actually like doing?

11. Did I prefer McDonald’s as a child or was I more of a pizza kind of girl?

12. What are my parents’ jobs and have they always dreamed of what they’re doing now?

13. What was my favorite book as a kid?

14. How many nieces and nephews do I have, and bonus points if you can name them?

15. Who do people say I take after – my mom or my dad – and do I agree with them?

16. What is the worst thing I did as a child and how much trouble was I in for it?

17. What is my favorite song or artist?

18. How long have my parents been together and do you think I aspire to have what they have?

19. What were my favorite and least favorite subjects while I was in school?

20. Which teacher could I absolutely not stand in high school?

21. Have I ever had a live performance on stage in any capacity and how did it go if I did?

22. Have I ever been the student body president and how did my reign go?

23. What is the only club I ever participated in the high school?

24. Was I part of a sports team growing up and which sport was it?

25. Do I speak to my relatives and if so, which one am I closest to?

26. Do you know the name of my oldest friend?

27. What is my favorite memory from childhood?

28. What is the thing I don’t like to think about when it comes to my childhood?

29. What year was it when I graduated from high school?

30. Have I ever had to repeat a grade in school?

31. Was my school a private or a public one?

32. When my parents get old, would I move them in with me or send them to a nursing home?

33. What was my favorite TV show as a child?

34. What was my favorite toy as a child?

35. Am I an only child or do I have siblings? What are their names and where do they live?

36. Do I like your parents and how do I feel about visiting them regularly?

37. Am I closer to my mother or my father and has it always been that way?

38. Have I ever failed a class and if so, which one was it?

39. Did/would I go to my high school reunion and why?

40. What is the name of my favorite teacher and which class did she teach?

41. Who was my role model during childhood?

42. Did I have a celebrity crush growing up and who was it?

43. Which is my earliest childhood memory?

44. What was my favorite color growing up?

45. Which animal did I have as my first pet and what was its name?

46. What is my most embarrassing moment from growing up?

47. What is one household chore that I hate to do?

48. Where did I spend my summers when I was a kid, and do you know if I miss those times?

“How Well Do You Know Me” Travel Questions

If you live your life by a compass, that’s if you like to travel, then your loved ones should know the answers to these questions below.

49. Name all the places I have ever visited and which one I’d like to visit again the most?

50. When I travel, do I enjoy doing it by myself or prefer somebody tagging along?

51. What is my favorite means of transportation and why?

52. Have I ever been on a cruise and how did I like it?

53. If for some reason I was made to take a 3-day vacation from work, where would I go and what would I do?

54. If I could teleport to anywhere in the world right now, where would I go without having to think about it too much?

55. Am I a fan of road trips and what is the longest one I’ve ever been on?

56. Can you name the top 3 countries I am dying to visit?

57. What are my thoughts on camping and have I ever done it?

58. Have I ever gone fishing and if so, who was I with?

59. Would I ever go hunting?

60. Am I capable of starting a fire all by myself?

61. Have I ever changed a tire on my car and if so, where did I learn how to do it?

62. Do I know how to pump my own gas?

63. Have I ever flown for longer than a few hours on a plane?

64. What is the most exotic location I have ever traveled to?

“How Well Do You Know Me” Food Questions

You know how people say that food binds us together. Well then, those who answer correctly on these questions below regarding your food preferences are those who share the strongest bond with you.

65. Do I like ice cream and what is my favorite flavor?

66. What unusual thing do I love to eat for breakfast?

67. What is my beverage of choice?

68. Do I prefer Pepsi or Coke?

69. Do I have a strong preference for chocolate or vanilla?

70. Do I prefer to eat eggs or pancakes?

71. What are my thoughts on GMOs?

72. Do I prefer a cheeseburger or hamburger? And would I choose a hot dog over either of those?

73. How do I take my coffee?

74. Would I like to open a restaurant if I could and what kind of food would I serve?

75. How do I feel about spicy food?

76. What are my thoughts on buffets and do I like eating from them?

77. What has always been my favorite restaurant?

78. Do I eat cereal and which one is my go-to?

79. Which candy can I not live without?

80. What would my very last meal consist of?

81. What is my favorite non-alcoholic drink?

82. Do I like juice and which is my juice of choice?

83. Am I a fan of pizza or do I prefer hamburgers to it?

84. Would I rather have French vanilla or mocha for the rest of my life?

85. How do I prefer my ice cream, in a cup or cone?

86. Would I rather have whipped cream or chocolate syrup on my ice cream?

87. If I was forced to eat one food for the rest of my life, which one would it be?

88. What is my favorite food and how often do I eat that specific food?

89. Who can eat more, me or you?

90. Am I a picky eater or would I eat almost anything once?

91. What kind of a sandwich do I like to make?

92. Which toppings do I like the most on my pizza?

93. Do I eat cake and what kind is my favorite?

94. Do I prefer tea or coffee?

95. What is the one food I could never put in my mouth?

96. If I had to organize a dinner party for anyone in the world dead or alive, which three people would I invite?

97. What is the most I have ever spent on a meal and do I feel bad about it?

98. Do I consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day?

99. If I found a hair in my meal, would I send it back to the kitchen and make a scene or would I stay quiet about it?

100. Do I have a habit of sneaking food into theatres?

101. Am I a good cook and what do I like to make the most?

“How Well Do You Know Me” Relationships And Love Questions

Below is a list of great questions to gauge your significant other’s knowledge about you.

102. When did I have my first kiss and how did it go?

103. When did you and I kiss for the first time in a public place?

104. Which part of your body can I never get enough of?

105. What are my favorite three things about you?

106. When and where was our first photo together taken?

107. What is the most recent gift I gave you?

108. What is the strangest thing I ever gifted you and why do you think so?

109. What is my favorite thing to see you in?

110. Have I ever been married and how do I feel about marriage in general?

111. What’s my dream date night?

112. Have I ever moved in with a romantic partner and how was it?

113. What do I think is the greatest weakness of our relationship?

114. How have I changed since we got together and is it for better or worse?

115. What is the one thing I’m really bad at that you wish I was better at doing?

116. Be honest, who do you think is better with financial stuff, you or me?

117. What did I most enjoy about our first date?

118. What is my ideal romantic getaway?

119. Am I the jealous type and do you wish it wasn’t so?

120. How did I leave it with my previous partner and are we on good terms?

121. Is there an ex that I consider a friend at this point?

122. Do I believe in male-female friendship and do I have close guy friends?

123. Whose marriage do I admire the most?

124. Does the idea of divorce scare me?

125. Have I ever been in an open relationship and am I comfortable with the idea of it?

126. Do I dream about a big wedding or would I prefer not to make a fuss about it?

127. How would I feel about a courthouse wedding?

128. What outfit do I feel sexiest in?

129. Where do I love being kissed, other than on the lips?

130. Where is my favorite place to kiss you besides the lips?

131. If I had to choose a couple to double date with, who would I choose?

132. How are we different from each other?

133. What is a major deal-breaker for me in a relationship?

134. What is the one thing that can blow my mind in a relationship?

135. At what point did you notice I was starting to really fall for you?

136. How many serious relationships have I had before meeting you?

137. How long did my longest relationship last?

138. What’s the story behind my absolute worst date ever?

139. Was I ever cheated on or the one who cheated?

140. Did something happen in my past that made me lose faith in love for a bit?

141. What characteristic of yours do I enjoy the most?

142. Am I a fan of PDA?

143. In what ways do I show you that I love you?

“How Well Do You Know Me” Holidays And Seasons Questions

Answers these interesting questions below will know only those people who really know every part of your soul.

144. How excited do I get for Halloween and do I like to go all out dressing up?

145. Do I prefer Christmas or New Year?

146. What is my absolute favorite season?

147. How do I pass the time on hot summer days?

148. Do I like it when it snows, and if so, what do I like to do the most in the snow?

149. If I could choose between living in a place that has one season all year long, would I choose winter or summer?

150. Would I rather live in the Bahamas or the Swiss Alps?

151. Do I like the rain?

“How Well Do You Know Me” Work Questions

You probably talk with your loved ones about things that happen at work and here are some great questions to test if they really listen to you.

152. What is the best thing about my job?

153. What is my least favorite thing about my job?

154. Have I ever been in a situation where I had to quit my job?

155. What was my first job?

156. Have I ever been fired?

“How Well Do You Know Me” Random Questions

To make your next round of the “How well do you know me” game even more fun and interesting, below is a list of more fun questions to ask your loved ones and to test if they really know you as well as they say. 

Another plus side of this fun question game is that all of these interesting questions below can serve as great conversation starters and even better ice breakers.

157. Can I do my own laundry?

158. Can I set a table properly for a formal dinner party?

159. What’s the longest I’ve ever stayed awake?

160. What is the least sleep I ever got and still managed to get through the day?

161. Am I a cat person or a dog person?

162. Do I blow dry my hair or do I let it dry naturally?

163. Am I into bright colors or do I prefer neutrals?

164. What color are most of my clothes?

165. Do I like the air conditioner or prefer the fan?

166. Do I prefer hand-made presents or the bought kind?

167. Would you rather have me be rich or kind-hearted?

168. Would you prefer if I was tall or short?

169. What is my least favorite chore around the house?

170. What is my favorite sports team?

171. What is my favorite genre of music?

172. What genre of music do I like the least?

173. Do I like reality TV?

174. What are my top three movies?

175. What size shoes do I wear?

176. Have I ever had any sort of surgery?

177. When was the last time I had to spend time in a hospital?

178. Have I ever been in a car accident?

179. Have I ever had any broken bones?

180. Do I like my toilet paper over or under?

181. How do I position the cups in my kitchen cupboard?

182. Do I prefer watching movies alone or in a company?

183. Do I like horror movies over comedies?

184. Do I believe in ghosts and have I ever had a weird experience regarding it?

185. What do I turn to when I’m stressed?

186. What mainstream thing can I simply not stand?

187. Which exotic animal would I love as a pet?

188. What kind of business would I run if I had the opportunity?

189. Am I a neat person or a total mess?

190. What is an unpopular opinion I have that you disagree with?

191. What did I like to wear when I was younger that I’m ashamed of now?

192. What is the number one thing on my bucket list?

193. Do I have a tendency to curse?

194. What makes me nervous?

195 . Do I have any weird abilities or talents?

196. Who has influenced my life the most?

197. When was I last in a theatre?

198. Do I like documentaries?

199. Have I ever converted to another religion?

200. Do I enjoy reading books?

201. How much time do I spend in the library?

202. Do I have a favorite athlete I would love to meet?

203. Name a movie I could see a hundred times!

204. What chore do I hate doing around the house?

205. Which superpowerwould I choose to have?

206. What book is dearest to my heart?

207. Which author do I like the most?

208. Who is my favorite band?

209. What is my favorite reality TV show?

210. How do I sleep?

211. If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I choose?

212. If I could be doing anything in the world, what would it be?

213. Do I like changing my hair a lot?

214. Have I ever got arrested?

215. What scares me the most?

216. What is my most feared way to die?

217. Do I have any phobias?

218. How did I like to spend my summers as a kid?

219. How do I unwind on the weekends?

220. Am I a religious person?

221. Did I vote in the last election?

222. What do I wish we did more as a couple?

223. What is my favorite color?

224. Do I like cars?

225. What style would I decorate my ideal home in?

226. Which language do I wish I was fluent in?

227. Is there anything in my life I wish I could change?

228. What can make me smile when I’m in a bad mood?

229. What is my favorite comedy movie?

230. What do I aspire to achieve career-wise?

231. If I could take a class in anything, what would it be?

232. Do I want to have children, and if so, how many?

233. Who would I choose to play me in a movie?

234. Would I rather have a lot of money and not talk to my family or be poor but close to my family?

235. What do I hope to achieve before I die?

236. Which three things would I bring on a deserted island?

237. Do I have any regrets about my life and would I change them if I could?

238. What do I consider my biggest weakness?

239. Have I ever stolen anything?

240. What do I think about social media and which accounts do I have?

241. Do I like watching cartoons?

242. If I had to, would I choose to be deaf or blind?

243. Do I prefer movies or books?

244. What college did I go to and what was my major?

245. Do I play an instrument and which one?

246. Do I prefer a PC or a Mac?

247. Do I have an Android or an iPhone?

248. Do I swim?

249. When did I learn to ride a bike?

250. Do I enjoy skiing and am I good at it?

251. Is my style fashionable or casual?

252. Am I superstitious?

253. Do I prefer skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?

254. Do I prefer night-time or the day?

255. Do I prefer it when it’s sunny or cloudy?

256. Do I shower in piping hot or lukewarm water?

257. Do I prefer showers or baths?

258. What is my biggest pet peeve?

259. Do I have any serious allergies?

260. Do I have a celebrity crush?

261. What am I most insecure about?

262. What is my most annoying habit in my opinion?

263. Do I prefer the beach or the slopes?

264. What is something I am extremely good at?

265. Who do I talk to on the phone the most?

266. What is my favorite dog breed?

267. What is the last movie that I’ve seen?

268. Which celebrity do I believe I would be best friendswith?

269. What nicknames do people call me?

270. Am I right- or left-handed?

271. Do I enjoy the simple things in life or am I more complicated than that?

272. Do I have any extraordinary talents?

273. Do I go by the book or do I like to break the rules a little?

274. Do I have any tattoos?

275. What is the cutest animal in my opinion?

276. Do I believe in aliens?

277. Do I believe in after-life?

278. Do I have any piercings?

279. Am I a loud person by choice or by nature?

280. Would I rather live somewhere overpopulated or somewhere where I’d have privacy?

281. Have I ever been in jail?

282. Have I ever said something I instantly regretted?

283. Do I enjoy singing in the shower?

284. Do I have boundaries or am I nosy?

285. Do I sleepwalk?

286. Do I hog the covers in bed?

287. Am I a restless sleeper?

288. Do I prefer to listen to music or sing?

289. How old was I when I started living by myself?

290. Do I recycle?

291. When is my favorite time to shower?

292. Do I depend on social mediatoo much?

293. Have I ever kept a blog?

294. Am I an imaginative person?

295. Do I enjoy exercise?

296. How often do I think is okay to shower?

297. What is the most generous thing I have ever done for a person close to me?

298. What is the kindest thing somebody has done for me?

299. Am I scared of going to the dentist?

300. How would I describe myself in three words?

301. Is it obvious when I’m in a bad mood or do I hide it well?

302. Who’s my best friendand how long have we known each other? What do I like about them?

303. What is the weirdest thing I have eaten?

304. Am I shy or am I totally outspoken?

305. Do I prefer wild nights out or a chill night at home?

306. Have I ever been in trouble with the law?

307. Am I to be trusted with a credit card?

308. Do I have any student loans?

309. How would I choose to spend a million dollars?

310. What would I do if I was left alone on the planet?

311. Who has been my closest friend that feels like family?

312. Who is one celebrity that I would love to be best friendswith?

313. Am I bad at public speaking?

314. Do I take board gamestoo seriously?

315. Can I drive and am I good at it?

316. Have I ever charmed my way out of a ticket?

317. Would I change my name if I could?

318. Have I ever been a bridesmaid for a friend?

319. What’s my favorite movie?

320. Have I ever done crazy things with my hair?

321. What is the craziest outfit I have ever worn in public?

322. Would I ever run a marathon?

323. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in public?

324. Who is my favorite author?

325. Have I ever worn glasses?

326. Do I prefer watching movies about serial killers or animals?

327. What’s my favorite social mediaapp?

328. What would I name my kids if I had a pigeon pair?

329. Have I ever won an award for anything?

330. What is the one thing I cannot stand in a person?

331. Am I late often?

332. How many times does my alarm have to go off before I actually get up?

333. Do I prefer reading the paper or magazines?

334. Do I believe online magazines are taking over?

335. What is my favorite flower?

336. Am I an envious person?

337. What is the best giftI ever received?

338. Do I prefer basketball or football?

339. How often do I brush my teeth?

340. What is my go-to song to feel better?

Summing Up

Whether you want to ask questions related to childhood and family ties, or about hobbies and passions, this collection of fun and interesting “How well do you know me” questions has got you covered.

Remember, while it is admirable to think you’re so familiar with your partner’s deepest secrets and passions, there is always a dose of fun in finding out stuff from their past that may shock you (but in a positive way).

This is an amazing opportunity to find out who really knows you best and give your partner (or any other close friend/relative) a chance to find out more about you.

You never know what you may find out about them as well, so give in to temptation and ask away!