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21 Clear And Undeniable Signs A Taurus Man Likes You

21 Clear And Undeniable Signs A Taurus Man Likes You

Have you fallen head over heels for a Taurus man, and now you’re trying to find out how he feels about you? You’re in the right place because I have compiled a list for you of the signs a Taurus man likes you. 

I’m sure you’ll find everything you want to know regarding your Taurean guy’s love life in the text below. However, there are some things we should emphasize right here, in the beginning. 

Taurus males are known as the most stubborn men of the entire zodiac (well, it’s no wonder they’re represented by a bull). When they put their mind to something, they don’t stop until they get or achieve what they want. 

A common misconception people have about them is that they’re not gentle and kind. They’re actually the most caring and gentle souls of the horoscope, especially towards their loved ones. 

Just like Gemini and Sagittarius men, they may seem hard as a rock on the outside, but they’re actually very sensitive and soft on the inside. It’s definitely one of their personality traits that intrigue women the most. 

Their primary focus is on the woman they like from day one. They’re also known as being very affectionate, and your Taurus crush won’t stop proving his feelings for you until he manages to win you over. 

How You Know A Taurus Man Likes You: 11 Unmistakable Signs

How can you tell if a Taurus man likes you ? Is it possible to know when a Taurus man is into you before he even admits it? You’ll find out the answers to these and many other questions you probably have about Taureans in the section below.

He’ll take things slowly, maybe too slowly at the beginning 

Taurus males want to look strong to others, so they become real pros at hiding their feelings. They think it could make them look less manly or whatever. 

That’s why they prefer to take things slowly, and getting a Taurus man to open up can be an impossible task. They think it may make them look vulnerable and give the other person a chance to control them. 

That’s why your Taurus crush is going so slowly with you in the beginning. He simply wants to be sure of his and your feelings before he’s ready to make things official. 

However, if you manage to get him to open up to you and find out your Taurus man secrets, it’ll be an obvious sign your Taurus guy likes you. 

• This can be pretty confusing but be patient 

I’m sure your Taurus crush is taking things way too slow, and it’s driving you crazy. It can confuse a woman sometimes and make her think that he isn’t interested in her at all. 

It’s actually quite the opposite. The signs a Taurus man likes you, and I mean the most definite and clear ones, are if he takes things slowly and gives you both some time to get to know each other. 

You should arm yourself with patience. That’s the most honest and realistic advice anyone can give you. It’ll take months of texting on social media before he invites you out on a date. 

This will be particularly frustrating for Sagittarius, Aries, and Aquarius women because they’re known for their impatience. However, you’ll have to tame that impatient side of you if you want to win your Taurus man over. 

However, his body language will expose him soon

Taurus males are men who aren’t good at hiding their emotions. They like to be seen as slightly distant, emotionally strong men, and they try hard to pretend they’re like that. 

However, it seems like they just can’t make their body language cooperate with them because it always exposes them somehow. It’s like their body language is controlled by their emotions, and it doesn’t allow them to be fooled. 

If he leans forward or makes physical contact, like, for example, grabs your hand while you’re talking to him, it’s a way to show that he’s paying full attention to you. 

If he also keeps his posture open, it’s a clear sign a Taurus man likes you. You’ll also notice that he stumbles over his words or that his face is flushed every time you meet face-to-face. It’s simply because he’s nervous around you, and he isn’t able to control it. 

• How do you know if a Taurus man is flirting with you? Pay attention to his eyes

Taurus men have that telling look. When they like a woman, they’ll show it through eye contact, and they aren’t able to control it.

He’ll have a gazing stare that will feel like he’s trying to get to know you through your eyes. This may even be uncomfortable sometimes, especially if you’re a shy girl who avoids eye contact entirely, but just try to remember that it’s a sure sign that a Taurus man likes you. 

His eyebrows will raise every time he sees you, and that’s a clear sign that your presence makes him happy. He’ll also show it with a huge smile that will extend beyond his mouth. 

All in all, you should pay close attention to a Taurus man’s body language if you want to know how he feels about you. I’m telling you, his body language simply can’t hide his romantic feelings for a woman. 

He has already memorized your schedule and all of your daily routines

If a Taurus man likes you, he’ll always try to actively listen when you speak, and he’ll also try to remember every single detail of your conversation. That’s why it won’t take long for him to memorize your daily routines and schedule. 

So, don’t be surprised if you keep bumping into him in the places you know he doesn’t usually go or hang out. And no, he isn’t a maniac who is stalking you; it’s just his way of showing that he likes you. 

Also, don’t be surprised if he surprises you with a little gift at your workplace or brings you lunch at work. Taurus men are attentive, and they pay a great deal of attention to those little demonstrations of love. 

• He’s showing an interest in your interests

While you’re still in the ‘getting to know you’ phase, he’ll try to find out what your interests are first. It’s not because he wants to see your compatibility; he’ll do it only because he wants to show that he cares. 

Don’t think that he is one of those guys who thinks it’s necessary to share common interests to make a relationship work. No, he appreciates that ‘freedom’ in romantic relationships when it comes to sharing interests. 

He’s also a man who doesn’t like to force anything. If you don’t have the same interests or if he simply doesn’t like the same things as you do, he won’t lie and fake that he does. 

Taurus men know how important individuality is for a healthy relationship. He’ll be curious and show consideration for your passions, but that’s all. You should always remember that your qualities have won him, not your passions or interests.  

He’s been distant all of a sudden

If your Taurus man starts acting distant at the beginning or you feel that he’s slowly pulling away, it doesn’t have to mean that he’s ending things with you or that he’s running away. 

This could also be a good sign that he has already fallen for you. He’s well aware of his incapability for hiding his feelings, which very often makes him run away from them. 

Another thing you should know about Taurus men is that they’re guarded. They never fall in love too easily, and they’ll never fall just on your words. You’ll need to prove your feelings through actions. 

Falling in love is a very strange experience for them, and when they start catching romantic feelings for someone, they need time to process them in peace. That’s why him pulling away can be a pretty good sign that he already shares romantic feelings for you. 

• Be careful – that might be a test

I don’t know what it is with some guys and their tests at the beginning of a relationship, but I do know that Taurus is one of those guys. He’ll simply want to be sure of your compatibility before he decides to make things official. 

Distant behavior will be one of his first tests for you. He’ll pull away from you only to see how you respond. 

Remember that Tauruses appreciate loyalty and devotion more than anything. If you just allow him to pull away from you, it’ll be a clear sign to him that you don’t care for him as much as he thinks you do. 

This is also the part where you’ll be able to show that patience is one of your strong suits. Don’t send him dozens of text messages immediately because that’ll make you seem needy. 

Give him time but also reach out from time to time. It’s how you’ll show him that you care for him and won’t let go of him, and it’ll also show him that you’re a woman who tries to be understanding even though she doesn’t have a clue what’s happening in your head. Trust me – it’s one thing all men want. 

Providing support and solidarity

If a Taurus man is really interested in you, he’ll always stand right beside you, supporting you in everything you do. He’ll never judge you, even if he doesn’t always agree with your decisions and actions.

He’ll be your number one fan, but he’ll also expect it to be reciprocated. Taurus men like emotionally strong and financially independent women. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t count on his help when you need it. Just because he isn’t going to interfere in your decisions and your personal life doesn’t mean that he won’t be there for you to support and offer a helping hand when you need it. 

• He cares about your overall well-being

Men born under this zodiac sign are associated with stability and security, and they’re very protective of people they love. 

If he always reaches out just to see how your day is going or visits you when you’re sick, even if it’s just a simple cold, it means that he cares for you. He’ll also encourage you to improve aspects of your life because he simply wants what’s best for you. 

His romantic, grand gestures sweep you off your feet every time

He isn’t the type of guy who’ll surprise you with a little gift or romantic gesture only when he wants to make up for his wrongdoings. He’s an attentive man, a man of action, and he’ll try to prove his feelings for you through frequent romantic gestures. 

He’ll never forget all of your important dates, and he’ll manage to pleasantly surprise you with something new every time. This is why Taurus men make the best boyfriend material. 

• After all, Taureans are ruled by Venus

Well, this shouldn’t surprise you because, after all, Tauruses are ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, sensuality, and luxury. It’s no wonder they’re so romantic and attentive. 

Taurus men are attracted to the luxurious and finer things in life. It’s some kind of unwritten rule for them to shower the person they love with affection, small gifts, and beautiful things every day to prove their love to them. 

His hidden jealous side will come to the surface

If another man approaches you and your Taurus man can’t control his jealous outbursts, it’s a clear sign he’s into you. 

Taurus men are simply those kinds of guys who protect what’s theirs and make it loud and clear that no one else has the right to mess with it. They have a jealous nature that they simply can’t hide nor control. 

• Possessiveness is a safety measure against their heart being broken 

To be honest, we all have some preventative measures that (we think) can protect us from being hurt and getting our hearts broken. Well, most of them are unsuccessful, unfortunately, but still, we all have them. 

That preventive measure for Taurus men is their possessiveness. Even though they won’t admit it, they’re overly protective and possessive of their loved ones. 

It’s also because they struggle with fear of abandonment. They simply don’t want to lose someone they love, and sometimes, it brings the obsessive part of their personality out.

He stops seeing other women

When a Taurus man falls in love with a woman, he’ll only have eyes for her. He’ll immediately delete all of his dating profiles and apps. He won’t even flirt with other women because he is only focused on the woman he likes. 

If he always behaves in a strange way when another woman approaches him in your presence, it’s a clear sign he’s interested in you. He gets so nervous because he doesn’t want you to see him as a playboy who seduces every woman he meets. 

• They’re loyal and will stay loyal until the very end  

I’ve probably already said it, but we need to emphasize that loyalty is their most important quality. They’re genuinely one of the most faithful and reliable partners a woman could ask for. 

Your Taurus man will never do anything to you that he doesn’t want you to do to him. He’s aware of all the consequences betrayal can have on a person’s mental and emotional health, and he could never forgive himself for hurting and making the woman he loves suffer. 

He uses every opportunity to touch you 

A Taurus man will never flirt with a woman in an obvious way. He doesn’t like to waste his precious time, and that’s why he’ll use the micro flirting technique as bait and check whether the other side will take it.

 If the woman gives him a positive response, then he’ll attack and openly flirt with her. So, if your Taurus man likes to be near you and if he always ‘accidentally’ touches your arm or leg, he’s letting you know that he’s into you.  

• After all, physical touch is their primary love language

When it comes to their love language, Taurus men aren’t men of words. Actually, they don’t believe in spoken love confessions and expressing romantic feelings using words at all. 

Besides giving gifts, physical touch is also a way they express their feelings to the person they love. And you should learn more about the physical touch love language because that’s the only way you’ll be able to seduce and win over your Taurus man. 

He doesn’t avoid fights  

This might sound a little bit strange, but Taurus men don’t avoid quarrels when they’re in a romantic relationship. It’s actually a very good thing because those little fights and disagreements have the ability to make your bond even stronger

They’re also known as honest, blunt men who will speak their minds no matter the situation. I think it’s a very positive personality trait, right? 

Taurus males also consider that you’ll get to know a person best by how they behave when they’re fighting with someone. So, be very careful and pay attention to your words and actions when you’re arguing about something. Don’t let one little fight change his opinion of you. 

• By embracing fighting, you’ll also embrace your differences

This is actually where most couples make mistakes. They avoid getting into a fight because they see those little arguments and disagreements as a cancer that can be deadly for their relationship. 

However, the truth is that most of our differences come out when we’re arguing about something. That’s how those minor disagreements can lead us to embracing our differences. 

Of course, if the fight becomes too heated, you should end it and find a way to calm things down because Tauruses are too stubborn to do that. Be the bigger person and take a step back. 

You’ve been accepted into his circle

Men born under this zodiac sign make the most reliable friends. They’re trustworthy, easy-going, and fun to be around. 

They’re also highly intelligent people who don’t give their trust to others that easily. They have a small circle of people they know they can trust and count on no matter what. 

That small circle of friends is their comfort zone, and that’s why they don’t allow others in that easily. You need to deserve a place in their precious gang. 

If you’ve managed to convince him already that you deserve that place, you’re truly a lucky girl. Now, you only have to justify that trust he has given to you. 

• Congratulations, you’re in it for the long haul 

If you have recognized most of these behavioral patterns and signs a Taurus man likes you, you can rest assured your Taurus guy is already head over heels in love with you. 

Now you only have to stay true to yourself because if you change, his feelings might change too. You aren’t even aware of how many beautiful things and adventures are waiting for you with your Taurus man.  

It takes time to capture a Taurus man’s heart and win him over, but it’s worth every second and every effort. You’ll have a true gentleman by your side. 

A man who will love, respect, and appreciate you in every possible sense. And most importantly, you’ll get a man who’ll stay loyal and committed to you until the very end. 

9 Things He Does When He Likes You 

If a Taurus guy likes you, he’ll never tell you directly. He’ll try hard to hide his feelings, at least until he finds out whether you’re also into him or not. However, the more he tries to hide it, the more his actions will expose him. 

It’s really not that hard to find out if a Taurus man is interested in you. You just have to pay attention to these things below. If he does these things from the list below, it’s definite; your Taurus man likes you more than a friend.

1. He leans in while you talk.

2. He glances at you.

3. He acts weird around you.

4. He pays you genuine compliments.

5. He misses you all the time and spends all of his free time with you.

6. He showers you with small romantic gestures.

7. He has a jealous outburst every time another man comes up and talks to you.

8. He remembers every single detail about you and your life.

9. He goes out of his way to make you happy.

A Taurus Man’s Love Compatibility 

Of course, we have to mention their horoscope love compatibility, but even if you don’t find your zodiac sign under those compatible with a Taurus man, don’t immediately start to panic. All zodiac combinations are possible if both sides are ready to put some effort in. 

After all, anything is possible when there’s true love, right? And don’t forget that even opposites attract in a very intense way. 

Now, let’s get back to their compatibility. A perfect match for a Taurus guy is a Libra woman, while they can function pretty well with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Scorpio woman too. 

Women born under Leo and Aquarius zodiac signs are considered the least compatible signs with this earth sign. However, you shouldn’t immediately give up on your Taurean guy because this honestly doesn’t have to mean anything. 

What Does A Taurus Man Like In A Woman?

The first quality Taurus men look for in a woman is loyalty. They need to be sure that they can count on you and your fidelity no matter what. 

Taureans also want a woman who is capable of keeping up with them. They’re highly ambitious, and their only goal in life is to make all their dreams come true. That’s why they look for a woman with the same interests. 

They’re also famous for their unapologetic materialism, and they’re proud of it. For this reason, they’re interested in financially independent women. A woman who is able to make all of her financial decisions on her own will surely grab the attention of a Taurus guy.

They avoid stressful situations, which means they also avoid drama queens at all costs. If you want to win over a Taurus man, you’ll have to show that you’re a patient and understanding woman. 

More About A Taurus Man In Love 

This second sign of the zodiac is a fixed earth sign, which means Taurus males are reasonable, realistic, super practical, and pretty laid back men when it comes to their love life. 

They’re more ‘long-term relationships kinds of guys’ because one-night flings are a waste of time to them. They don’t like to indulge in anything they don’t see themselves in for a long period of time. 

It may also be because they don’t like to take risks. Taureans are also known as gentle, tender men, especially with the opposite sex, and they simply couldn’t forgive themselves if they hurt another person’s feelings. 

One of the most significant personality traits of Taurus men is their loyalty. They stay loyal to their loved ones to the end, and nothing and no one can change that. 

They’re also known for their stubbornness and persistence. Once a Taurean guy sets his sights on you, he’ll do whatever it takes to win you over. You won’t be able to resist his charm, thoughtfulness, and tenderness. 

Men born under this sun sign make very dedicated and dependable romantic partners. Dating a Taurus guy will be a dream come true every single day. 

Being trustworthy and honest is the only thing they’ll ask from you. So be very careful; once you lose their trust, it’ll be almost impossible to earn it back. Even if you manage to get him to forgive you, he’ll hold a grudge until he dies and maybe even after that.

Most astrologers agree that they’re overly protective. However, we can see it as a good thing because being protective is also a sign that a Taurus man loves you.

Another “negative” personality trait of Taurus males is that they can get pretty caught up in material things because they’re used to finer things. 

He’ll probably interfere with your financial decisions, and he’ll want to advise you over your finances. And if he’s showering you with little gifts and extravagant romantic gestures, it’s a sure sign your Taurus guy likes you. 

To Sum Up

I hope my list of signs a Taurus man likes you helped you realize whether your Taurus guy is into you. Most of all, I hope that you’ve got a positive answer. 

Taurus men are truly husband material. If you manage to capture your Taurean guy’s heart, you’ll get a caring, protective, dependable, and loyal romantic partner who will also be your best friend

He’ll look out for you, pamper you, and make you feel like a real queen. Your only task will be to stay loyal, trustworthy, and never leave his side no matter what. 

Taurus males are every woman’s dream come true. So, don’t waste a second more. Go and win your Taurean Casanova over right away.