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4 Keys To A Better Relationship

4 Keys To A Better Relationship

1. Don’t tolerate each other

You don’t need to tolerate your partner. Let me tell you a quick story: when my parents got married, my father told my mother, “Dear, you don’t need to tolerate me, ’cause I won’t tolerate you for sure.” (They are today one happily married couple, and they love each other very much, I can tell you that). This key actually scares you a bit, doesn’t it? But why would you want to tolerate someone’s behavior just because you love them? LOVE YOURSELF. And by doing that, you will love your partner even more.

2. Do you NEED each other or WANT each other?

Well, this one can be tough. By needing someone to be in your life, you let them control you. Don’t do that! The only thing you really need is oxygen. As harsh as that might sound, by wanting someone to be in your life, your whole perspective changes and nothing becomes too hard to do for your loved one. It’s because you WANT to do it, not because you NEED the approval.


By ‘empathy’, I don’t mean the overly-attached kind of concern for your partner. I mean the way you look at him when he cancels ‘date night’ because of a lot of work that he has to do and instead of hysterically telling him that you need your ‘date night’, your time together, you tell him that you understand and want to help him if you can. Show some empathy and be there for him!

4. Hug him! Love him! BE THERE FOR HIM!

We, as girls, we are such delicate beings, but we are also so selfish. We want all the attention, all the teddy bears, all the chocolate and we can forget how amazing our partner is. The next time he arrives on your doorstep, don’t ask him, “How do I look?!” or, “Babe, am I pretty?” NO! Instead, before he says anything, take a moment to admire him and tell him, “Wow! You look really, really good!” Even a simple, “I’m so glad I have you in my life!” can do miracles. Look at each other as gifts!