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4 Signs That His Mixed Signals Mean He Isn’t Interested In Dating You

4 Signs That His Mixed Signals Mean He Isn’t Interested In Dating You

There is nothing more frustrating in the world of dating than a guy who shows you that he’s interested and then that he’s not.

You don’t even realize he’s benching you. You make excuses for him, and then you say he’s sending you mixed signals.

Guess what? There are no mixed signals. You need to be more careful when reading a guy.

These are the signs that he is not interested in dating you:

He doesn’t want to know more about you and your life.

He doesn’t want to understand you better. The truth is, when we like someone very much, we want to know everything about that person.

We want to know what their mother’s maiden last name was, who their best friend in school was, and what kind of pizza they like.

If you like someone, you’re dying to get more information about them.

So, if he doesn’t ask you to tell him something about yourself or your life, he is sending you signals that he’s not interested in getting to know you better and dating you.

He waits too long to invite you on the next date.

He doesn’t seem determined to see you again and he waits a few days to call. That can be a clear sign that he isn’t really feeling it.

Maybe the reason he still invites you out from time to time is the fact that he has nothing else to do—he is just looking for someone to kill time with.

The thing is, he still texts you between dates just to stay in touch and keep you in the loop.

But, if you really like someone, you will make an effort to find some time and spend it with that special person.

Hot and cold behavior like this clearly doesn’t send that message!

He doesn’t share much about himself.

If he is not interested in sharing things about himself, that’s a bad sign, too.

Exchanging information about ourselves means that we are building our relationship on a good foundation.

But, if a guy doesn’t really want to date you, he won’t bother to make that effort.

He always has some excuse.

He couldn’t make it because his fish died. He stayed at work late. Yup, the dog ate his homework, too.

If a guy showers you with excuses, it’s because he doesn’t really want to let you go, but he also doesn’t really want to date you.

He is clueless about what he should do with you.

If he wants to date you, he will make time and show up, take you out, text you and call you. He will not play hot and cold games with you.

Boys play games—men don’t.

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