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4 Types Of Narcissists Every Empath Attracts

4 Types Of Narcissists Every Empath Attracts

Every narcissist has something insanely irresistible about himself, something that sucks you in and consumes you—like a black hole.

They charm you with their perfect behavior and gestures that are to die for. After they’ve put a spell on you, they are ready to attack.

It’s is only then that they show their real faces—when it’s too late and too hard for you to escape.

They chew on your emotions and later on, they just spit them out, leaving you completely destroyed and insecure.

So, the question is, why do these two types of people, narcissists and empaths attract each other so strongly?

Maybe it’s because empaths are so sensitive that they target these emotional vampires—they attract them with so much of the positive energy which narcissists feed themselves off of. Maybe it’s just the way of restoring life’s balance.

Empaths are prone to caring about others and healing them. They can’t prevent themselves from making wrongs into rights.

That’s why they get attracted to narcissists—they want to heal them and help them. The catch is that the only thing they achieve is getting themselves hurt.

The most important thing every empath has to realize is that they can never truly heal a narcissist and put and end to their narcissistic mind games. This can only originate from narcissists, themselves.

Protect your empath personality by dodging the bullet from the start. Instead of dating a narcissist and falling into his trap, look out for them right at the beginning. Learn to identify different types of narcissists to protect yourself in the future.

There are two main types of narcissists: Vulnerable and invulnerable

Vulnerable narcissists are very sensitive and fragile deep inside. Their biggest fear is fear of abandonment and rejection, so they will do anything to protect themselves. They will put on their masks in the hope of becoming something they idolize.

In that process, they do not have any empathy for others. The only thing important to them is themselves. They are incapable of showing love and affection to others.

Their biggest weapon against you are the games they play. Just one of these games narcissists play is emotional manipulation.

They use every means they have to emotionally corner you. They will make you believe things which are not true or don’t exist.

Invulnerable narcissists represent the traditional image of a narcissist—the one every one pictures when they picture a narcissist. That is, a person with extremely high self-confidence who doesn’t care about anybody but himself.

They seek power and glory. They don’t idolize anybody but themselves. Their biggest problem is that they think they are god-like figures who are superior to anybody else.

These two main types of narcissists can be split into more subtypes: amorous, compensatory, elitist and malignant narcissists.

The Amorous narcissists are usually gold-diggers and serious heartbreakers. They will use you for the things they need and want, and that is money and sex.

Once you fall under their power and give them what they need, they will soon get bored with you and toss you aside like a used mop—not caring, not even one bit, about your emotions.

They are overly confident and usually insanely attractive, but inside they are nothing but an empty shell—shallow. The only thing they want is to please themselves and fill their needs.

The Compensatory narcissists are very good liars, so lying is their favorite narcissistic abuse tactic.  They like to compensate for all the things they never achieved, so they lie about their accomplishments, presenting themselves as much more than they really are. The problem is they are such good liars, that you can’t see through them.

They usually aim for emotionally unstable people who will serve as their ego boosters. These people will be the ones in the relationship who will admire their false accomplishments.

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These kinds of narcissists can’t take criticism, and that’s one of the reasons they bully emotionally unstable ones into being their ‘support’.

The Elitists narcissists are convinced they are the best ones there are although their past accomplishments claim otherwise.

They really don’t have solid ground for thinking they are better than others, but they do anyway.

They have the need to brag and show off their intellects to others, making themselves superior, and what’s worse in the whole situation is that they are good at it.

The malignant narcissists are bordering on being psychopaths. They have no interest in what’s wrong and what’s right. They will do literally anything they feel like doing and they won’t feel remorse of any kind.

They are extremely arrogant and suffer from a god-complex, thinking they are the only ones who matter and that they are superior to everybody else.

These are the types of people you as an empath need to watch out for. It’s better if you spot them at the beginning than entering the vicious and dangerous circle they drag you in—once they have their hands on you.