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This Is How Depression Is Hurting Your Relationship

This Is How Depression Is Hurting Your Relationship

You’re not alone. There are so many people dealing with this toxic condition. Suffering from depression is hard enough, but it can get even more complicated when it starts influencing your relationship negatively.

There are some obvious and less obvious signs of depression hurting your relationship.

Here are some of those signs:


1. You fight more than usual.

Depression can make you feel moody and it can change the way you cope with everyday situations. If your partner annoys you with something that you normally don’t make a fuss about, then that is a sign of depression ruining the quality of your relationship.


2. You feel hopeless when it comes to your relationship.

Your negative feelings reflect on your relationship, too. Your general sense of hopelessness makes you think your relationship is hopeless, too. Of course, this usually isn’t the real picture of your relationship.

In this case, you should talk things out, express your worries and fears. Good communication is the key to solving problems like this because they are usually caused by misunderstandings.


3. You rarely have sex.

Depression can influence your sex drive negatively. Your depression can make you avoid any physical contact with your loved one. Of course, there are periods in every relationship when sex is not off the list, but if the lack of sex becomes usual, then it affects your relationship.

The only thing you can do is to talk to your partner about this problem without shame, because only together can you work on finding a solution to stay intimately connected without pushing boundaries.



4. You’ve become distant.

It’s very difficult to deal with people when you’re suffering from depression. Withdrawing from people around you becomes your natural reaction. This can be a major problem in a relationship because you can easily isolate yourself from your partner. This can trigger even greater stress.

If you really aren’t able to connect with your partner face-to-face, then you can try other ways, such as texts. However, you should try really hard and share your feelings with your significant other. After all, partners should always be there for each other.


5. You stopped taking care of yourself.

Depression can be so overwhelming that even some simple everyday tasks such as brushing your hair and taking a shower can be really hard. This is something that your partner sees as disturbing.

You should try to explain to your loved one that you’re going through some difficult times which make it hard to take care of yourself. Keep in mind that you’re not alone and that you need to be proud of every little step you take. Brush your teeth, take a shower, eat properly, and you will instantly feel better.