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5 Big Questions He Will Ask You ASAP If You Really Got Him Hooked

5 Big Questions He Will Ask You ASAP If You Really Got Him Hooked

Are you in a relationship but frustratingly unsure where it’s going?

Do you wish you could read his mind and figure out where you stand in his life?

If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there and I know so many girls who just can’t figure out where their relationship is going and if it’s really worth putting their heart out there.

I mean, if we’re being honest, it’s our goddamn right to know whether this thing we’ve devoted ourself to has a future or if it came with an expiration date, right?

I don’t have time to waste my best years on a guy who plans on blowing me off the minute I mention commitment.

I’m not interested in hook-ups and occasional manifestations of love. Either you love me or get lost.

I don’t have time for games, as I’m sure most of you ladies feel as well!

If your man isn’t giving you anything to go on, here’s a few helpful tips that will help you understand his TRUE intentions.

There are some guys out there who are scared of opening up but do actually invest and see a future with you.

But how do you know whether you’ve got that guy or if you’ve stumbled across another lying jerk who just likes having somebody to have sex with and will get tired of you in a few weeks?

Here’s how! A guy who’s REALLY into you and sees a legit future by your side will ask you these 5 questions!

Pay attention and don’t blow him off prematurely. Give him time and read between the lines.

These will reassure you and bring you some peace of mind.

A guy who talks about the following 5 things with you is the type of guy who might actually be worth a damn.

He will ask about your honest opinion on commitment

A guy who’s serious in his intentions about you will eventually want to know how you feel about certain aspects of a relationship.

He will wonder about your experience with guys and how your recent break-ups unfolded.

He will wish to know if that has somehow made you less available and more on the safe side of things.

He will ask you how you feel about the idea of you two going the distance.

He will simply be interested in anything commitment-related because if a guy is serious about you, he will feel the need to explore the territory and find out where he stands, which is a great sign for your relationship.

He will ask you about your preference regarding kids

Some people want them, some don’t. Fine by me. I respect anybody’s right to make this decision for themselves, as long as they are not pressured into making it.

Having kids is a serious step (as serious as it gets, honestly) so it must be discussed between partners.

Has your guy ever asked about this?

It might have seemed completely random, while you were in the middle of something else, but it still counts!

It won’t always feel premeditated but trust me, it is (which is again awesome!).

If he’s asking about this, he must really be into you, because this is not something a guy asks unless he sees it as a legit possibility.

You don’t have to want kids or anything, just the fact that it’s something he’s willing to discuss is an amazing sign for you as a couple!

He will ask about your ambitions and aspirations

A guy who loves you, cares about you and wants the best for you will surely want to know about where you hope to be in five years.

He cares about your dreams.

He will wonder whether you’re happy where you are or if you plan on engaging in new endeavors which he will be genuinely thrilled about.

A guy who loves you feels just as happy for your success as you do.

If you’ve got a guy who asks you about the things you dream of accomplishing and you see a genuine interest in his eyes, rest assured—you really got him hooked and he’s not going anywhere.

He will ask about your opinions on things that matter to him

This is my personal favorite. I love it when my man asks me how I feel about his new business proposition.

I love it when he asks me to help him choose the best outfit for his friend’s bachelor party in Rome.

I just love being included in his decision-making process. It makes me feel loved and provides me with a sense of security and appreciation.

When a guy asks about your opinions about the things he feels passionate about and that truly matter to him, it means your opinions matter just as much.

And to me, that is the most reassuring sign that he loves you. If he didn’t, he would never ask how you feel about things.

He will ask you how he can help when you’re struggling

A real man, one who loves his girl, will see through her BS.

And what I mean by this is that he will know when she’s not okay even though she’s trying to convince him otherwise.

He will know when something’s wrong and he won’t just stand there. He will ALWAYS offer his help.

He won’t be able to stand to look at you so miserable when he can make things so much better.

So ladies, if your man asks you if you need help and genuinely wants to be there, he’s a keeper. Don’t lose him, because they’re rare.

Many guys pretend they care but when he shows you that he does, believe him. This guy will make you see what real love is all about.