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5 Christmasy Texts You’ll Get If He Really Misses You

5 Christmasy Texts You’ll Get If He Really Misses You

Text messaging isn’t exactly the way to go when you want to express your feelings. How many times has it happened to you that you’ve received a text and you had no idea whether to be angry, insulted or to laugh?

It just isn’t the same as when you say something to someone in person. You can’t hear the tone of what they are trying to say, so you end up reading between the lines even though there is nothing to read.

Sometimes you look for hidden meanings where there are no hidden meanings and the other way around. But this intensifies even more around the holidays. You know you’re going to get a text, but you don’t know in what manner.

So how can you interpret what a guy is trying to say to you without making a mistake?

Is he just wishing you a Merry Christmas like a friend or does his text have an agenda? Maybe he is trying to tell you that he misses you and wants to spend the holidays with you, and you just don’t see it.

The bottom line is, texting is so unpredictable, and you, as we all do, need a guide to help you crack the real meaning behind the text you’ve received.

Read carefully the following Christmasy texts that definitely mean he truly misses you:

“You know, I was just at your favorite bar. There was mistletoe everywhere!”

First of all, he remembered what your favorite bar is, which means he listened to you, and second of all, this sentence doesn’t have to do anything with him liking the bar you like.

He just wants to stir up the conversation and let you know he misses you. If you ask him, there is nothing he would like rather than take you there and kiss you under the mistletoe.

“I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Here it is, the most ambiguous text message you can get during the holidays. Because both people who like you and people who don’t like you will send you this message. How could you possibly know who is who?

Well, a guy who likes you will hesitate to send you the text, so he will probably be a bit late with hitting the send button. So, the text you get the latest is probably the one.

Also, you know in your gut that there is something going on between the two of you. Especially, if you know he would never send you something like that or if he doesn’t care that much about Christmas.

Then you can be sure, he likes you and truly misses you, and that’s the reason he sent you this text.

“I’ve heard your ex is going to spend the holidays at home as well.”

Okay, this is not small talk. This is an ‘I miss you and want you back’ alert. You can get the hint of jealousy out of this text, right?

Well, you’re absolutely right. He is jealous, and he’s scared he’ll lose you to your ex since, you know, it’s Christmas. You may well bump into each other at a party just happening to stand beneath the mistletoe and the old flame comes bursting back.

This is the scenario happening in his head right now, and believe me, he is scared to death. You see, he really likes you and wants you to come back as soon as possible.

“Feeling really lucky I met you this year”

Christmas is a loving and charitable time. We want to spend it with the people we care about. Not just family, but also the ones close to heart in a different way.

So if you get a text like this from someone special read: “I miss you!” because that is what it is really about. He didn’t suddenly realize that he’s glad you’re in his life.

He’s known that for a long time, and now that you’re not around, he wants you to know that. That and that’s he’s hopelessly in love with you and doesn’t want to spend another minute without you in his life.

“We should totally spend next Christmas together.”

This is an ‘I miss you’ alert and not only that! He’s saying he misses you, but he also has already made plans for the future.

This guy is so serious about you, and he really wants to be with you. He’s even probably your forever person. He’s already suggesting what you should do next year.

Only couples who are definite they are going to be together in a year from now are going to make those kinds of plans. And by the look of it, he seems more than ready.

Give yourself the best Christmas present ever and let the man who sent texts like these into your heart. You’re not going to be sorry.