How can you really know what it means when a guy says he misses you? There is probably no bulletproof sign to decode this encrypted message. It’s impossible to be one hundred percent positive that he’s being honest.

You can’t be sure he is being sincere or he just wants to get in your pants. Maybe you’re going to end up with a broken heart because you were a victim of a common player or you’re going to be happy for the rest of your life in an almost perfect relationship.

Do you want to know which of these two possibilities is most probably true in your case? Of course, you do. Relationships are complicated enough without these additional problems.

When you come to think of it, this isn’t such a serious issue compared with what lies ahead of you. You will have tons of challenges and mixed messages from the other party even without wrapping your mind around what he means when he says he misses you.

You have to really read all the signs carefully because sometimes people don’t want to see the truth even if it hits them right in their faces. When you are in love, you are not able to see things clearly.

Sometimes our need for love prevents us from seeing the real situation in which we are in. Sometimes, he doesn’t care that much about you but you refuse to accept it because you don’t want it to be true.

So, try to be objective. Try to separate your feelings from your logic. I know that’s not easy because the heart wants what it wants and you can’t do anything about it. But, for your own sake and to avoid possible future heartbreak, just be careful in the beginning.

Look at your situation from a different angle. Pretend that these things that are happening to you and are bothering you are happening to someone else, someone you know. Put yourselves in their shoes and do what you would advise someone else to do.

This is the first thing you should do before taking any other measures. Of course, this is easier said than done. If it was so easy, women wouldn’t obsess about what it means when a guy says he misses you.

Even if you read the signs right and the reason why he misses you comes in your favor, you can’t be sure he is going to stay forever. There is no formula that will make him stay because people change. Things that they like change and their behavior changes.

So, no one can guarantee you that if he misses you now, he will miss you forever.

But enough about the future. Let’s focus on what’s bothering you right now. If you have these problems and you just can’t figure out what is going around in his head, if you want to protect yourself from potential heartbreak, read these signs.

What does it actually mean when a guy says he misses you?

9 Signs He Misses You (And What Does It Actually Mean?)

1. He texts you

Well, this really means that he wants to communicate with you. Maybe he is feeling lonely and he wants to be in your presence. Now, I know it’s not easy to conclude whether he is texting you because he wants something from you or he truly misses you because he wants to be with you. But, you can easily figure that out from the way he texts you and from the way you text him back.

To do a little experiment, try to ignore his text for a few hours and see what happens next. If he has false intentions, he probably won’t go to the trouble of texting you again.

He’ll read your silence as a negative answer. But, if he texts you again, worried that you didn’t answer back, then you’ve got something on your hands. He would want to know if you miss him, too.

The bottom line is that he will do anything to prolong the conversation with you because he misses you madly.

2. He says he misses you in public

Maybe he called you and while you’re talking, he is acting all important and his friends or colleagues are around him. He doesn’t want to go somewhere quieter to talk to you privately.

This probably means that he has an ulterior plan. He wants everyone to hear what he’s saying. He is acting like a big shot because he wants to hide his insecurities.

Be careful, because in this situation you can only be a tool for him to prove himself. He might be calling you to tell you he misses you only to prove to the others that he has a girlfriend and to show them how much he loves her.

Instantly, this shows you that it’s not love, it’s about him looking good in front of others. You don’t need that because that love won’t last. I mean, it will, but as long as it suits him.

3. He contacts you on social media

Man typing on phone

Okay, so missing someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a relationship. You can miss someone you’ve broken up with. You can miss someone you’ve only seen walking by you.

You can miss a guy who works at the mall where you bought your laptop. Missing someone doesn’t have to have anything with being in a relationship. If a guy “stalks” you on social media and you never dated him, he’s probably head over heels in love with you and misses you because he never had you.

If someone you’ve been with sends you texts on social media or hits ‘like’ and comments on every picture you post, it’s definitely a sign that he misses you and probably wants to date you again—he wants you back.

If you’ve been parted for some time and he still contacts you and is involved on your social media profiles, he has definitely not moved on.

4. He wants you to send him pictures

This is definitely a sign that he misses you, but in what way, that’s the question. This could be dirty AF but it can be completely innocent. That’s why I wrote earlier that you have to read carefully all the signs that he misses you and what they mean because it’s a thin line between the good and bad meaning or the one that suits you or not.

It’s possible that he only has the hots for you and he wants you to send him your pictures to satisfy his need.

But, on the other hand, he might be asking you for a picture because he truly misses you and he wants to have you by his side even virtually. He wants to see your face because it makes him happy. He wants to be able to think of you whenever he takes his phone.

He wants to use every moment of his free time to look at the face he misses the most—you.

5. He is insisting on seeing you

When a guy misses you, he most definitely wants to see you. He is probably insisting on seeing you and when you meet, he talks about seeing you again. This is a bulletproof sign that he means business.

This really means that he is interested in you and probably wants something more than you already have. Of course, this can go both ways. He can say he misses you and have some ulterior motives and just wants to use you.

The only way to know for sure is to wait for him to make an effort and do something about seeing you. Words don’t mean anything if they are not followed by actions. So, be smart, patient and wait for him to prove that he really wants to see you and that he misses you.

6. He is jealous

If he is jealous but not possessively jealous, it means he really misses you. Guys have the need to show everyone that you are theirshis. They want to let everyone know that you are taken and others better mind their own business and try to find their happiness somewhere else because you are theirshis.

This can be very annoying. You can feel like he’s suffocating you, but as long as it’s within normal, you’re safe.

On the other hand, there are people who have a serious problem. There are guys who will start controlling you because they don’t trust you. Maybe they are too scared that you are going to leave them, so they imagine things and blow certain situations out of proportion.

And when you confront them about it, they will assure you that they love you and they act that way because they miss you. Be careful and don’t let anyone take away your freedom or restrict you in any way.

If you see that he is doing just that, then he doesn’t miss you—he just has a serious problem.

7. His friends give you hints

Young people hanging out

The two of you were in a relationship and you broke up. Some time has passed and you haven’t heard from him for some time, but his friends and your friends give you hints that he isn’t over you and that he misses you.

He is probably too shy to tell it himself or he wants to give you your space. This definitely is a true sign of missing someone and it means he wants you back. Maybe he has realized what a jerk he has been and since he isn’t forcing you to talk to him or molesting you, maybe you should think about giving him a second chance.

8. He drunk dials you

I know that most of you instantly get the idea that the only thing he wants is a booty call. But, as in most cases, every story has two sides, so does this one. Yes, he might not give a damn about you and is probably in a mood for little something, and the best solution is to seek it where you’ve been getting it regularly.

So, yes there is a big chance that he might be saying he misses you only to get to bed with you.

But, there is also a possibility he wants to be with you. There is an equal chance that he truly misses you. Maybe he didn’t have the courage to call you; maybe he didn’t know what to say to you.

You know that we all do stupid stuff when we get drunk, but we are all so incredibly brave in those moments, too. Maybe that was all he needed—a little push in the back to tell you that he misses you and still loves you.

There is one way to know this for sure, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work every time because we are all different and there is no one hundred positive template of human behavior.

That’s the beauty of it. But, after this wild night, if he calls you tomorrow morning or texts you that he is sorry for his behavior, then he was probably just being honest and emotional the night before. If he doesn’t contact you, he probably wanted one thing—sex.

9. He just says he misses you

This is the most beautiful thing a man can tell you, and the most honest one. There are no hidden motives behind these three words: “I miss you”. He won’t go over the top with saying he misses you.

Let’s say he will miss you normally and you will know that. Your instinct will tell you that he is being himself and that his intentions are honorable. And of course, not all men can stay cool and altogether all the time. Even the ones who have the hardest exteriors give in to the internal pressure that love evokes in them.

But, the bottom line is you will know that he is being honest. You will be able to see it in his eyes. And he will most definitely prove it to you. Because when someone misses you truly, he won’t feed you with empty words, he will show it to you.