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5 Damn Good Reasons Pretty Girls Are Still Single

5 Damn Good Reasons Pretty Girls Are Still Single

There is still an enigma about pretty girls  being single. But nobody thinks of the reasons why those girls refuse to settle down. Maybe they simply feel good being alone or maybe they didn’t find a man of their dreams. For me, it is better to wait alone for the right one

than to settle for less than you deserve. 

So, here are some reasons girls like this are still single so read more and find out why. 


They would rather not settle

Girls like this have a lot of self-esteem and they will never settle for less than they deserve. They will spend their whole lives seeking the right one than to settle for someone who won’t treat them right. Girls like this know what it takes for a real love and they will not stop until they find it. You can’t blame them, right?

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She is not into meaningless sex

Girls like this don’t want to have someone to have sexwith, they want someone they can make love to. One-night stands are not what turns them on and they would rather wait for the right guy to share intimacy with him. Let’s face it, sex is way better when you are in love!

They don’t date just to avoid being alone

Girls like this know that the world is full of fuckboys and guys who don’t deserve them. And when they meet a man like that they won’t fall for him because they know he will never give them the love they need. They don’t date just to avoid being single but they wait for the right man who will be able to understand them and be their support. They know that good things don’t happen overnight so they don’t have problems waiting. 

They are ambitious


Girls like this don’t want to give up on their careers and marry a guy who won’t respect them. Instead, they will pursue their goals and they won’t have any need to explain it to anybody. They are aware of the fact that all guys would love them to be in their lives and they let them go the extra mile if they want to win them over. 

A hot chick knows that she can’t escape her destiny and if something is written in the stars, it will eventually happen. So, no worries, you can still have that holiday on Ibiza!

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People assume you are already taken

Many guys are terrified to approach a pretty gilr because they think she is taken. But the catch is that she is not but she is also having a time of her life like that. She likes spending time with her friends, traveling and doing new things and she feels good because of that. So, next time a guy doesn’t approach to you, don’t be sad about it because he is probably not the one.