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5 Emotional Wounds From Your Past That Keep You From Moving On

5 Emotional Wounds From Your Past That Keep You From Moving On

Every heartbreak, every failed friendship and all of your misfortunes in life have in some way shaped you into the woman you are today.

Every scar you have earned has made you a little tougher. Every painful love lesson has made you a little more guarded and every disappointment has made you just a little bit more closed off.

You didn’t want it. You didn’t expect it. But one thing after another has led you to become a different person than you used to be.

The kind of person who has lost the sparkle she once possessed and whose zest for life is slowly fading away.

Some wounds heal and stay in the past but there are some that always somehow linger in the background and are keeping you from moving forward.

Those emotional wounds are far too scarring not to leave a lasting mark on you. And as much as you try to pretend they’re not there and that you’re okay, they keep reminding you otherwise.

Some life experiences are just too damaging to kid yourself into thinking they wouldn’t still have an effect on your life.

You can try to run and you can try to deny it but some things are always going to catch up with you.

Here are 5 emotional wounds from your past that are making it hard for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As much as you wish they weren’t there, you know they are the reason you just can’t seem to move forward with that beaming smile you once had.

1. Being humiliated by someone you loved

5 Emotional Wounds From Your Past That Keep You From Moving On

Being humiliated, privately or publicly, by a person you hold so close to your heart is one of the hardest pills to swallow.

Having your dignity taken away and being made into an object of degradation is extremely difficult to process and get over.

When a person you loved deeply took that away from you, they made it hard for you to trust anyone after them. 

They made you feel low, worthless and irrelevant. Recovering from that is going to be hard work.

This emotional wound is forever engraved in you and it will always make your eyes tear up when you’re randomly reminded of it.

2. Being disappointed by the one you held on a pedestal

5 Emotional Wounds From Your Past That Keep You From Moving On

These days, it’s hard letting people in. It’s hard letting somebody occupy a huge chunk of your heart, letting them settle in comfortably in your mind and in your soul, hoping they will never wish to leave that place.

Until they do. Until they decide your heart is no longer good enough. Until they decide you are no longer what they want.

They just leave and you are left with nothing but a disappointed mind that is wondering why it had to happen.

Why weren’t you enough? Why did the person you let so close to you end up being the worst thing for you?

How does it always happen to you and how are you supposed to trust anyone anymore?

3. Being cheated on

5 Emotional Wounds From Your Past That Keep You From Moving On

You let him into your life and all you asked for was one thing. Faithfulness.

All you expected was to be respected and not be made into a fool. And yet, somehow, that ended up happening.

He sought the company of another woman and you will never understand why. You will never know what made him sleep with a random girl when you were right there, willing to give him anything he wanted from you. 

And now, you expect the same thing from anyone who enters your life. You don’t want to be a skeptic but that’s what he made you into.

You don’t want to expect the next guy to do the worst thing but you do. That scar will always be there and you are finding it hard to shake it off.

4. Having somebody you loved be indifferent to you

5 Emotional Wounds From Your Past That Keep You From Moving On

Indifference is the worst feeling there is. You are not accepted and you are not ignored.

You are simply not even considered. It’s like you’re such a waste of time that you’re not worth being noticed.

And that hurts more than being ignored. Because when you’re ignored, at least your presence is noticed.

You are an option and you are in the mix. But when somebody you care for is indifferent to you, it feels like you’re merely a shadow of a person.

A fly on the wall that is clearly there but nobody can see it. Or worse yet… nobody wants to see it.

It hurts and you’d rather be alone than risk feeling this void ever again. Being hurt at least makes you feel something. This just makes you feel invisible.

5. Losing a loved one

5 Emotional Wounds From Your Past That Keep You From Moving On

It goes without saying that losing a loved one is the hardest thing to deal with. It wasn’t something that was meant to hurt you. It wasn’t planned.

And it wasn’t about YOU. It was the worst thing you ever experienced and it hit you like a thousand blows to your chest.

It just happened, they left this earth and your life suddenly turned gray and your soul became numb. You didn’t know how to deal with it. You couldn’t comprehend the pain that was overcoming every fiber of your being.

You were left there inconsolable, devastated and unable to understand why. 

Unable to accept they were gone. Unable to accept that you could no longer feel their physical presence in your life.

The one you would’ve given your life for… lost theirs. And now… nothing is the same and nothing will ever be the same again.