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5 Excuses Men Make When They Do Not Feel Quite Ready To Get Married

5 Excuses Men Make When They Do Not Feel Quite Ready To Get Married

We all know that most women want to get married. They dream about their wedding dress. They dream about the perfect wedding day.

When they get engaged, they immediately start planning everything because it is the most important day in their life.

Marriage is a sacred thing in the life of every woman.

But what about men?

Do they feel the same about marriage?

Do they dream about the day their significant other will have the title of their wife?

Well, not exactly. The truth is that most men fear marriage and they just never feel ready to take their relationship to the next level.

When a man does not want to get married, he will make up several excuses for that.

Here are some of those excuses that will help you recognize if your man is not ready for marriage:

We’re still very young! What’s the rush?

Men are mostly immature and they have a big fear of commitment. For men, getting married implies that they will have a huge responsibility.

Having a family is indeed a big responsibility and they are terribly afraid of it.

They feel like they will be put under a lot of pressure and it drives them crazy.

That’s why they will say that you still have time and that you don’t need to rush.

One more thing to bear in mind is that most men are afraid of failure. They don’t think that they will be good fathers or husbands.

They don’t think they will be able to complete all the necessary tasks and it will result in divorce.

Let’s wait until I find a better job!

Economic pressure is something that also triggers men to delay marriage.

They feel like they will have to work very hard to be able to support their family financially.

Even though they know that their wife will also make some money, they think that the man is the boss in the family and that everything will depend on him.

You see, men feel important when making money. If they know that their salary will not be enough for family life, their ego may get hurt and therefore, they will delay marriage.

We are good this way!

When a man says this, what he actually means is that he does not want to give up his freedom. He wants to go out whenever he feels like going out.

He wants to do whatever he sets his mind to and he doesn’t want to have a wife on his back, always nagging.

Another thing a man means when he says this is that he doesn’t actually want to change his lifestyle and routines because of you.

Perhaps he lives with his parents or perhaps he has spent all his life living alone. Getting married requires a complete change of lifestyle. And he just isn’t ready to accept it.

I just need more time!

Sometimes when a man says he needs more time, it means that he is simply not sure about his feelings for you.

You two probably have a great time together. You enjoy yourselves. There is lots of chemistry.

Everything seems okay but he just doesn’t feel the love. He loves the things you do together but when it comes to his love for you, he does not feel the same as you do.

This kind of man will never be able to commit. If you want to get married and your man keeps using this excuse, think about if you really want to wait for someone who is never going to be ready!

We already live together. What’s the point?

If you are already living together, your lifestyle pretty much resembles marriage life.

In this case, getting married is completely unnecessary in his opinion.

He does not want to sign the papers because it will not mean anything to him. It will not change much. So why bother?