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5 Intimate Sex Positions That All Couples Should Try

5 Intimate Sex Positions That All Couples Should Try

The Curled Angel

The Curled Angel is definitely one of the most intimate sexual positions. Its foundation is spooning so it gives you that immediate feeling of closeness.

After assuming the spooning position a woman must curl up a bit on her side with her knees drawn up to her chest. This allows her man deep and intense penetration.

He has his hands free to explore, caress and tease her frontal area. Their bodies are intertwined in passion and gentleness the entire time.

Lotus Flower

The man must sit and cross his legs, assuming a Buddha position. After that, a woman sits on his legs and presses her thighs onto his chest, putting her legs up on his shoulders.

This position might seem a bit extravagant but it’s filled with tenderness and sexuality. It enables a couple to explore their physical limits by exploring a new move.

It also enables them to lock eyes and kiss during intercourse and by doing so, build up their sexual tensions and form a firmer connection.

Missionary Position

The simplest, most usual and most effective of all moves. The man is on top and he is the one doing all the work.

But it’s equally satisfying and mindblowing for both. There can be a lot of eye contact and kissing involved.

He can enjoy the view and clearly see how his loved one is melting with pleasure, which will turn him on even more.

Her face gestures and sounds of pleasure will be all the ‘payment’ he needs for his efforts.

She can grab his strong arms, go up and down his back with her fingers, squeeze his butt or pull him closer to herself so they basically become one.

While at first glance, and alongside the other ones listed here, this sex position looks pretty basic, sometimes it is the best and all you need to connect with your partner on a more intimate level.

The Gemini Position

In this position, a man and a woman are sitting facing each other. That gives them constant eye contact, to look upon each other’s face which is filled with joy.

He sits on a flat surface with his legs stretched out, slightly spread and bent at the knees. The woman sits facing him, puts her legs on his hips and bends at the knees.

He supports himself by placing his hands behind him and leaning on them. The woman does the same and puts her hands back, placing them at the man’s feet.

He puts his arms around her, holding her in a tight embrace. She places her hands around his neck and by doing so, she draws him closer and closer.

The Thirst

Both the man and woman lie on their side facing each other, she puts her arm around his neck, holding on to him and hugging him while he mirrors her moves.

Her other arm is placed behind her back.

He slides one leg between her legs so he can penetrate more deeply. While he is in this position he is making gentle moves, kissing her lips and neck.

This position also enables him to caress her back and squeeze her butt.

The whole intercourse will be very engaging for all the senses. It will ignite a couple’s passion and make it more sensual.