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Why Men Pull Away Early Stages

Why Men Pull Away Early Stages

What’s the matter with the ‘stronger’ sex? Sometimes they seem to run away from everything so easily.

… and they call women the weaker sex…

Understanding men can sometimes be harder than understanding women, but we don’t complain that much, do we?

It’s just that we’re left wondering what the hell went wrong for the rest of our lives more than we should, but it’s not that big of a deal.

The question here is: Why do men pull away in the early stages? Why is it all rainbows and sunshine for a while and then they go blank all of a sudden?

What happened? Let’s imagine you were on a date or it’s been a few dates now and he seemed OK-ish or even as if he had a great time and then he disappeared. No phone call, no text, not a sound from him.

It’s not that you got too clingy; you didn’t have the time to. It can’t be that you read the signs wrong; you’ve been out there for a while already and you know dating.

It’s not that your clothes were too much; we’ve passed that period a long time ago.

1. He pulled away because you didn’t really click

At first, one may think ‘this is it’, but there must’ve been something different happening in his head.

He might appear as if he’s interested and then he changed his mind all of a sudden, but didn’t bother telling you.

2. He pulled away because he didn’t like you

We, humans, tend to create things in our heads that are not really there.

Maybe he liked you, but not enough to enter a relationship with you. How many times has your imagination ruined everything?

You saw things way better than they actually were. He didn’t fancy you as relationship material and you stated clearly that you didn’t want to be friendzoned, so now you’re nowhere.

3. He pulled away because his enthusiasm disappeared

It might be that he waited for the perfect moment (and you really had it), but after some time, his enthusiasm just disappeared.

He didn’t feel as thrilled to see you as he did in the beginning. He wasn’t into going on dates with you and he didn’t want to spend any more time with you.

When that ‘whatever’ feeling got to him, he decided to disappear as well.

4. He pulled away because he’s scared of you

Men, scared, as if?! You have to admit, it’s the age of Wonder Woman and you might be way out of his league.

You have no trouble maintaining yourself and the only things you need from him are respect and love.

You’re not dependent on him and you wouldn’t be under any circumstances.

It could be the case that he doesn’t know how to behave or how to handle such a strong female, so he’s left with only one option—to pull away.

In his head, it’s better to leave without a word than to stay embarrassed. It’s a poor decision, but there is nothing you can do about it.

5. He pulled away because there is no common ground

You’re just from two different planets and it’s hard to find any similarities.

You listen to Adam Levine, while he’s more of a country type, or you enjoy jumping into unknown situations and discovering new things by yourself, while he’s a ‘play-it-safe’ type of a guy.

Usually, opposites attract, but it’s not a must. It could be that in your case, the scenario was totally different and there was no other option for him but to pull away.

The truth is, it would be way less painful if you’d had closure or a final goodbye.

It would’ve saved you from wondering what went wrong. Maybe it’s not about the pain, but more about what is decent.

6. He pulled away because he’s too anxious to put himself out there

It may sound incredible, but people are fighting their anxiety on a daily basis and sometimes it’s just too much to handle.

You are an incredible person and he did the best he could to get you to go out on a date with him, but it’s way too much stress for him.

Although he’d love to continue whatever the two of you started, it’s much easier for him to just give up.

7. He pulled away because he’s a player

And that’s what players do. He got you interested and now he wants you to chase him.

He wants you to call him, to wonder where he is and why he is not calling back.

You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just the way he is and the best thing you can possibly do is to just leave the things as they are.

8. He pulled away because he’s a fuckboy

He never planned anything serious with you, he just wanted to have a phase with you and then move on to his next victim.

These kinds of men never settle down, but even worse than that, when they leave, they leave without giving closure.
This may be the reason why he pulled away at an early stage.

9. He pulled away because he got what he wanted

Nobody’s judging, it’s up to you how far you want to go. If he got what he wanted, that might be the reason he pulled away in the early stages.

He’d do it the moment he got what he wanted, regardless of how long you decided to wait.

10. He pulled away because he is scared of being used

It could be the case that you never bothered to offer to pay for anything or that you stated you expected him to be the one paying for everything.

Also, if you said that you expected the guys you date to spoil you and to often buy you gifts so they’d get boyfriend privileges, no wonder he pulled away.

11. He pulled away because he didn’t want to get broken again

Perhaps you appeared to him as this femme fatale and he saw you were looking at him just as a tool to get what you needed.

While he was on the hunt for his soulmate, you appeared to be one of those women who doesn’t settle and he realized he’d only get broken if he spent more time with you.

12. He pulled away because he got scared of expectations

Maybe he is more a fan of a flirtationship than a relationship. And perhaps he wanted to keep things spicy but he never wanted to truly commit.

With commitment comes big responsibilities and certain expectations he’d have to fulfill as your boyfriend and in most cases, men run away from those kinds of things.

Whatever the reason may be, you at least deserved an explanation. He shouldn’t have left you wondering what went wrong and he should’ve had the decency to be upfront.

So don’t you dare blame yourself or spend endless nights wondering what went wrong.

It’s time to stop questioning what YOU did wrong and understand that it can’t be your fault when he didn’t even give you two a chance. If he pulled away in the early stages, it’s his loss, not yours.

He didn’t get to know you well enough because he decided to give up early.

He left you wondering what went wrong and you spend hours rewinding the film in your head to see what you did wrong.

Wouldn’t it be better if he could just ‘man up’ and say what’s on his mind?

There was no other date, there was no phone call or anything because he’s a quitter. And because of this, he doesn’t deserve you anyway.