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5 Invisible Scars Emotionally Neglected Women Carry Into Relationships

5 Invisible Scars Emotionally Neglected Women Carry Into Relationships

People we spend most of our time around are those who end up shaping us into who we ultimately become.

There’s no denying that.

Those that surround you are those that have the biggest effect on who you are as a person.

And our romantic partners are those we spend majority of our time with, so it’s no surprise they have the biggest hold on us.

Women who spend time in relationships where their needs aren’t fulfilled and where they are left feeling alone and neglected have a tendency to silently carry emotional scars into their future relationships.

When a woman spends the majority of her time in the company of a man who is emotionally neglecting her, that leaves a significant mark on her.

This is not a mark that can be seen with the eyes, rather something she keeps well hidden yet deeply felt!

Due to unhealthy, toxic relationships, women develop a seriously distorted image of themselves that has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with men who go out of their way to make them feel small and worthless.

And once a woman finally finds the strength within to get out of that horrible environment, she is no longer the same she once was.

The harsh words she was so used to hearing never leave her mind and keep echoing in her head.

The controlling nature of her partner leaves her uneasy and frightened to finally be free.

The twisted image of herself not being good enough haunts her so much that she can’t look in the mirror without seeing failure anymore.

And that’s only scratching the surface.

The effects of an emotionally unfulfilling and toxic relationship are truly severe, and the longer you are exposed to it, the harder it is to feel like yourself again.

Being emotionally neglected leaves these 5 invisible scars on a woman, and those scars stay with her for a long time.

She develops attachment issues and fear of rejection

When a woman is surrounded with zero love, support, and emotional stability, she is taught that this is what she deserves.

Having a partner that is unavailable, unloving, and inconsistent teaches her not to open up to people. And with time, that’s exactly what happens.

When you spend enough time in that environment, you begin believing this is all that you’re ever going to get, so you adapt and learn to expect nothing but rejection.

Expecting people to love you and stick by your side becomes but a fairy-tale, and you don’t dare ask anything of anyone because you are so used to rejection, why would it be any different now?

She always expects disappointment and is unable to trust anyone

Having a partner who is emotionally absent and keeps pushing you away, teaches you that you can’t really trust him or anyone after him.

Anytime you get close to someone, you keep waiting for them to disappoint you.

Even if they genuinely mean well, you are hesitant to trust them because experience has taught you to always be careful and keep your guard up.

You are taught that nobody is there to protect you and keep you safe, so you learn to handle everything by yourself, no matter how desperately you need somebody to help you.

You stop feeling safe in relationships, so you choose to be alone, as you’re the only one you know you can truly trust.

She puts herself and her own needs last

When you are emotionally neglected, you are not used to having your needs heard, let alone met.

You are taught that what you want is irrelevant and therefore not to dare ask for anything.

You are never given the time of day, and even when you do get some attention, you feel so grateful for it that you couldn’t imagine asking for more.

You are sad, borderline depressed, and completely unfulfilled, but doing something to change that feels selfish as you’re simply not used to putting yourself first.

Your needs have never been something of importance and it’s going to take a while before you learn to stick up for what you want and need.

She is led by fear of failure

She was never told that anything she did was good enough. She has never heard a kind word, even just for the effort she always puts in.

Failure is the only word she is familiar with.

And sadly, that is what leads her through life.

Whatever she does, she feels and fears she is going to fail. She has never been told that it’s okay not always being successful at everything.

She doesn’t know that she’s still doing great, even if occasionally she hits a bump.

Failure is always on her mind, and she has her emotionally abusive ex to thank for that!

She doesn’t feel worthy of love and attention

This is the biggest emotional scar she is left with. She is taught that she’s worthless. She doesn’t deserve love and she has zero right asking for it.

It is selfish to ask for attention and whatever crumbs of affection she does get, she has to be thankful for.

She has never been showered with love and she was never told just how amazing and resilient she is.

She was covered with a dark cloud of self-doubt and she could never escape it.

Now, even if she meets someone nice and with genuine intentions, it’s going to take a long time before she can believe that she is worthy of his affection.

She hasn’t had a loving journey so far… and that has left her wounded.

But she hasn’t given up on herself, and she never will!

Being emotionally neglected may have broken her, but not beyond repair.

She just needs some time and support, and she will thrive again. Just watch her!