She is one tough lady and many men have an instant crush on her the moment they meet her. She is independent, strong, smart and super sexy.

Her energy is so contagious and it seems like she can get any man she wants. But, why is it so difficult for most men to handle an alpha woman?

Here are 5 reasons for that:

She fights her own battles.

confident woman in white shirt standing

She is not a kill-a-spider-for-me type of girl. She doesn’t need a man to punch the rude guy who hits on her at the bar.

Instead of crying and waiting for her Prince Charming to come and save her, she fights her own battles and shows everyone their place.

We all know that men sometimes desperately need to play ‘women’s protectors’; it’s just something that nurtures their ego.

Sometimes, men can’t handle these women’s strength.

This alpha woman doesn’t sit down waiting for a man to do something for her, but she gets up and gets things done by herself.

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She knows exactly what she wants.

portrait of smiling young woman

A woman meets a man. She likes him. She waits for him to notice her and ask her out. Wait, wrong! An alpha woman always recognizes her needs.

She knows what she wants, and she wants it now. Asking a guy on a first date, what’s so weird about it? She will make the first move.

Actually, truth be told, some men find this intimidating. Some of them will even see it as an attack on their manhood.

But hey, in the sea with plenty of insecure female fish, is there anything sexier than a woman who knows what she wants, and goes for it?

She requires complete honesty.

serious woman in deep thoughts

She despises lies and liars. What makes some women super strong is the fact that they went through really hard times, and they realized the importance of honesty.

Some men have a hard time being completely honest with their partners.

They try to avoid touchy questions and sweep the truth under the rug because they don’t want to feel exposed.

An alpha woman won’t tolerate anyone’s lies and bullsh*t. You can’t use tricks and lies to get into her pants.

She wants a deep, honest commitment and she won’t settle for less.

Passion is her second name.

attractive young woman posing

Everything she does, she does with passion. When she loves, she loves wholeheartedly. She has lots of interests and hobbies and she wastes no time.

Some men find it difficult to keep up with her crazy schedule and they get tired of it eventually.

One thing is clear—you will never feel bored next to an alpha woman!

If she is passionate about a man, she will love him fiercely, support him, take care of him, and fight for him.

This woman is a man’s treasure, but sometimes he can’t handle her intensity and passion.

She wants full intimacy.

passionate couple kissing on the bed

This woman is not afraid of any kind of intimacy. She is one of those rare women who don’t hesitate to give her body and soul to the man she loves.

However, she wants the full package. She wants her man to be comfortable with deep, intimate conversations.

An alpha woman knows what she wants in bed and she is not embarrassed to discuss sex-related matters with her partner.

Most men are unable to connect with these strong women, and that’s the reason they fail to handle them.

You’re a fantastic alpha woman, but it seems like men can’t handle you? Read and find out why.

5 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle an Alpha Woman