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7 Reasons Your Ex Keeps Crawling Back To You

7 Reasons Your Ex Keeps Crawling Back To You

When you break up a relationship that didn’t bring you anything other than pain and misery, you kind of want that person to disappear out of your life forever, right? But for some reason, they keep crawling back to you.

At first, it might seem like it’s all about love and appreciation, because they keep telling you how much they’re missing you. But the possibilities for that are quite impossible.

Of course it’s possible that you might go back to your ex, you might realize that the relationship you had was everything you wanted.

But if your ex was a toxic manipulator and he comes back to you asking for forgiveness, you need to know the possible reasons why he’s coming back to you.


He might have seen you hanging around with another man and that triggered his jealousy. A man can’t stand it if you start seeing another man because that hits him right in the guts and he finds it to be disrespectful.

You’re happy before he finds another woman? For him, there’s nothing happy about it.

Also if you’re happy without him, if you’ve dedicated yourself to make your future better, he will get jealous and come crawling back to make it miserable again.


It might be that you two had sex on a regular basis and now without it, he is sexually frustrated. Also if he does have a new partner, she might not be as good in the sheets as you are.

Sex is usually a great motivator for a man to come crawling back to his ex. I mean, you were together for a while and you work well together.

You know what he likes and he simply doesn’t want to waste time teaching someone else the things that you do perfectly.

He is afraid of loneliness

This is especially true if you’ve been together for a long period of time. He simply isn’t used to being alone and the thought of it scares him.

He also may have tried other relationships but he got dumped or it didn’t work out and he wants you because it feels familiar.

This won’t work out, because you probably know that you can’t love someone unless you love yourself.


Believe it or not, your ex, even that asshole, can learn his lesson and come back to you asking for a second chance because he regrets ever leaving you and treating you the way he did.

Regret doesn’t really mean that he has changed though, just that he wants to see what’s going to happen if you start again.

Also, he simply didn’t want to deal with difficulties in your relationship but he realized that those things weren’t that bad and that you could’ve gotten over them.


Is he the one who left? If yes, there is a high possibility that he loves to control what he does and what the people around him do.

If he left you, it represents an act of power and also he thinks that he can come back at any given time, knowing that you’ll be there to welcome him with widespread arms.


You know that you get emotional flashbacks because of old memories too, so you can’t actually blame him. He misses you and he’s aware of the mistakes he made.

He really did love you and you really did have an amazing time together. So why not listen to what he has to say?


The dating scene of today is quite scary for someone who just got out of a relationship. He might be scared of rejection!

He knows that he can always come back to you and be happy in your arms but putting himself out there and getting his pride hurt isn’t an option for him.

Also, he might have low self-esteem that doesn’t allow him to find someone else. This isn’t really a good motivator to restart a relationship and you know that.