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Only A Real Man Can Handle An Alpha Woman

Only A Real Man Can Handle An Alpha Woman

Intimidating, isn’t she? With her flawless walk and the way she talks with full confidence, knowing what she’s aiming for.

You are thinking about going out with her and your mind is fully occupied by thoughts and wishes for the two of you, because there is nothing that will keep you from pursuing her.

But you see, that’s exactly it, you won’t listen to your mind saying that she might be a big catch, maybe too big for some men.

She is an alpha female. Too strong for a weak man. Only a real one can handle her.

Only a real man can handle the challenges she throws at him! She doesn’t need a codependent relationship with constant reassurance and no room for herself.

She will challenge you in ways that you weren’t even ready for.

She will ask you to handle your emotions with care, learn how to communicate properly and always take a moment to breathe, even at times when you just feel like screaming.

She is nothing like any other woman out there.

She is the one who’s in charge even when she doesn’t want to be, she is always the center of attention because she wears her invisible crown with grace.

Don’t try to bring her down with your words; even if she does have insecurities, she won’t show them to you.

She knows that things like that need to be shown only to the people who are willing to stay by her side.

But don’t think that her hard, beautiful shell is everything there is to this amazing woman!

She will be everything to you. She will listen to you for hours ranting about your day and that co-worker who just didn’t want to do his job.

She will be there to give you a massage and give you advice.

She will be there for you whenever you need her because that is exactly what she signed up for the moment when she fell in love with you.

But do not take advantage of that! She feels and sees things more clearly than you will ever know.

A little look from your eye or a simple hand gesture can make her see that you are taking her for granted, that you do not love her anymore, and she will leave.

Many things can make her walk out of your life without a proper explanation, one of those things being jealousy.

An alpha woman will never tolerate jealousy, for she respects you and herself enough to know that cheating is the worst form of breaking up a relationship.

If she is committed to you, she is all yours. Don’t you dare doubt her.

Only a real man can handle an alpha woman and only a real man is able to keep up with her.

She is an overachiever, always searching for a new way to conquer life. There is no minute of the day that she doesn’t spend thinking about her future, so you’ll have to keep up.

You’ll have to keep up with her crazy schedule and her crazy dreams.

Her head is always full of ideas and she will lead you into a world where early mornings and late nights are the most beautiful things.

She is your alpha female. Never satisfied with mediocre love that can be found behind just any corner because she wants extraordinary and always pure, unconditional.

If you find yourself to be a man who can handle all this, a man who is worthy of her moments and her kisses and love, then go for it! Get ready for the most amazing experience of your life.

But if you are not ready for commitment and a love that lasts, then just stay away.

She doesn’t want a fling or a one-night stand. She doesn’t want something that she won’t remember in a few years.

Your alpha woman wants the real deal, with all the ups and downs, with all those amazing things that come with a relationship because she is ready to get to know you and work together with you on creating something beautiful.

So don’t just come up to her and expect her to be like all those other women you have met, because she will blow your mind and you will never be able to forget her.