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5 Reasons Why Physical Attraction Is Important In A Relationship

5 Reasons Why Physical Attraction Is Important In A Relationship

Physical attraction is basically a reaction between the chemistry of two bodies and when it happens, there’s really nothing we can do to hide it simply because of the fact that all the signs of strong attraction are unconscious. While your body may be in charge when you are next to someone you are attracted to, you can put your mind to work as well.

Looking for signs of physical attraction is nothing but using your intuition and some research about all the ways a body reacts to someone it likes.

But is physical attraction really that important? Sometimes it seems like we are being bombarded with so many books that are written about it, with so many movies filled with such sexual tension that we’re blushing just by the thought of them!

While it seems like it’s the perfect way to show someone’s feelings on screen—because you can hardly film all the thoughts in someone’s head—we are being bombarded with it because it really DOES matter. And here are the five reasons why physical attraction is quite important in a relationship:

1. Affection tends to be lacking when there is no attraction

If partners are not attracted to each other physically, the first thing that’ll be lacking is affection. If you are not being drawn to your partner, you’ll have no need to hug him or make out with him. And if there is no affection, there is no connection because the strongest relationships are the ones where people are bonded both emotionally and physically. While there can be relationships with no physical attraction and action, they are truly rare.

2. Lack of attraction affects respect

This one is actually connected to the very core of the whole attraction thing. You see, physical attraction is basically on an instinct we have. For men, they are attracted to women who are, what they believe, fertile and women are attracted to men who can provide them protection. And it’s all connected to the way we look and it’s all happening unconsciously.

So, sometimes it can happen that when attraction wears off, respect does, too. It may seem silly and quite stupid, but if you think about it, it actually makes sense. If your man can no longer protect you and your children for example, you can easily lose the respect you have for him. And while you may believe that it didn’t happen because you still love your partner, it manifests in small gestures and the way you express your love.

3. With no attraction, your sex life is poor

This one quite explains itself. If you are not attracted to someone, you cannot have sex with them. Well, basically you can if you’re doing it for the sake of love or your relationship, but that’s not healthy and your body needs and deserves passionate sex. This can happen when one of the partners stops taking care of their appearance and it affects the whole relationship. Some relationship have even broken off because of a bad sex life.

4. It boosts the confidence of both partners

You know that feeling you have when your partner looks at you with crazy hunger and passion in their eyes? That feeling where the single look they give you can start a fire inside you? That feeling where you know that your partners wants to be with you and is completely swept away with you? Well, that feeling is important for our confidence and if there is no such thing, it affects you a lot.

5. Physical attraction affects love

When there is no attraction, there is no sex life, respect and confidence. There is no affection and we all know that one hug can go a long way when we are feeling beaten down. And when all of these little things pile up, they are strong enough to destroy something you worked and tried so hard for which is why physical attraction is even more important than you may have thought.

And while it seems that it’s essential, remember that love is not that simple. If you are baking bread, you need flour, salt, water and yeast. Those are your essentials and by just adding a few ingredients, you can spice it up whichever the way you want to. Same goes for love. You need respect, affection, emotional connection and physical attraction. Everything else comes along with them.