We can be attracted to other people without a single word being said.

It’s a reaction between the chemistry of two bodies and, well, there’s nothing we can do to hide it.

Most of the signs of physical attraction are unconscious, meaning that our body is in charge.

To understand the ways physical attraction works, all it takes is a little bit of intuition and knowing how people react when they’re next to someone they’re attracted to.

Not everyone reacts the same way when they’re next to someone they find attractive, so there is no easy formula to know if he is drawn to you.

But it takes a little bit of time and watching him to know for sure if there is a strong chemistry going on between the two of you.

Remember that almost 90 percent of communication is based on body language and little signs of affection.

While words can be deceiving, the body never lies. No one can control if they’re going to be nervous next to you, if their palms will sweat or their voice will be higher.

In order to make it easier for you to see what the signs of physical attraction between two people are, we gathered together the most common and obvious ones.

All you have to do now is to pay close attention to their behavior.

Smiling all the time

smiling couple looking each other outside

It’s impossible to contain your smile when you’re with someone who’s attractive to you. It just feels good to be around them.

If you notice someone looking at you with a silly grin on their face, that’s a sign that they’re attracted to you.

We have all experienced the feeling of grinning without any particular reason—it’s not something we do consciously, we just can’t help it.

Pay attention to the way he looks at you, it will tell you much more than his words do.


woman on back of her smiling man

This is one of the most obvious signs that there is an attraction between two people.

They will look for any excuse to touch each other, no matter how lightly it will be.

It can be a pat on the shoulder or back or something more obvious like kissing and hugging.

It can also happen more subtly if they’re still getting to know each other, but it will still be more frequent than it is with other people.

This is especially obvious if you know that the person is not someone who often touches others, while on the other hand, there are people who have to touch you, no matter what the status of your relationship is.

Sweaty palms

woman cleaning palms with paper

Our body’s reaction to nervous situations is sweating. And is there any greater reason to be nervous than when sitting next to someone we find attractive?

If you notice that your palms are sweating around a certain special person, ask yourself why that is so.

And if you notice a certain person who has sweaty palms around you, pay attention to his behavior. Sooner or later, you’ll be sure if he’s attracted to you by looking for these signs.

They seem nervous

couple feeling awkward while sitting on bench in silence

When they seem nervous and keep on fidgeting, that’s a clear sign they’re attracted to you.

When we’re around someone we find attractive, someone who we care about in a certain way, we may feel insecure and less confident.

So, we keep on fidgeting with our fingers, running our hands through our hair and adjusting our clothes all the time.

For example, women will play with their hair, while men will play with their clothes or cellphone.

Pay close attention to what your body’s telling you, because it usually knows your heart’s desires before you do.

Licking their lips

girl with red lipstick lick her lips

If you catch them licking their lips while they’re looking at you, that could be a sign that they’re thinking about using them on you.

Or they will keep touching and playing with them, because they unconsciously manifest where and how they want to be touched. And you’re the one who triggers those needs in them.

Blushing and shyness

shy blonde girl sitting next to guy in blue shirt on a park bench

This one is more common for women, but if there is a huge change of behavior regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman, that’s a sign.

Even the toughest of players can be swept off of their feet when they approach someone they’re highly attracted to.

He will be blushing, stuttering and suddenly acting either shy or extremely confident in front of you, just to impress you.

And when it comes to a woman, blushing is a natural body reaction that happens when they’re with someone they’re attracted to. Blood rushes to their face, making them blush and thus more attractive.

Fixing their appearance

happy smiling girl with red lips wearing stylish red hat

If they are constantly trying to fix their appearance, whether it’s their clothes, hair or make-up, that is a sign they want to look their best for you, even if it’s unconsciously.

And if there is something that won’t just stay in place, for example, a strand of hair, they will soon get frustrated because they are failing at looking perfect for you.

And to be honest, that is the most adorable thing I see in people.

Sharing a comfortable silence

man and woman sitting on the beach during daytime

People with whom you can share comfortable silences are the people you want to keep around.

Whether they’re friends or soon to be lovers, those people are truly precious.

We all had those kinds of dates where the awkward silence eats you up, makes you even more nervous than you already are and eventually ruins the mood completely.

But people who are mutually attracted have no problem in sharing silence, because they enjoy each other’s company already.

If there are no thoughts rushing through your mind when silence comes up, but instead there’s this calm feeling of being understood without even using any words, he’s the one you should choose.


17 Obvious Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People

People who are attracted to each other have their own way of communication.

It’s not something they intentionally do, it’s just them sharing something they can’t share with others.

They tease each other about things only they know about them, and all of the teasing usually relies on inside jokes.

It’s their way of showing everyone that they are sort of an item and making sure that they have each other’s complete attention.


adorable brunette couple smiling while hugging together at home

If he’s lowering his voice when he’s talking to you, it’s because he’s trying to make it more intimate between you two.

That way you will lean closer to him to hear what he’s saying. thus making it easier for him to maybe lean in for a kiss or enjoy your presence or even if he’s not sure whether you like him or not.

Couples who are attracted to each other will always be leaning in closer than those who are not, simply because they gravitate toward each other and share more of an intimate chemistry bond than they do with the rest of the people.

Trying to make each other laugh

smiling couple sitting and looking at each other in cafe

If he’s going out of his way or making a fool out of himself just to see you smile, that’s a sign of attraction.

He’s trying to impress you, so that you would want to spend more time with him. And another important reason is that he honestly enjoys when you smile because of him.

Seeing you laugh and trying to catch a breath because of a joke he said gets him higher than any drug out there.

There’s a reason they say that couples who laugh together, stay together.

Mirroring your movements

blonde woman with blue dress sits next to man with blue tshirt

If you noticed that he’s trying to mimic any of your expressions and movements, that’s a clear sign he’s attracted to you.

They say that couples with great chemistry are like a mirrored version of each other, and that’s basically true.

That’s not something he’s doing on purpose, it’s his body’s way of trying to be like you, because he wants to be with you.

If you’re leaning, he will lean too, if you cross your arms, he will cross them too. If you’re not sure if he’s attracted to you, pay close attention to his movements.

Trying to impress each other

man playing guitar beside smiling girl

You would say that this one is quite obvious, but there are people who always try to impress everyone around them.

Like players who are trained to impress every woman along the way and narcissists who are trying to manipulate you into loving them, so they have someone to praise them other than themselves.

But if you notice that he’s trying to impress you in ways other than just for you to admire his body or career success, that’s a sign that he’s quite serious about you.

If you told him how much you love pandas and the next time you see him he remembers it and he actually did some research about them, that means he listens to you and cares about your passions.

If you mentioned how much you’re looking forward to the new Marvel movie and he bought you tickets for it, do I need to say more? Marry that one!

Honeymoon phase

couple kissing each other around grass field

This one goes for the couples who have been in a relationship for a while longer.

If you notice that they’re still very affectionate with each other, that means that there is still a strong physical attraction in their relationship.

No matter how long they’ve been dating, she still looks at him like he’s the only man alive and he has the most genuine look of awe on his face when she enters the room.

Like with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds; they managed to prolong their honeymoon phase and got the best of both worlds.

Their passion is the same as the first time they met, but it’s accompanied by love, understanding and an emotional connection. If that’s not relationship goals, I don’t know what is.

Not paying attention to other people

back view of couple sitting on top of hill

Couples who are deeply attracted to each other have a habit of shutting down the rest of the world.

If there’s a group of people around them, they will most likely ignore them.

This is specifically obvious if they just met and they don’t seem to notice anyone around them; they’re just trying to understand what’s happening and why it just feels so good to be next to the other one.

And well, this kind of attraction and connection is honestly the best one to look for, because couples who are genuinely in love with each other will never look around for some side action. And if you ask me, there’s nothing sexier than loyalty.

You can’t pull away

boyfriend carrying girlfriend on piggyback

When there’s great chemistry between two people, they are unable to pull away from each other. It’s sort of a drug, really.

You enjoy each other’s company, it feels right to be next to them and they basically feel like a part of you.

Once you’re separated, it feels like something is missing, so you try to make the best of the time you two have and you try to steal as much as time as possible, just to be with them for a little longer.

That’s why couples who just entered a relationship spend so much time together— they’re just addicted to each other and the feeling they get when they’re together.

Body language

woman in man's arm

When we feel attracted to someone and our chemistry matches, our body language changes in order to get their attention and make us more attractive to them.

Most of these actions are something we unconsciously do, the way our body reacts to being attracted to someone.

With so much of communication being based on body language and the little signs of affection that we show each other, it’s important to pay attention to someone’s behavior around us.

Words are important as well, but they mean nothing if actions can’t follow them.

He can promise you the sun and the stars, but can still act like a douchebag around you.

Trust your guts and pay attention to his body language, which manifests differently in men and women.

Male body language is a lot simpler than women’s. When they’re with someone they’re attracted to, their pulse is faster, while their breathing and blood flow are increased.

All of this leads him to acquire a certain level of nervousness, because he’s trying his best to impress you.

Pay attention to his palms and the way he looks at you. He will keep intense eye contact, bite his lips and keep his legs wide open. It’s his body’s way of inviting you closer to him.

He will also do his best to appear stronger, more skillful and more impressive than he is.

He might stutter while doing so, but it’s all because of you and your chemistry that attracted him so madly.

Female body language is a little bit more obvious, because we blush. A lot. We giggle when we’re nervous, play with our hair and keep on crossing our legs all the time.

We do a series of small actions just to keep his focus and attention on us.

We also blink faster and our voice is higher when we’re talking to someone we are attracted to. All of the men who say we are complicated are simply not paying attention.

We are like open books when we’re attracted to someone and there’s nothing we can do about it. Seriously guys, just open your eyes for a change.

17 Obvious Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People