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What Does Prolonged Eye Contact Say About His Feelings Towards You?

What Does Prolonged Eye Contact Say About His Feelings Towards You?

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.” Paulo Coelho

Eyes are truly a mirror of the soul. They tell stories which would normally be left unsaid. They reveal even the best-hidden secrets. That’s why eyes, especially prolonged eye contact is the key to discovering someone’s feelings and intentions. This is especially true for men.

Most men are not so eager to talk about their feelings and put themselves out there, especially in the initial stages of dating or a relationship. That’s why their initial instinct when they catch somebody staring in their eyes is to look away, but if a guy manages to hold eye contact for a longer period of time, there’s definitely something going on there.

If you just started something with a man of few words, prolonged eye contact will do all the talking for him—don’t worry. You just have to read into some obvious signs to be able to determine where you stand with him.

What does prolonged eye contact mean (from a man to a woman)?

1. He is very much interested in you

Locking eyes with a woman is not such an easy game for men. They feel self-conscious while doing it, and they have to be confident and subconsciously sure of their feelings to be able to pull that off. Also, prolonged eye contact is one of the most effective ways to flirt, too. Of course, you won’t be locking eyes all the time, especially if there are other people around. But if your eyes meet and mutual gazing lasts longer than it usually would, there is something more to it. There is a good chance that he is interested.

2. He wants to let you know he is someone you can trust

You wouldn’t trust somebody who can’t even look straight into your eyes, how could you? He will want your full attention especially if it’s something important he has to say. Locking eyes provides a sense of safety. If a man is trustworthy, he will have no problem locking eyes with you. On the other hand, if he is lying, he won’t be able to look into your eyes for very long (if he is not a master manipulator, that is).

3. He feels connected

He felt that instant connection when you guys met and he wants to find out if you felt it, too. He will also look for the answers in your eyes. He wants to know if you are on the same page. If you know each other a bit better, prolonged eye contact will pull you closer together. It will build up trust and allow you to open up to each other more easily.

4. He loves being around you

Spending time with you is one of his favorite things to do and prolonged eye contact is an indicator that he feels comfortable spending time with you. He perceives you as somebody who deserves his undivided attention and he wants to memorize your every word and thought. Maybe the conversation will be a bit slow at first, but in time, it will run smoothly. When he is trying to find the right words to tell you how he feels, he will let his eyes speak for him.

5. He is falling for you

When a man is falling in love, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you and the warm, long look into your eyes will be something he would never miss out on. His sparkly eyes will all at once reflect his interest, desire, attention and affection.

6. He finds you attractive

Staring deeply into each other’s eyes can provoke sexual tension. Prolonged eye contact in certain intimate situations, when you are left alone or you feel like you are the only people in the room, is a clear sign of desire—especially if he is not concentrating on your eyes only. If he checks you out from top to bottom and then takes his time looking in your eyes, he is definitely attracted to you and his imagination is running wild. He definitely hopes yours is too.