Have you ever felt that instant connection with someone that only got deeper and deeper when you got to know them? That one of a kind feeling you get when you think you must’ve known that person in some other life? He or she complements you in a way you never thought possible. That’s emotional attraction. It happens when somebody finds the key to your soul.

Your souls simply recognized one another and connected.

It’s much, much deeper and more intimate than physical attraction will ever be. Physical attraction shouldn’t be disregarded either, but you should always put more trust in emotional attraction. Physical attraction has a tendency to fade away if you don’t share an emotional attraction too.

If you are lucky enough to have both, you probably found the person you are supposed to spend your forever with. The perfect relationship of your life will be with a person you can share both types of attraction.
Emotional attraction could be described as an invisible force from within both of you that is pulling you closer together. Your minds fall in love. Your souls fall in love.

The best way to really explain it is to look for the signs of emotional attraction:

1. The time you spend together is priceless.

You simply like hanging out together so you spend most of your free time together. Not all of it of course; you both have your own life, family, friends, work, and interests. But every second you can steal, you spend together, and you cherish it like it’s something of great value.

It doesn’t have to be some big event, a romantic getaway for two or a candlelit dinner, it can just be simply hanging out, Netflix and chill, stargazing, eating pizza or talking about anything you can possibly think of. The important thing is that you are together and that just their presence makes you feel a joy that cannot be described with words.

2. Your calls, texts or Snapchats don’t have a time limit.

Sometimes it could be a short message in the middle of an overwhelming work day that just makes everything better. Other times it could be a short call just to check up on you or to see when you guys could meet.

Then there are those other times. When one of you is away from town or you just feel the need to talk to them. The days where you text non-stop about everything and nothing. The nights you catch yourself almost falling asleep while hearing his voice on the phone. Those days and nights you just can’t stop yourself from saying basically everything to one another show that even when you are not physically together, you feel the need to connect in some way. It’s never forced, it comes to you naturally.

3. You share the same sense of humor.

8 Signs That You Are Experiencing Emotional Attraction

People oftentimes overlook that but a shared sense of humor proves that your minds operate at the same level. A sense of humor tells a lot about your connection. Humor is intertwined with emotions and if you both have the same sense of humor, you’ll end up with that unbreakable bond everyone searches for.

4. You finish each other’s sentences.

They are not the missing puzzle or the other half of you, they are more like an extension of you. You almost feel like you spend time in their mind or them in yours. It has to be something like that because it seems almost impossible that someone knows you that well from the inside that they are able to finish off your sentences.

It’s not out of this world but it’s amazing nevertheless. It proves that both of you listen to one another, and that you know how the person you care for would think about certain topics. Then again, sometimes you just seem to guess the next thing coming out of their mouth because you were thinking it too.

5. You know each other’s vulnerabilities and strengths.

You find both of them equally attractive. Bearing your soul in front of somebody and allowing them to do the same leaves you naked in more than a literal sense of that word. Opening up to somebody might not be easy but that’s why it is invaluable.

Opening up to somebody means showing that you are vulnerable but it shows immense strength and trust and it gives you closeness. When it comes to signs, this one is the most powerful one, as it stands out and it speaks the loudest.

6. You knock on each other’s doors when in need of advice.

When you are struggling with something, they are the first person you go to for advice. That’s because you share a mutual trust, you are aware that they have your best interests at heart and that they get you in ways nobody else can.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s something big and life-changing or some small bump in the road, what matters is that you went to them first, that you thought of them first. In any case, it demonstrates that their opinion matters a great deal to you.

7. You know each other’s friends and family.

It means you made a spot in your life that’s only theirs to take. That spot is reserved for a person who is so valuable to you that you want them to get to know the people who are important to you. You want them to be close. You want them to get to know the person who bettered your life, the person who makes you happier than you ever thought possible.

8. You like to take care of each other.

Every now and then, you appreciate the person in your life who pampers you. They like to make you happy as much as you like making them happy. Taking care of them more than spoiling them. It’s about being concerned with the other’s well-being, both emotional and physical. It’s about matching their efforts and their goodness. It’s about reciprocating the love. It’s about emotional attraction.