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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Realize You Are A Total Catch

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Realize You Are A Total Catch

1. You assume you’re a 1 when you’re actually a 10

Confidence is the key that leads you to success, both in love and life. You are much more than you think; all you are lacking is more self-love.

Don’t sell yourself short. Establish higher standards when it comes to choosing your partner. If you keep settling for men who don’t value themselves, there is no way they will value you.

As your self-esteem rises, so will your chances of finding love.

2. You pretend like committed relationships don’t mean that much to you

Most men these days are into casual hook-ups, almost relationships and any other form of a relationship that doesn’t assume them getting too attached.

So you say you are OK with that too, that you don’t care much about relationships and that you are good on your own. You are lying to them and to yourself.

Don’t settle for something fleeting when you want someone who stays. Don’t say you don’t want a relationship if you do. Men will take that seriously and they will take you for granted. You are only sabotaging your prospects of finding love.

3. You are going for the wrong guys

You choose to see the good in everyone, especially for someone you have already developed feelings for. That is why you tend to go for the same or similar types of guys.

It’s time you change that. Learn from your past. You are able to notice all the red flags, all you need to do is look with your eyes, not your heart.

Change the pattern, put yourself first for a change, don’t tolerate mistreatment from anybody and whatever you do, never settle for less.

4. You are trying too hard because you don’t see how great you are

You think you always have to give more and work harder to keep a partner by your side. That is why even though your intentions are good, you go over the top. You always bring more to the table than you get.

You get attached too much too soon, you do your best to accommodate another person and make them happy and you disregard your needs in the process. That’s the quickest way for them to take you for granted.

You are doing all of this because you are unable to see how amazing you are. You don’t see how lucky someone would be to have you in their life and it’s time you change that.  

5. You don’t believe you are worthy of love

Maybe it’s your past that made you believe that you are not good enough. That you don’t deserve to be loved.

It’s time to shake all those feelings away because they have nothing to do with reality. Of course you are worthy of love. Just because you haven’t found someone who knows how to give love, this is a totally different thing.

Remember what I said at the beginning: don’t sell yourself short, you are a 10, not 1, and it’s time you see that for yourself. Work on your insecurities and emotional baggage from the past.

The moment you really start loving yourself, everything will turn out for the best.