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What Does His Behavior After Sex Tell About His Feelings For You?

What Does His Behavior After Sex Tell About His Feelings For You?

Most of us women have a tendency to analyze every move of the men we like.

This is especially the case when we are at the beginning of a relationship and when there is sex involved.

What you might not have known is that a guy’s after-sex behavior can tell you a lot about the way he feels about you, and here is what each of his moves might mean.

He wants to cuddle

You know how you get all vulnerable and sensitive after sex? Well guess what—this happens to guys, as well.

Therefore, if your guy wants to cuddle after the sex is over, it is clear that he wants kindness and that sex was not the only thing on his mind.

It shows that you two are not just having sexyou are making love.

This is one of the surefire signs that you were not just another booty call for him.

It is clear that he wants to achieve another level of intimacy with you besides pure physical pleasure.

It is obvious that he finds you attractive, but his fascination with you doesn’t stop after he has reached a climax.

Instead, this man can’t get enough of you. He wants to kiss you and to hold you in his arms, and that is a clear sign of his emotions for you.

He turns his back to you

When you see a man you just had sex with move away from you the second the sex is over, you should see it as a red flag. Does he regret sleeping with you? Why would he move away from you after being intimate?

I won’t lie to you—it can be a bad sign. But it also doesn’t have to mean anything, and you are probably concerned without any reason.

The truth is that not all guys are into cuddling. Many just want a few moments of privacy and peace after sex.

And this is especially the case with a guy you’ve just started sleeping with.

It is possible that he doesn’t want to appear to be a less of a man if he shows you his gentle side.

So instead of wondering why this man turned his back on you, be the one to initiate the cuddling and see how he reacts.

He becomes quiet

There are situations in which men suddenly become quiet after the sex has ended.

And while you might think that he became this way because he wishes he didn’t sleep with you, the truth is quite different.

It is likely that he is just thinking about everything that went on. It is also possible that he is insecure.

He might wonder if he has managed to please you or he might not be satisfied with his performance.

Either way, the point is that your satisfaction is important for him and that can tell you a lot about the way he feels about you.

 He wants to spend the night with you

One of the biggest signs that a man cares about you is the fact that he wants to spend the night together after sleeping with you.

He doesn’t have to be direct about this, but he’ll definitely imply that he is too tired to go home if you guys are at your place or he’ll indirectly invite you to stay over if you are at his place.

This guy obviously doesn’t mind waking up next to you and sharing his personal space with you, and this is a huge sign that he didn’t just want to get into your pants.

He leaves immediately

When a guy leaves your house the moment the sex is over, this can mean different things.

I know the first thought which comes to your mind in this kind of situation is that he just wanted to get laid.

And when he got what he wanted, he wants to walk away from you, as soon as possible. I won’t lie to you—this is one of the possibilities.

But it is also possible that he has a big day ahead of him, that he needs to wake up early to go to work and that he doesn’t have everything he needs with him.

If you want to figure out the real truth, follow his behavior for a longer period of time. If this only happened once, there is nothing for you to worry about.

But if this man has never spent a night with you, it is possible that you have a problem, and that he is just using you for sex.