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5 Tips On How To Dodge A Fuckboy

5 Tips On How To Dodge A Fuckboy

A fuckboy is a man who wants to be with everyone he lays his eyes on. He is a player who wants to be with a woman only for her body. He is a total ass. He will play you like a fool.

He will sell himself as the cutest and most beautiful man in the world. He will try to convince you he wouldn’t hurt a fly, that he is that good.

A fuckboy is cunning and sneaky. He will feed you the exact words you want to hear. He will see right through you to reveal your soft spots and then he will attack.

He will use everything he’s got just to get what he wants. And after he is done, he will spit you out like used gum because you meant nothing to him.

You were only one in hundreds that he has tried to have his way with.

He doesn’t succeed every time, but even the smartest and the best girls get fooled and, let’s say, enchanted under his evil spells.

He will lie right to your face. He will tell you he loves you even though he doesn’t mean it and he won’t feel guilty. He won’t care that he broke you. He will only move on to the next one.

Fuckboys are everywhere and you can’t stop yourself from meeting them. You will stumble upon at least one in your lifetime and he will try to destroy you.

Be smart enough to keep him at a distance. Be smart enough to save yourself the pain and the tears.

Here are some tips on how to dodge that dangerous bullet, how to dodge a fuckboy:

Block them out of your life

Maybe this method seems a bit too much, but when you think about the fact that your future and your happiness are at stake, nothing is too much.

You have to block these men from your life completely. Block them on all social media, block them on your phone. Make it impossible for them to contact you.

Make yourself completely invisible. Also, if this doesn’t work and they find you or accidentally meet you in the street, act like they are not there.

Act like they don’t exist and just walk by them. This will give them the hint that you don’t want to have anything at all to do with them and they will move on.

Stop thinking that you need someone to be happy

You were brought into this world alone and you will die alone. My point is that you have to be enough for yourself.

You have to love yourself the most because in the end, you are the one who matters the most. Stop trying to fill the void with men at any cost, as that is when you fall for a fuckboy.

They sense the moment when you lower your expectations because you are vulnerable and they attack you.

Work on yourself and be happy by yourself. When you succeed in that, you will meet someone who is worth every inch of you.

Don’t fall for ‘killer’ talk

Try to be picky. Don’t fall for the first guy who tries to seduce you. Don’t fall for the sweet talk and false promises.

Explore some more and see what is out there. But to be picky, you have to have self-esteem. Don’t beat yourself up by thinking that you don’t deserve a nice guy or that you can’t get one.

You are beautiful no matter what and there is someone out there for you. There is someone who will love every inch of your body, someone who will show you off to the world.

Don’t waste your chance of meeting him because you are stuck on a fuckboy who will use you and toss you away.

Listen to your friends

If you are caught up in a relationship with a fuckboy, listen to your friends. Don’t think they want to interfere because they are jealous; they are your friends and they want what’s best for you.

They want to see you happy and if they have seen right through your fuckboy, they are going to tell you the truth, whether you like it or not.

Don’t be blinded by him and don’t let him distance you from your friends because his manipulations are designed to isolate you and make you listen only to him.

Go with your gut

Women really have that sixth sense when it comes to things, especially men. Don’t force yourself into liking someone just because it seems right at the time.

If you have that feeling, even the slightest one, that something is not as it should be, don’t ignore it.

Listen to your intuition because you subconsciously protect yourself from d-bags and sneaky bastards like them.

Listen to your mind from time to time, because the heart doesn’t always have to be right.