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6 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

6 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

Women have this magic power to drive men crazy, no matter whether it is in a good or in a bad way. At the end of the day, men go crazy for us.

When I was talking with my male friends, they mentioned how women do so many attractive things that we are not even aware of.

After a while of talking with them, I realized that some of those things are completely random and I would have never guessed that those things are attractive to them.

That is why, for my fellow women out there, to make you realize how amazing you are and to be more aware of how you are actually getting all the attention of men, without you even knowing, here are all those attractive things you are doing that seemed to be just regular things to you.

When you walk with your head held high

It is not arrogant to love yourself! While you are walking with your head held high like you own the world, a man is looking at you and admiring you for sure!

When a woman is walking like she is insecure and anxious for some reason, men can only assume that she isn’t interested in any kind of communication, nor is she someone they would approach, for insecurity simply is not attractive.

But if we are talking about a woman who is walking while she is proud of herself, her shoulders held back and her eyes pointed at her target, she can be sure to attract some looks.

When you take the lead in certain situations

Although men like to play the alpha in relationships, like they own the place and they are the ones who are asked for anything, there are still times when they find it to be extremely attractive when girls take the lead.

To be honest, there is something sexy about an empowered woman who has the guts to cut the crap when a man is being too childish and immature.

When you are really excited about something

It’s sexist to say that a woman needs to smile and be happy because that makes her more beautiful and so on.

But seeing a woman be excited isn’t sexist at all! It means that a man truly cares if you are happy in your life and what is surrounding you.

When you’re excited about something that happened, he sees that you care about something, especially if it is something related to your relationship.

A moment of your happiness and excitement for something that he has done for you or something that is happening in your life is more attractive to him than make-up or a nice dress.

When you are ‘looking comfy’

To look ‘comfortable’ in a man’s eyes means that you are in your pajamas, surrounded by pillows and blankets, eating your favorite ice cream and watching TV.

You look so fragile and cute when you are in this state, simply because you are putting your guard down, all for him.

You are in your ‘natural habitat’, you are showing him the ‘every day you’ without any mask and hiding nothing from him.

It’s like you are sharing with him a very intimate moment and it’s not sex. That really is attractive.

When you are asking for help

In a world of strong, independent women, and men who have been told that they need to protect women, it’s very hard to find balance.

When you go to him and ask him to help you reach something or help you open a jar, he will feel like a real man and if a woman can make him feel that then she is the most attractive person in his eyes.

You didn’t even know that it was something that was interesting to him or a turn-on, you might have just needed help, but he will for sure feel more attracted to you.

When you are there for them

We can all agree on the fact that we are all attracted to people who show us that we can count on them.

The same goes for guys! They find a woman to be extremely attractive simply for the fact that she was there for them when they were sick.

If you take care of him for a while when he truly needs you, that will mean the world to him.