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6 Easy Ways To Make Your Make-Out Sessions More Intimate

6 Easy Ways To Make Your Make-Out Sessions More Intimate

Making out is a great way to express your passion, your feelings and to create a stronger bond with your (potential) partner.

It helps you explore each other’s bodies and moves, and it is a sure measure of the chemistry between two people .

But, do you know what is more powerful than a (regular) make-out session?

A hot make-out session where your two bodies and spirits burn with desire and warmth.

Believe me, there is nothing more powerful than a deeply intimate make-out session to make you feel like you’re the last two humans in the world.

And you can have it, too!

You don’t have to apply for a course on how to improve your make-out sessions, and you certainly don’t have to be a pro (which no one really is).

All you need to do is try these 6 easy ways that will help you make your make-out sessions more intimate and romantic!

Sweeten the session

Make your make-out session more intimate and sensual by eating some sweets like strawberries, bananas, and chocolates.

These are powerful aphrodisiacs that will drive your partner crazy once they taste them in your mouth.

If you want to spice it up a little bit, you can eat those sweets in front of your partner (and enjoy watching them drool before you decide to share it with them).

Also, you can sweeten the session with some sweet wine as well and excitedly watch where your boiling passion will lead you.

Make deep eye contact


Many partners forget this little but most important thing when it comes to make-out sessions.

Making deep eye contact with your partner will do wonders, and it will literally connect your two beings into one.

You know what they say: “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” So, why not use them to show your partner how you really feel about them?

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Start slow


I know that it’s hard to control yourself when you’re really attracted to someone both physically and mentally, but starting slow is really important if you want to make your make-out session more intimate and romantic.

I think there’s no need to explain the charms of observing every inch of your partner’s body, slowly moving toward them, gently touching their hair… (you fill in the rest).

Tease and tickle


Do you think that playing hard-to-get is not possible while making out, too? Yes, it is (and I knew you would agree with me).

To make your make-out session more intimate, tease your partner by whispering something innocently sexy in their ear, bite your lower lip or tickle them in a playful way.

All of these sensations will awaken their senses, and your partner won’t be able to control themselves any longer.

Their desire to kiss you will be stronger than anything (and that’s exactly our little intention, right?).

Rough it up a little


Rough elements in a make-out session can be real triggers to great intimacy between two people. But, the accent is on “a little”.

Overdoing it will only result in a counter-effect, and you certainly don’t want that to happen.

Running your fingernails along their back or their arms or passionately pulling their hair away will do the trick and make your partner thirsty for more.

Also, remember to watch them in the eye while doing all of this!

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Build anticipation


Anticipation, anticipation… It is the key to keeping things exciting and romantic for as long as you desire and, most importantly, to keeping your partner wanting more.

When you want more and more, you subconsciously create an invisible smoke of pure desire, and your passion reaches its climax.

So, to build anticipation that will make your make-out session more intimate and romantic, all you need to do is retreat for a few seconds during a session.

Kiss each other passionately , then initiate a mini pause for a few seconds, and during that time, look each other deeply in the eye.

I think I don’t have to demonstrate what might happen next once your passion comes to the point of an explosion. (Now, I think it’s time to finish this because it’s getting really hot in here.)

Remember just to relax, enjoy every second of your make-out session, and, as always, go with the flow!

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