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6 Red Flag Signs You Are Dating A Fuckboy

6 Red Flag Signs You Are Dating A Fuckboy

Before I start to write anything I just want to make something clear. I want to know if you know the real definition of a fuckboy?

If not, listen to mine: A fuckboy is a big-time player whose only goal is to lead girls on so he could get into their panties, and then leave them after he gets what he wants.

It is not so rare nowadays to spot a fuckboy, so if you look a little bit closer, you will see them coming in all shapes and sizes.

He does all kinds of shit that pisses off the population of the Earth all the time.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is that you should run away from a man like this if you see that he is leading you on.

To help save you from tears here are 6 red flag signs that you are dating a fuckboy who doesn’t deserve you!

He says that he loves you and disappears after he sleeps with you

This is one of the most obvious signs that you are dealing with an asshole.

He said that he loved you just to get his dick wet and after he got what he wanted, he left you all broken and alone.

He was just your soulmate in disguise and by listening to all his sweet talk, you actually bought his story about infinite love.

Poor girl, hope that you have learned your lesson and that you will never do something like this again.

He doesn’t know how to listen to you

When the two of you talk, he just nods his head to anything you say but he never asks further questions. Instead, he talks about himself all the time.

He shows off with his clothes, his abilities, his successful career and all those women waiting in line to have sex with him. Really?

Do you still want to listen to this gross stuff or do you want to find a man who will talk to you in a clean and direct way?

I hope you do because, girl, this fuckboy doesn’t deserve a woman like you.

He asks you to do things for him before you even get to know him

If the two of you are yet to get to know each other and he asks you to sleep with him on a first date, it is a big red flag. That man just wants to explore your body but not your soul.

In fact, he only wants to satisfy his needs and after he gets what he wants, he will just fade away like he had never been there.

He talks to you in a way like you owe him something. Listen, you know him for only 2 days so you owe him shit.

And remember that he is only a fuckboy who is only trying to lead you on. So, don’t let him make a fool out of you—Stand up for yourself.

Because if you don’t do that, you can be damn sure that he won’t.

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His friends don’t have a clue about you

Let’s face it—if you mean something to him he would probably have told his friends about you.

If you see his friends but they don’t have a clue about you, you can bet that you are dating a fuckboy.

It means that you are not as important to him as you thought and all he wants from you is some head and a one-way ticket.

He never posts photos of you being together on social media

And you are still wondering if he is a good boy?

No, he is bad to the bone asshole who doesn’t want other girls to see that he has a girlfriend because then he won’t be able to hit on them.

That’s why you will always be a secret who he visits secretly in hotel rooms and leaves after he gets what he wants.

Yes, you will become his slave but only if you let him.

He always has those fucking excuses

I mean, every man will make excuses here and there but a fuckboy is a master in making them.

No, that lipstick on his shirt is not from the other girl—it is just pasta sauce that couldn’t be washed.

And no, he wasn’t checking out that Latino-hot-big-ass-and-more-bigger boobs-attractive-girl—he was just looking at the cute dog that was walking next to her.

Don’t ever buy this shit. In this way, he is making you less worthy and that is not something that you deserve.