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6 Sex Positions That Make You ‘Get There’ Easier

6 Sex Positions That Make You ‘Get There’ Easier

The female orgasm is not that easy to accomplish. It takes a lot of work, but the result is totally worth it. Also, the anatomy of every female body is different and not all things work the same for everyone.

If you’re smart, you’ll explore your body before you let someone else do it and from that, you’ll know exactly what works for you and what gets your motor running. You’ll know exactly how to position yourself and which spots do the magic.

But in addition to this, there are a few sex positions that will work like a charm every time. Try them and see if you’re getting there much faster and easier. Hint: you definitely will.

The Doggy style

a man fucks a woman from behind

Not only this sex position is good for him, it’s perfect for you, too. The only trick is that you have to position your body in a way that your partner hits the G-spot. Once you find that position, you’ll orgasm fast and easy.

Try also bending your arms and resting your head on the bed when he is behind you.

It will make the penetration deeper and thus, if hit in the right spot, your orgasm faster and easier.

Also, another way of doing this is for you to kneel on the end of the bed and your partner to stand beside it. You’re up for an even deeper penetration and quicker orgasm, of course, if you love that kind of sex.

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The Missionary style

the woman put her feet on his shoulders as he fucked her

It’s the simplest sex position, but when our partner knows what he’s doing, it can sure be the best one to orgasm easier and faster.

In order to hit your G-spot, your partner should put something under your back, so your pelvis is tilted and your G-spot is easier to reach.

Or he can put your legs over his shoulders and an orgasm is guaranteed. Warning: This can hurt a bit, so if you’re not ready for full penetration, don’t do it.

The Cowgirl style

the man lies on the woman

Being on top is the most interesting position for a woman because she can have all the control she wants.

If you want him to go in deep or shallow, it’s up to you to decide. If you want to be perfectly still, you can.

The catch is that while you’re on top, your clitoris is being stimulated thus making you orgasm faster.

Also, it’s perfect for him because you can bend over and kiss him, you can stand up straight so he can look at your gorgeous body or he can grab you from behind in the heat of the moment. All options are available and pleasure is guaranteed.

The Flat Iron

a man kisses a woman on the neck

This works in a way that you lay on your stomach and your partner is on top of you.

Now, you can put a pillow underneath your belly to put your back up a bit, but you don’t have to if it’s in your way.

Your partner can perfectly hit your G-spot from behind and give you vaginal pleasure.

This position is perfect because it works when you want to have gentle and intimate sex as well as when you want to be rough.

When intimate, your partner can lay on your back and kiss you slowly and hug you while you’re doing it.

But if you want it rough, he can pull your hair and hold you on the back of your shoulders in the heat of the moment. Whatever works for you.

The Up And Over

the woman sits in the man's lap

It’s similar to missionary but a lot more fun. Lay on your back, lift your hips (you can put a pillow under your back), put down your shoulders and hold your partner around his waist. Lift your legs on his shoulders. You’ll have the most mind-blowing orgasm you’ve ever had.

This position allows your partner to penetrate deeper which is an enormous pleasure for the both of you.

The Sweet Spoons

a man kisses a woman on the back

If you are in a longer relationship, emotional attachment plays a huge role in having an orgasm.

Then, it’s ideal to try the sweet spoon position. Just lie on the bed on your side with your partner right behind you.

This provides constant stimulation which easily leads to an orgasm.

Also, this pose is not made for deep penetration, but his hands are free and near to your clitoris. Make him use them the best he can.

6 Sex Positions That Make You 'Get There' Easier