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6 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

6 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

No matter how hard you try to fight it and how repulsed you are with this fact, it may happen that a married man falls for you without you ever sending him any signals or giving him any hope. Therefore, if you think that there is a married guy who may have some feelings for you, here are 6 signs you are absolutely right.

1. He is jealous

One of the signs a married man is in love with you is his jealousy; married men are no exception to this rule. But the main difference between a married man and a single man lies in the fact that a married man knows he is not your partner and that he is taken, so he is aware that he doesn’t have the right to publicly display his jealousy. Therefore, it is likely for this guy to be subtle about this. He will indirectly ask you about your love life, he will be interested to know if you are single and if you are not, he will do everything in his power to talk badly about your partner.

2. He wants to spend as much as time with you as possible

Every man who is married knows that he can’t simply ask you out on a date. It would be inappropriate for him to initiate his true intentions. But he is in love with you and it is natural that he wants to spend time with you and stay close to you, so he constantly makes excuses to talk to you or to make any kind of contact with you. He always has something he has to ask you or something he needs your help with and is always trying to initiate communication with you. Besides, you keep seeing him in all the places he knows you often visit but you think that you are just imagining things. Well, let me tell you that you are not—this man is definitely head over heels for you.

3. He is being too polite

One of the signs that a married man is in love with you but he is fighting his feelings for you, is that he is acting too friendly whenever he’s around you. At first, you were convinced that he was only being polite and you were happy you had someone like him around you. But as time went by, you started questioning his real intentions. Whenever you are in trouble, this man is the first one to help you. He is constantly doing you favors, even though you don’t ask him to. He is the first one to offer to give you a lift home or to call you when you are sick, wondering if you need something. He doesn’t forget your birthday and he always makes sure he remembers you on important holidays. You keep telling yourself that he just wants to be friends but deep down, you know that this is not the truth.

4. He talks to you about his marriage

Another not so obvious sign of a married man’s love for you is the fact that he talks to you about his marriage but not in a good way. It is likely that this guy is feeling guilty for his feelings for you and he is aware that you’ve noticed that he looks at you as a woman, so he wants to justify his emotions to both himself and you. Therefore, he will open up to you, trying to tell you that his marriage is just a formality and that he doesn’t love his wife anymore. He will keep telling you how unhappy he is with her and that he simply doesn’t know what to do. Of course, all of this is lies and a part of his tactic to get inside your pants.

5. He never mentions his marriage

While some men use the tactic to talk trash about his wife and their marriage, others use a completely different one. Some act like they are not even married and never mention their marriage or wife. These men live a parallel life in their head and they are probably a perfect husband at home. But as soon as they leave their doorstep, they get inside the role of a bachelor and a player. They don’t wear their wedding ring and pretend like there is nothing holding them back from approaching other women.

6. He wants to be physically near you

Another obvious sign that can tell you if a man is powerfully attracted to you is his efforts to be physically near you. Of course, married men are the same, even if they try to fight it. This means that this guy will do whatever it takes just to be close to you. Whenever you are with a group of people, he will sit right next to you and when the two of you talk, he will use every opportunity to touch your hand or knee, while he is telling you something. When he sees you, he will always hug you and kiss you on the cheek.