If it ever crossed your mind that a married man is in love with you but you shook off that feeling, I will just tell you that you were right .

It wasn’t something that was in your head only because married men can try to find someone for fun only.

Maybe they are not happy in marriage or maybe they are going through a midlife crisis.

Those men will use all means necessary to get into your pants and when they get what they want, they will just leave.

That’s why you need to be smarter than them and show them that you not so easy and that they will have to go the extra mile if they want to be with you.

No woman wants to be the second choice and you shouldn’t accept to be one as well.

If he truly wants to be with you and if all those romantic stories about being with you are real, tell him to show what his real intentions are.

Tell him that you are not someone who falls for sweet words only, but that he needs to prove you his love for you with actions.

Anyway, if you are not quite sure that a married man is in love with you, I suggest you check these sure signs to find out what his real intentions are.

1. He looks at you differently

two female and one male talking on street

If you are wondering if a married man is in love with you and if he wishes to have an extramarital affair with you, the first thing you should pay attention to is the way he looks at you.

This guy probably won’t have the courage to confess his feelings for you in the beginning but he won’t be able to control how he looks at you when he is around you.

When you enter the room and when he sees you, you’ll see it in his eyes that his day has just become a lot better.

If this man is in love with you, he will probably look you deep in the eyes, trying to read something from your look.

He acts like he hides his feelings for you but deep down, he hopes you’ll figure things out for yourself. And when he looks at you, he wants to see your reaction.

He is looking for any sign that you feel the same way about him. Besides, you will catch this guy staring at you more than once. He is simply enchanted by you and he can’t get enough of you.

Another possibility is that this man will always look away whenever the two of you make direct eye contact.

If this is the case, it is obvious that he doesn’t want you to know about his feelings and that he is running away from them as well.

2. He doesn’t have a ring on whenever he is with you

close up photo of man hands with ring

So, you know that this guy is married. And when you see his social media photos, he always has his wedding ring on.

But whenever he is with you, it is like his ring has suddenly disappeared and you keep wondering why that is so.

If this guy is in love with you, he probably feels guilty about it. He is also scared that his wife will find out about his feelings.

When he has his wedding ring on, it serves him as a reminder that he is a married man who shouldn’t allow himself to catch any romantic feelings for some other woman, because of his wife.

Besides, when he has his ring on, he feels like he has a part of his wife together with him.

This ring probably makes him think of her and everything he is doing and that is the last thing he wants.

But when he takes the ring off, it helps him forget his status and he subconsciously thinks he is free to court you.

Another possibility is that he doesn’t take his ring off when he is with you but that he constantly plays with it without even being aware of it.

If he does that, it is probable that he hasn’t reached a decision about if to act on his feelings for you just yet.

3. He wants to be close to you

smiling man and woman looking at phone while sitting outside

If someone has feelings for you, his body language will be the first thing that will give him away.

One of the signs that a married man is in love with you is the physical contact he tries to have with you all the time.

If you encounter this man at work or in a group of friends, he will make sure to sit or stand next to you.

When he talks to you, he will touch your shoulder or your hand and when the two of you greet, he will want to hug you or at least kiss you on the cheek.

He mimics your moves and he always stands with his feet directed toward you.

This man obviously has a secret crush on you but he is aware of his marital status and is not sure if he stands a chance with you.

However, his body has an urge to be close to you and to touch you and he can’t control it.

Besides, he wants you to get used to having him close to you, because he hopes that will make you fall in love with him.

4. He opens up to you

man and woman sitting at cafe

If a married man is falling in love with you and especially if he wants to act on it, he is very well aware that his feelings are not something he should be proud of.

So, he will do whatever is in his power to justify himself. Therefore, he will probably talk to you about his marriage.

He will open up to you about all the alleged problems he’s been having with his wife for years.

He will tell you that the two of them don’t share any common interests or goals.

He will lie to your face that he hasn’t been intimate with her for years. According to him, he is almost single and the only thing that connects him with his wife is a worthless piece of paper.

He presents his marriage as a formality, because he wants you to think that he would leave his wife in no time, if you just gave him a chance.

This man will open up to you about other things as well. He will talk to you about his past, and his dreams, hopes and desires.

But be careful as none of it is probably true, he is only telling you everything you want to hear.

Of course, it is unlikely that he’ll be frank about his intentions with you.

Instead of confessing his feelings to you, he will tell you that there is no one who understands him and that he just needs someone to hear him out.

He has found a friend, a shoulder to cry on, in you but actually, his only goal is to get under your skin so that you grow feelings for him before you know it.

5. He tries to be witty and charming around you

smiling couple in nature

Every man knows that the best way to win over a girl’s heart is by making her smile.

And this man, being married, has a lot of experience, so he knows the power of humor as well.

Therefore, he will go out of his way to make you laugh and to present himself as witty and as charming as possible.

Whenever the two of you are with a group of people and he is the one telling a story or a joke, he will only look at you while doing so. Your reaction is the only thing that matters to him.

He wants you to stop perceiving him as this serious, married man, but instead as an amusing, interesting guy.

6. He tries to look good in front of you

man and woman talking outside

It is perfectly natural that we all want our loved ones to see us in the best possible light.

It’s the same with this man who is in love with you, despite the fact that he is married.

Whenever he knows he is about to see you, he will be dressed the best way possible and he will make sure he smells good.

When this man is around you, he will constantly adjust his tie or hair and he will probably do it subconsciously.

7. He acts too friendly

couple talking in front of lake

There exist men who are true gentlemen in all situations. It is in their nature to be polite to every woman who crosses their path and it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that they have feelings for these women.

But if a married man goes out of his way to meet your needs, it is a sign that you mean something more to him.

This guy will take care of you, he will be worried about if you are OK in every situation.

He will worry whether you have had enough sleep, if you are tired or if there is something bothering you.

This man wants to protect you and to show you that you have his support, no matter what.

Of course, it is possible that he is just being friendly and polite but if he puts in extra effort to take care of you, it is probably because he is in love with you and he does it in order to gain your love.

He wants for you to perceive him as a reliable man who will never leave your side.

This guy will show you this in numerous ways; he’ll start with little things, like being the first one to offer you a ride home and bigger things such as helping you with more serious life issues.

It is likely that he doesn’t know how to get closer to you, so he wants you to perceive him as a friend and he wants to become the first person you’ll call whenever you are in trouble.

8. He makes excuses to talk to you and to see you

couple standing outside in front of each other

When someone has romantic feelings for you, it is perfectly normal that this person wants to spend as much as time with you as possible.

But when that someone happens to be married, he knows he can’t just ask you out as if he were single.

Therefore, one of the signs a married man is in love with you is his excuses to make any kind of contact with you.

This guy will use every opportunity he gets to talk to you or to be near you.

He will try to initiate any kind of communication with you. He’ll probably start with some casual topics and small talk, with the intention of deepening that communication.

This man is interested in you and he wants to get to know you better and at the same time, he wants you to get to know him.

Besides, he will always have an excuse as to why the two of you need to see each other.

He’ll offer you his help just to spend time with you and he’ll ask for yours.

If he is truly, deeply in love with you, it is possible for him to start showing up at places where he expects to see you.

This man doesn’t want to be out of your sight, because he hopes that you’ll fall in love with him if he becomes a part of your life.

9. He is interested in your love life

man and woman at weeding party

If you are in friendly relations with a guy who is married, it is normal that the topic of your love life comes into question.

This man might give you a piece of his mind or some relationship advice from a male point of view, but that is more than enough.

If he sees you only as a friend, it is not probable that he will be the one mentioning your love life, until you do so.

But if this guy has some more-than-friendly feelings for you, he will show enormous interest in your love life.

He wants to know if you are single and if you are, he wants to know what type of guys you prefer.

If you happen to be in a relationship, he will want to know all the details regarding it.

It is obvious that he hopes to hear you complain about your relationship and he sees it as a chance for him to act on his feelings.

10. He shows jealousy

man look jealous while woman speaking on her phone

One of the signs a married man is in love with you is his jealousy. This guy knows that he is not your partner and that he is married, so he is aware that he can’t show his jealousy regarding you.

But he is so madly in love with you that he simply can’t hide it, as much as he tries to.

He feels threatened by every guy who comes near you and he acts overly-protective when that happens, as if you were his girlfriend.

Whenever you mention a guy who is your potential boyfriend, he doesn’t fail to mention all of his flaws, implying that you deserve better.

If you are in a relationship, he will constantly point out all the negative aspects of it and he’ll try to convince you that you should break up with him.

While doing all of this, he obviously doesn’t reveal his true intentions for you.

Instead, he tries to convince you that he is just giving you friendly pieces of advice and nothing more but it is an obvious sign of his feelings for you.

10 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You And That He Plans To Act On It