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6 Signs He’s Just A Temporary Fix But Not The Cure For Your Brokenness

6 Signs He’s Just A Temporary Fix But Not The Cure For Your Brokenness

For some people, entering a new relationship after experiencing a devastating heartbreak is just the thing to do. And you’re one of them.

Ever since you’ve met this new guy you’re currently dating, it seems that you’ve forgotten all about your ex. Now, he is nothing more than a distant memory and you feel more alive than ever.

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but have you ever asked yourself if this man is really what you need to heal properly? Is this a rebound relationship which is making you feel good at the moment or a man you need to erase your scars?

Is he a temporary fix or a permanent cure for your emotional brokenness?

Well, we’re here to help you and to answer all of your questions. Here are 6 signs that your current boyfriend is not your healer, even though you’re enjoying being with him now.

1. He gives you butterflies

There is no doubt about one thing—you’re head over heels for this guy. He gives you that butterfly feeling in your stomach every time he kisses you and you’re excited when you’re about to see him.

You can’t help yourself but constantly think about this man. You miss him when he’s not around and you have trouble sleeping, eating and daydreaming about him.

With him, you feel like you’re on top of the world and you have trouble breathing properly.

2. But he doesn’t make you calm

On the other hand, he is not the type of guy who brings peace to your life. He is not someone whose hand you can hold, without saying a word for the entire night and feeling perfectly OK.

This is not the guy who is a cure for your craziness and drama and not the man who can make you calm. Instead, everything with him is a roller coaster of emotions.

3. The sex is great

When it comes to sex, everything is beyond your wildest dreams. The physical attraction between you two is amazing and you guys clicked from the first moment.

He is everything you’ve been looking for in a sexual partner and it seems that the two of you are perfectly compatible in the bedroom. The sex is never boring and you’re always experimenting with new things.

The best part is that he isn’t selfish when it comes to your pleasure. This man is ready to make all of your fantasies come true and never gives up until both of you are fully pleased.

4. But the communication is lousy

However, you can’t say that the communication outside the bedroom is on the same level as well. On the contrary, when you think about it honestly, there is really nothing you can talk to this guy about.

It’s not that he refuses to listen to you or that he has poor communication skills – it’s just that you have little common ground. Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable opening up to him and exposing your vulnerabilities in front of him?

Of course, you two talk about everyday stuff. There is some small talk but you rarely talk about the real deep things that are bothering you.

You rarely talk to him about your broken parts, as if you’re afraid that he won’t cherish them enough. Or maybe you assume he wouldn’t understand you.

5. You enjoy the present

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you’re ever bored next to this man. On the contrary, every minute you spend by his side is interesting and exciting.

When you’re together, you don’t think about the past or the future. You enjoy the present moment to the fullest.

6. But you don’t plan a future with him

Even though living like this sounds tempting, it’s time to ask yourself why you keep running from the idea of having a future next to this man. If you are honest enough, you’ll see that you can’t picture yourself growing old with him.

You can’t imagine the two of you when these initial butterflies fly away and when you get stuck in the rut of everyday life. If this is the case, one thing is clear—you’re in love but you don’t love him.