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4 Reasons Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

4 Reasons Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

You think that falling in love is scary. You’re letting yourself be led by something you can’t control – your emotions. 

Also, you’re opening up to a completely new person. You’re letting them in your life without holding yourself back; you’re putting yourself out there. 

You risk being hurt and having your heart broken. And that is something that we’re all afraid of, whether we’d like to admit it or not. 

On the other hand, you think that falling out of love is always relieving. That this feeling of turning a new page of your life equals emotional, physical, and mental liberation.

Well, think again. The process of falling out of love is everything but that. In fact, in most cases, it’s scarier than falling in love. Here is why. 

1. It is something nobody wants

4 Reasons Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

Let’s face it. No matter where you stand in life right now, we all want to fall in love at one point.

Currently, you might be running away from that thought due to previous painful experience, but the truth is that one of the ultimate goals of every person alive is, among others, to find romantic love.

When that happens, nobody thinks about the end. Instead, all of us like to assume and hope that every relationship we enter into will last a lifetime. That every time we fall in love, it will be forever. 

You’re not expecting your romance to end when you’re starting it. You don’t put an expiration date on your relationship and your feelings. 

However, sadly, things don’t always end up the way we want and imagine them to. Sometimes, you fall out of love, despite that being the last thing you planned. 

And that makes all of it even scarier – the fact that it hits us, contrary to our desires. The way it is something we can’t control and something we never wish for. 

2. You’re hurting yourself and the other person

4 Reasons Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

Falling out of love is never a piece of cake and it is everything but easy. Instead, it is painful for both the person experiencing it and the person being left behind. 

When you’re falling in love, you never expect things to fall apart. You are not doing it, consciously knowing that you’re soon to hurt both yourself and the person you loved so dearly until now.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the reversed process, everything is different. It is a process of heartbreak that cannot be avoided. 

Maybe your relationship is theoretically perfect, but you simply don’t feel anything for your significant other. If this is the case, then you feel guilty for allowing yourself to fall out of love with someone who didn’t deserve it. 

You feel guilty for not being able to control the fact that you have to shatter their heart into pieces. And knowing that shatters yours too. 

When you’re forcing yourself to fall out of love with someone you know 

doesn’t deserve your heart, it also hurts. It hurts knowing that you need to let go, that you must walk away, that you have to kill all of your emotions. 

3. You question everything you knew

4 Reasons Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

When you’re falling out of love, you start questioning yourself, your romantic partner, your entire relationship, and everything you once knew about love. 

Are you doing the right thing? Or you’re making the mistake of your life?

Is this just a phase? Or is everything you’ve felt for your partner really forever gone?

All of these questions are making you anxious, depressed and nervous. Most importantly, they’re making you doubt your own sanity and decision-making skills. 

4. You’re leaving your comfort zone

4 Reasons Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

It doesn’t matter if you were happy in love or not, throughout the years, this feeling has become familiar to you. It has become a part of who you are and now you have to leave it behind. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re falling out love after a long term relationship or with someone who’s never loved you back, the point is pretty much the same.

This feeling that overwhelmed you for years and has become your comfort is now gone and you have to keep on going without it. 

You have to reinvent yourself and figure out life without these emotions that so often guided you.

4 Reasons Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love