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6 Signs You Are Too Picky When It Comes To Men

6 Signs You Are Too Picky When It Comes To Men

Are you one of those girls who can’t find any luck in love but doesn’t know what the problem is?

You know that you are smart, beautiful and that you have a lot to offer but the right guy is nowhere to be found.

Everyone is wondering how come you are always single and you started asking yourself the same question. Still, you can’t seem to find the answer.

Has it ever occurred to you that you might be too selective when it comes to dating?

I am not saying that you shouldn’t have deal-breakers or that you should settle for less just to not be alone but is it possible that your standards are set too high?

Have you ever asked yourself if you are too picky when it comes to men? Here are 6 signs you definitely are.

1. You have unrealistic expectations

One of the first signs that you are too picky when it comes to dating is the fact that you probably have unrealistic expectations. Men have deal-breakers and so should you but you can’t expect every guy you meet to be flawless.

You have this Mr. Perfect all built up in your head and you are not ready to settle for anything less.

But if you hope to have a happy dating life, sooner or later you’ll need to accept that you won’t find a man who will meet every standard that you have.

2. You look at relationships as equations

If you hope to have a successful relationship anytime soon, the first thing you need to realize is that love is not math.

You can’t have a list of all the qualities you expect your potential boyfriend to have, because nothing in life is black and white.

Every person, including all the guys you encounter, has different qualities which cannot be described with one list.

Another thing that might prevent you from finding your Mr. Right is coming up with a list of pros and cons for every guy you meet.

Somehow, the cons always outweigh the pros and you end up crossing this guy off your list. Although it is great to be realistic even when it comes to love, by doing this, you never allow yourself to be spontaneous.

The most important thing about a guy is the way he makes you feel. Sometimes, going with the flow is the best thing that can happen to you.

3. You focus on the negative sides

When it comes to life in general, and this goes for relationships as well, you should always look on the bright side of things.

If you meet a guy and just think about his flaws and everything that could go wrong between you two, you are just preventing yourself from being happy.

So instead of doing this, try to think about all the positive qualities a man has.

4. You get easily annoyed by little things

We all know that happiness consists of small things and that is true but have you ever thought that you might be misinterpreting this notion?

You’ll never find a man who suits you in everything and every man you meet will have some personality traits or things regarding his looks which you don’t like.

But if you obsess over the things that annoy you about him, such as his eyebrows, the way he chews gum or the way he smiles, it is a definite sign that you are too picky and it is something you need to work on.

Do you really want to allow something irrelevant to ruin your potential happiness with a guy?

Trust me, if you like everything else about him, you’ll learn to love these little things that annoyed you at first.

5. You judge everyone in the beginning

Another mistake that you might be making when it comes to men is judging a book by its cover. Not all guys make a good first impression, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to offer.

Some of them deserve a chance for a second date even if you think otherwise. What you should have in mind is that there are guys who are simply shy in the beginning but who are actually hiding an amazing personality behind that mask.

The last thing you want is to miss out on a great guy just because you didn’t give him another chance.

6. You expect a fairy tale romance

Ever since you were a little girl, you were surrounded by fairy tales and romantic movies that showed you what real love should look like. And it’s great if you are waiting for a guy to knock you off of your feet, but it’s time to face reality.

Life is nothing like it is in the movies and the harsh truth is that your Prince Charming isn’t going to show up on your doorstep while you patiently wait for him.

6 Signs You Are Too Picky When It Comes To Men