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If You Do These 7 Things, You’re A True Alpha

If You Do These 7 Things, You’re A True Alpha

An alpha knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it and she won’t apologize for it. She believes her attitudes are right, but she is not a stubborn child who will keep pushing her own opinion no matter what.

An alpha woman is reasonable and just. A true alpha woman will look at both sides before making a decision. She is true to herself.

All women want to be them and men want to date them. And as usual, haters are gonna hate mostly because they are intimidated by them and they feel alphas are better in most things than they are. But the choice is up to them.

Either they can hate them silently and do nothing about it, or they can try to work harder and be better because…

You are not born an alpha. You become an alpha.

Alphas are leaders. Some people are born with leadership and some aren’t, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t change. We change on a daily basis. Our experiences, good and bad, try to teach us lessons we can learn to become better and better. But, only if we want to.

Chances are if you are reading this article, that you are in fact an alpha woman, but nevertheless, read these signs and see for sure:

1. You are not afraid to be alone

You are not terrified of being single because you are aware of the fact that you are the person who matters the most in your life and you don’t need a man to feel important. You won’t be broken and cry for the rest of your life if he leaves you. You are going to hurt because that is normal but not for long.

You’re going to pick yourself up and move on with your life. Maybe you’ll catch up with reading, start a hobby or try something new you’ve been wanting for some time. The point is, life goes on and so do you.

2. You own up to your mistakes

You’re not stubborn and if you make a mistake, you will own up to it. You will admit it because that is what strong women do. They say when they are wrong. A lot of people have the wrong opinion when it comes to alpha women. They think alphas are incapable of admitting a mistake or apologizing.

But, the truth is far from it. Actually, alphas feel so comfortable in their skins that it’s not a big deal to admit they were wrong. They are that mature and that’s why this makes them so fucking awesome.

3. You are well-rounded and you know it

You can do pretty much everything and all of your friends will first call you before they call anyone else when they have a problem. From plumbing to manicure emergencies, you are the girl to call.

It’s not that you are a know-it-all who sticks her head into everybody’s business. It’s just that you are willing to learn and are not afraid to get dirty to get the job done.

4. You call things by their real names

A real alpha calls a spade a spade. She doesn’t turn a blind eye to things she doesn’t want to see. She faces all of her problems because she is not scared to face them.

She knows she will solve them because she’ll try to find the best solution. She never gives up. So, if a guy wants to be with her, he has to man up and start facing the reality as it is, like she does.

5. You’re a team player

Although you are more than capable of doing things by yourself and you don’t need anyone’s help, when team work is needed, you are up for it. You know how to cooperate with others and how to listen to what everyone’s got to say.

You always support your teammates and you’ve got their back if something bad happens. Everyone would kill for having you in their team.

6. You are aware that you don’t know everything

You are not a know-it-all and you don’t act like it. You know there is always some more space to learn new things. People learn new things throughout their whole lives.

You’re always aspiring to learn new things and that’s why you are aware that you don’t know everything and this is what saves you from being arrogant.

You know that you can learn from others, and that’s why you let them lead because although you’re good at it, it doesn’t mean that no one else can get a chance to try it.

7. You never give up

You know that things are not over until you say so. As long as you keep fighting for what you want, there is a possibility that you are going to make it. And even if you don’t, you won’t give up. You’ll try again and again until you do. That is your biggest quality.