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I’m Happy And You’re Still The Same Piece Of Shit

I’m Happy And You’re Still The Same Piece Of Shit

I saw you the other night. Leaning against the bar, wearing that dark blue suit I loved so much with that white shirt which showed off your tanned skin.

Your hair combed back, the hair I used to love to play with.

The hair I would pull my fingers through when we would make love. Your lips kissing the glass of whiskey, like your life depended on it.

And your eyes. Your bright blue eyes were scanning the room, looking for the next victim.

I knew how the story would go. You would hit on her, make her feel so special for that one night, the night she will come back to every time you make her feel worthless.

The night she would look back on every time you look at another woman.

The night you made her fall for you that she’s remember every time you break her. It’ll be the night she will forever regret having and you’ll be a bullet she couldn’t possibly avoid.

You’re still the same man I once loved, but I shouldn’t have. You are still selfish and self-involved so much that you refuse to see the people around you.

It’s not that you can’t see them, you choose not to.

I remember how you would slowly take away pieces of me as you pleased. You took away my love, my freedom and my dreams. It felt good to have that power, I guess.

But you are still empty. You are still looking for someone who will fill that void inside you and you keep on failing.

You’re still the same liar—giving away empty promises like sprinkles on cake. Something to make it pretty, but inside it was rotten.

Inside, it was nothing but pain and despair. You’re promising commitment, loyalty and honesty, while you’re already thinking about the next one to play.

You’re making her wait for you, settle for you, while you’re already planning your escape route.

And I honestly can’t believe that I trusted you with my heart, but I guess this had to happen to make me appreciate it more.

You’re still the same ungrateful bastard. Do you have any idea how lucky you were?

You had a woman who was ready to make you her world. A woman who made you her priority, her only choice and her everything.

A woman who loved you more than she loved herself at times. But for you, it was never enough.

You could’ve held the world in your arms and it still wouldn’t have been enough. It will never be enough and you know it.

You’re still the same piece of shit—not a man, but a mistake. You play with other people’s hearts and feelings like they are yours to play with.

You break their hopes and trust on a daily basis, without even skipping a beat.

It’s just something you do, like you said, ‘It’s not you, baby girl. You knew that I’m not for this; you knew that I’ll never settle down.’  How the hell was I supposed to know that? Or any of us, in fact?

Between all those promises, kisses and sweetest words one can hear, how was I supposed to see your lies?

I saw you walking away with her and in that moment, I felt nothing but pity for her. In that moment, the one I feared so much, I felt nothing else.

And in that moment, I realized that I’m over you and finally ready to move on. It took me too long to get here because you’re good at breaking people. Too good.

But I’m finally whole and happy again. I finally love myself the way I never thought I could.

Finally, when I look in the mirror, I no longer see ugly scars, big thighs and a broken person.

I see myselfmy strength, the passion in my eyes and joy in my smile. I see one hell of a badass who walked over her own grave, the one you put her into.

I see an amazing woman who is ready to love, live and laugh again. I look at myself and I know I’m happy. And you’re still the same piece of shit.