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6 Things Guys Say To You Only To Get In Your Pants

6 Things Guys Say To You Only To Get In Your Pants

Most guys will say pretty much anything just to get you into bed. Usually, what they come up with is hilarious—if you get where they are going with that.

Some of them say these things because they are really into you and they are being honest, but most of them come up with loads of crap just to get laid. (Surprise, surprise)

There are women who can read between the lines and who can see right through those sweet words and smooth actions. These women would be like: “Cut the crap and move along…”

But, some women fall for those men’s sneaky, ‘almost perfect’, BS techniques, and who can blame them? It has happened to us all, at least once.

Seriously, there are plenty of women who just want to have fun (read: have sex), but nooooo, for guys, ‘forbidden fruit’ is the sweetest

In other words, there are guys who are turned on by trying to have sex with serious women who are ready to settle down, who are ready to commit for the long run.

Guys: Is that your fetish—to sleep with them and dump them? STOP, seriously just STOP!

There are plenty of horny, ‘just-wanna-have-fun’ fish in the sea. Pick one and let the games begin.

And, as for you ladies who fall for these men and regret it later, keep on reading to see how far men are ready to go just to get you in the sack!

1. They promise you commitment

Ha! That’s a good one!

Guy: “Babe, I like you so much, I wanna be with you…but not right now, ok babe? Don’t worry, soon we’re gonna be together…”

What a load of BS! The next thing you know, you are putting out because you think you love this guy. He is your future everything. And once the ‘thing’ is done, he disappears from the face of the earth!

You will sooner discover Atlantis than the place where he’s hiding.

2. They agree  with anything you say

Try this out sometimes. Tell them notorious and unbelievable lies. Tell them lies that are so obvious. Try not to laugh your ass off while you are doing this.

You: “Hey, you know my dad went to space?”

Him: “Woooow, do you have any photos?” (Read: invite me over, I don’t care that you’re lying)

You: #eyeroll #sigh

Do I have to go any further? I think you got the whole picture.

Douchebag ALERT!

3. They know how to use ‘I love you’

You all know the scenario. You go out, you’re wearing a smoking hot dress, his jaw drops when he sees you.

The whole date is charged with sexual energy with sexual references shooting out of the two of you like fireworks.

You go to his place, horny as hell. You let him get to ‘first base’ you but he is hoping for the Home Run.

Just when you say ‘wait’, there he goes with putting on a mask of the sweetest and most caring guy you’ve ever met.

The next thing you hear is whispering in your ear – I LOVE YOU… Yeah right! Snap out of it, don’t be stupid!

4. Alcohol is their ‘best friend’

It’s not their intention to get you hammered because, let’s face it, what good are you to them in that stage of drunkenness?

His plan is to get you tipsy—just a few drinks to make you feel as though you may ‘tip’ over … right into his bed.

It will get your inhibitions down and his confidence up. If you see his intentions aren’t honorable (usually, they aren’t), quit while you can.

5. They are sweet-talking you

Him: “Babe, you make me feel like I’ve never felt before…” #cutthecrap

We all know that in most cases (especially when you have just started seeing each other) this means only one thing—I want to get laid.

Don’t let them convince you they get weak in the knees when they see you because this usually happens only when sexual pleasure is involved—big applause to the ones who are an exception to the rule (if there are any).

Don’t forget, you have to take into consideration the timing when they tell you they have never felt like that before.

If it’s in the middle of the action, on the border between the first and second bases, come on! Get your head out of the sand!

6. They are complementing your body

There is a guy standing in front of you, horny as hell, and he is telling you that you have a great body. REALITY CHECK—he is eager to get some and he doesn’t care what you look like. He only cares about the functionality of your ‘lady parts’. #truthslap

These are their standards:

#1 boobs—checked

#2 ass—checked

#3 face doesn’t make me want to throw up—checked


Women, girls, ladies…Don’t let men bullshit you—you are better than that!