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6 Traits Of Men Who Give Women Mind-Blowing Orgasms

6 Traits Of Men Who Give Women Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Sure a man who is tall, dark and handsome will be the ultimate eye candy and draw the attention of any woman. But when they are among the sheets, is someone’s attractiveness enough to make a woman orgasm?

Of course not. There is always more to a woman’s orgasm than meets the eye. A woman must be emotionally satisfied and physically attracted to get to that so-desired orgasm.

That’s why there are 6 distinctive traits of men who give women mind-blowing orgasms that are much more complex than mere physical attraction:


The ultimate recipe for great orgasms lies literally in a man’s hands. Men who are good with their hands at work will most likely be good in the bedroom.

If they are creative enough to make things with their hands, they will show an even higher level of imagination and expertise in bed.

Sense of humor

When a man wants to make a woman orgasm, he will make her laugh first. A shared sense of humor creates emotional bonds that make sex better.

When a man makes a woman laugh, he makes her more comfortable around him. The more relaxed she is, the sooner she will get there.


Being a shy guy usually doesn’t get you the girl so easily. These men usually get overshadowed by all the confident and loud guys out there. However, a shy guy is usually a treasure that needs to be discovered.

While the loud guys were too busy blowing their own horns and “multiplying” the number of women they have had sex with, shy guys spent their time in…let’s call it ‘research’.

They dedicated a substantial amount of time to discovering what a woman wants both physically and emotionally. They are always putting a woman’s pleasure first and thinking about new ways to make her orgasm.


A woman needs a man who is affectionate and loving. He will provide her the safety she needs to feel in both emotional and sexual aspects of their relationship.

A man who cares will always go the extra mile and do his best to please. He will think of details and discover all the patterns in which she likes her body kissed.

Appealing scent

This should go without saying, but a man who takes care of his hygiene and physical appearance will be so much more attractive right from the start.

A nice deodorant and a perfume combined with natural sweat will get a man on the right track. There is something so irresistible in the man who smells nice that makes all the women’s engines running.

A man who takes care of himself will most likely take good care of a woman he is with.


Usually, chemistry, trust and emotional connection are women’s preconditions for great sex and a mind-blowing orgasm. The man who holds the keys to her heart is the very one who holds the keys to unlocking her pleasure.

When a woman feels safe and loved, her mind won’t wonder about and question the trust she has in her man. Her sole focus will be on the sex act as she will be unburdened by questions of loyalty.

The bottom line is loyalty is sexy.