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7 Amazing Tips To Help You Become A Rock Star In Bed

7 Amazing Tips To Help You Become A Rock Star In Bed

Every woman craves finding the secret of how to be amazing in bed.

Some of them get lucky because they find partners who simply don’t ask for so much while others have partners who like to experiment.

But, if you look at it from a woman’s perspective, being good in bed is all about feeling good about yourself.

If you feel desirable, loved and taken care of, your performance will be better.

When you relax completely, you will be in the mood for trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone.

That’s why I am bringing some of the most useful tips for all of you to be real Femme Fatales while making all your hot dreams come true.

Relax, relax, relax

young couple cuddling in bed

If you are not relaxed, you won’t be able to feel complete pleasure. And if you don’t feel any pleasure and are constantly thinking about other things, you won’t be able to satisfy your partner as well.

I am not saying that your top priority should be to make him feel good, but it should be equal to feeling good yourself.

Both of you should feel good and relaxed because that is the only way to fully enjoy sex and all those great things that go along.

When you are relaxed, you won’t think about those extra pounds you have, but you will feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

It is all in your head, and if you have enough self-confidence, you will be able to be a real rock star in bed.

Focus on foreplay

woman playing with man in bedroom

Foreplay is more important to women than to men. They are simply wired in a different way, and they actually don’t need a lot to turn on.

But for most women, that pleasure that comes along with soft touches and kisses is what gets their engine going.

But if you show your man throughout some wicked foreplay how you feel about him, he definitely won’t mind it.

In fact, he will think that you have no problem going the extra mile to make him happy, and he will feel great about it.

Also, through the act of foreplay, you can get to know each other much better.

You can find your partner’s erogenous zones and make the whole experience much better. Do you understand the importance of good foreplay now?

Ask him what he likes

happy couple talking in bed

If you ask your man what he wants in bed, you will blow his mind. He will know that you are willing to do anything to bring your sex life to a whole new level, and there isn’t anything else that will make him that lucky.

In fact, he will even try some things he hasn’t done before just to please you.

Guys are crazy about sex, and they feel so great when a woman wants to make them happy in bed.

Once he tells you what he wants you to do to him, think whether you will feel comfortable doing it.

If yes, just bring it on. But never accept doing something that will make you feel bad. No man is worthy of you feeling bad about yourself.

Make eye contact

couple looking at eyes in bed

Eye contact is something that most couples don’t practice in bed, but if you knew how important this is, you would do it all the time.

You see, when you make love with your loved one, it is important to transfer all your emotions to him.

And there is no better way than doing it than using your eyes. That way, you can find out if he is enjoying himself and if he wants something else.

You can find out a lot by just looking into his eyes, so don’t miss this the next time you have sex.

Also, every time you look into his eyes, you will feel a deeper bond and both of you will feel much closer.

That’s why you should never underestimate the importance of eye contact. If you use it right, you can really transform into a woman he will never want to leave.

Talk dirty

man talking dirty on woman ear

Talking dirty has become something most people do to easily turn on their partner.

That is why you should rock this since it can bring you benefits you didn’t know exist. But, before you start anything, you need to know what to do first.

Always make sure that you go slowly so both of you can prepare for some sweet games under the sheets.

Start with foreplay, and when you see that things start heating up, you can add some dirty talk or dirty questions. It will turn any man on, and they will go crazy about you.

Just know that great sex is blending a perfect dose of all ingredients, so make sure you don’t add too much of anything.

That is how you will sweep your man off his feet, and he will never wish for another woman except you.

You can have sex anywhere

horny couple kissing on the beach

It is true that having sex in the comfort of your home is the best, but if you want to spice things up, you don’t need to stick to your bedroom necessarily.

Why not have sex in the toilet of that fancy restaurant? Why not do it on your lunch break on your office table?

Why not do it somewhere in nature during your morning jog? Why not step out of your comfort zone?

Maybe it will look weird at the beginning and maybe you won’t be able to relax, but over time, you will realize it is a great experience.

Trust me, when you try something like this, something new, you will be sorry for not doing it before.

But it is never too late for the great things, right? Come on, loosen it up a little bit, and show your man who is his queen.

Don’t you see he is just waiting for you to rock his world?

Take the initiative

woman taking bra off in front of man

Guys like it when a girl takes the whole initiative and takes them to bed. So, if you want your man to feel like he’s on cloud nine, just make the first move.

He will be over the moon, and he won’t wish any other girl except you.

You will be his treasure which he will selfishly take care of, and he will go the extra mile to make you happy.

I know that it might be hard for you to take the initiative all of a sudden, but once you try it, you will see it is not a big deal.

You will gain so much more by doing it than you thought, and since you are good at it, you should just continue doing it.

I don’t need to mention that your man will be the happiest man alive for having a dominant and amazing girl and that he will do anything for you.

So, when you stop for a second and think about it, you will realize it was worth it.

7 Amazing Tips To Help You Become A Rock Star In Bed