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7 Crucial Things To Know Before Loving A Girl Who Is Loyal To A Fault

7 Crucial Things To Know Before Loving A Girl Who Is Loyal To A Fault

Once you meet a girl who is loyal to a fault, you can’t believe that someone as special as her has walked into your life. At first glance, she seems too good to be true and you even wonder if she is pretending to be this perfect.

Well, even though she doesn’t think of herself as perfect, the truth is that she is one of a kind. And the best part is that she is real, just the way she is.

But this doesn’t mean that you can treat this girl however the hell you want because a special girl deserves special love and care. There are some things you need to know before loving a girl who is loyal to a fault and here are the most important ones.

thing and you can’t have that unless you are both completely honest with one another.

 She’ll prioritize you

One of the best things about a girl who is loyal to a fault is her caring and good heart. This girl is a true empath and she can never remain indifferent to other people’s suffering or to injustice.

But this quality of hers can especially be seen by the people she loves the most. And if you are lucky enough, you’ll be one of her loved ones.

When this girl cares for you, she does it with all of her heart, without holding back any parts of herself. She will always put you first and will always take care of your needs.

For this girl, there isn’t anything or anyone more important than you and she is ready to do whatever it takes just to see you smile. Remember—she could never be happy unless you are too.

She doesn’t play games

A loyal girl is someone you’ll always be certain about. You’ll never have to question her love for you or her intentions in the relationship.

This girl doesn’t play mind games under any circumstances. She won’t pretend that she isn’t interested to get your attention, she won’t play hard to get and nor will she send you mixed signals to confuse you.

And that is what she expects from you as well. Don’t even try pulling some hot and cold bullshit on this girl because she won’t chase you, if that is what you are trying to accomplish.

She will always be straightforward about her feelings. When it comes to this girl, you won’t have to second-guess her or her emotions.

When she is bothered about something, she’ll tell you exactly what is wrong. She won’t be passive-aggressive and she won’t expect you to have the ability to read her mind.

 She’ll push you forward

One thing you should understand before getting yourself involved with this type of girl is that she sees the two of you as a team. That means that she’ll never only be concerned with her own progress and with just improving herself while leaving you down.

Instead, she will do everything necessary to push you forward, without trying to change you. This girl will believe in you, no matter what, and she’ll push you to become the best possible version of yourself.

This girl will never lose her faith in you and she’ll make you realize that you are destined for big things. She will be the wind beneath your wings and your biggest inspiration.

She is faithful

Loyalty and faithfulness are part of the same package. But when I say that this girl will always be faithful, I am not just talking about physical cheating here.

As long as she is taken, this girl won’t flirt with other guys, she won’t have dating apps and she won’t get herself involved in emotional affairs. Making you jealous in any way is beneath her and she doesn’t need you losing your cool as confirmation of your love for her.

 She’ll always have your back

A loyal girl will be the one to teach you how to fly but she’ll also be the one to catch you before you fall and the one who will pick up your shattered pieces if you ever break. This is the type of girl who will always have your back and who will give you her endless support, no matter the circumstances.

The truth is that sometimes she’ll be brutally honest with you but she’ll only be like that in private. Publicly, she will be the one to defend you in front of everyone and at any cost.

Remember—this girl isn’t just your lover and romantic partner. She is also your best friend.

She is the person you can turn to, no matter how hard things seem to be. The one who will never hesitate to help you and who will stand by you through the roughest of times. The person you can rely on and the only one who won’t leave you when everyone else abandons you.

You should never let her go

What you need to have in mind is that this woman is one of a kind. If you happen to find someone like her, be sure that you belong with the luckiest men in the world.

This girl won’t ask you for much. She won’t ask you to treat her like she is the center of your universe, nor will she be needy and clingy. All she wants is for you to appreciate her efforts and sacrifices and to love her back. All she wants is for you to be the man she deserves you to be and to be worthy of her love. Trust me—that will be more than enough.

When this type of girl walks into your life, hold on tight to her and never let her go. Because if you do, you’ll see how special and unique she really is and you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting it.