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7 Reasons Why You Deserve To Be Chased

7 Reasons Why You Deserve To Be Chased

When you are in love, you don’t think about yourself so much.

Instead, what is on your mind the whole time is your loved one and your future together.

And when you have that way of thinking, it is very easy to lose yourself to a man.

While trying to make him happy and pleasing him, you tend to forget what you want and what you crave in the whole process.

But the truth is that you deserve to be chased for a large number of reasons and here are only some of them.

You have so much to offer

Yes, YOU have so much to offer—your love, pure heart and soul, and the positivity that you bring to every relationship and most of all, the will to make everything work.

So, don’t just settle for less than you deserve.

Instead of chasing someone and suffocating him, let him chase you. Be a woman with a lot of self-esteem and love for yourself and others will notice that and start to chase you.

You are worthy of everything

You are truly worthy of everything. You know how much you bring to the table so please don’t you ever forget that.

You deserve to be loved, taken care of and respected as a woman and as a human being.

What you need to do is admit that to yourself and start with a new way of thinking.

Once you put yourself on a pedestal, everyone around you will see that you are one worthy lady and it is only a matter of time until guys will start chasing you.

You deserve attention

If you have to beg a man to look at you, don’t even bother to date him.

He will never be interested in you and he is certainly not the man of your dreams.

Instead, choose a man who would die for you and who won’t have a problem going the extra mile for you.

Because that is what you deserve— his full attention, him having eyes only for you and his unconditional love.

You are not replaceable

You are one of a kind. You are unique. And that’s why you deserve to be chased and not to chase a guy and to lose yourself to someone who doesn’t even give a damn about you.

You deserve a man who would die to be your boyfriend.

The one who would look at you like you were his angel, like the best thing that could happen to him.

A man like that will see all that the others missed seeing. And you know what? He will never, ever let you go!

You are intelligent

You are not one of those women who changes partners every night and whom people talk bad stuffabout.

You are much more than that. You know that good things don’t happen overnight and you are patiently waiting for the right one to come.

That is what makes you so beautiful and unique. That is what makes you different from all the other women.

And that is something a real man will recognize.

You know when to walk away

You are a woman who knows when it is time to stop doing certain things.

You won’t be begging someone to be with you if they don’t want to be. You have self-esteem and that is something you are so proud of.

So, even if life gets rough and people disappoint you, you will always walk proudly, knowing that you made the best decision that you could in that moment.

A woman like you knows when to let go of something that is not real and when there is no sense in holding on to it anymore.

You deserve the real thing

Yes, you do. You deserve a man who will love you like he has never loved before.

The one who will be faithful to you and the one who won’t play mind games. A man like that will never let you think that you are not worthy or enough.

He will be there for you, to support you in all your decisions and to help you if you ask him.

He won’t suffocate, he will give you space.

But in the end, he will always be there, ready to hug you, and to tell you that everything will be okay because he is there to take care of you.

A man like that will show you real love, something that you always had the right to have.

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