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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase A Guy (Even If You Want It Badly)

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase A Guy (Even If You Want It Badly)

The usual conclusion to come to when a guy doesn’t chase you is that he is not interested in you.

And believe me, in most cases, this is more than true. I know that you’ve probably had enough of rejection and disappointment and you don’t even want to chase someone because a part of you thinks that you are going to get turned down.

That’s why you just give up and you know what, you’re right! I’m not a feminist and I’m not saying that you have to lie down and do absolutely nothing.

I’m just saying that you should save any dignity you’ve got left and wait for the right man to come to you.

Wait for the one who is worthy of you. Wait for the one who really likes you for you, someone who cares.

If he truly cares and is interested, he will find a way to get your attention and one day you’re going to be happy that you did nothing to initiate the chase.

So, read on to see why you should never chase a guy but let him chase you instead:

1. It takes up a lot of your time

So first of all, if he likes you then he has to be sure he does. He can’t like you one moment and the next be indecisive. So chasing him is out of the question.

Don’t let anyone play hard to get because you deserve someone who can’t wait to be in your presence, someone who will want to spend his free time with you.

2. It hurts your self-esteem

If you chase a man who isn’t interested in you, it can really hurt your self-esteem.

I know that it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you really like a guy, getting rejected and hurt is a big deal.

Chasing someone who doesn’t care makes you feel like you are worthless and you don’t deserve his attention. Well, that’s just not true. You deserve better than that.

3. He doesn’t want to be caught

OK, so if you have to chase a man, that usually means that he doesn’t want to get caught because he probably has commitment issues and you don’t want to get in the middle of that. That kind of relationship will only hurt you and nothing less.

He will give you attention at the beginning, but as your relationship becomes more serious, he will get more distant because he doesn’t want to be tied down. And yet again, you don’t need a man who needs to be chased.

4. He is not the one

If you have to chase him, he is not the one for you. It should be the other way around.

Love shouldn’t be that complicated. Love should be simple, between two people who met and instantly fell in love.

There shouldn’t be any toying with emotions or playing games with one another, it should just be simple.

So, if you catch yourself chasing someone, you have to ask yourself if he really cares enough for you when he is making you chase him,

5. You forget about your friends

Chasing takes up a lot of your time and you start obsessing about that guy. It consumes you and can take up up all your time.

So, it’s not unusual that in that process you forget about your friends—you start to ignore them because all your attention is revolved around why you can’t catch him and what’s going on inside his head.

Well, no one is more important than your friends and family and you should never neglect them, especially not for someone who probably doesn’t care that much about you.

6. Maybe he only wants sex

So, there is a possibility of getting the man you chased but only because he wanted you to chase him—and why? Probably only to have sex.

Because, let’s face it, men who don’t want to be chased are not the men who want to commit to others, so it’s only logical that when they decide to be caught, they do it only to get one thing. When it becomes boring, they leave.

7. You’re doomed to a one-sided love

As I have already said, even if you catch him, you are not going to be happy.

It will probably be a relationship in which you are going to try to solve all the problems and always be the one to blame when something doesn’t work out.

You are going to be the one who loves and he is going to be the one who is in it because he has nothing better to do.

Do you really want to chase men and risk your heart getting broken? I don’t think you do.