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6 Ways To Survive The No Contact Period When He Leaves

6 Ways To Survive The No Contact Period When He Leaves

Following the no contact rule after breaking up with your partner is the best way to get over him.

It normally lasts 90 days, but it depends on the situation.

Psychologists say that in this time of having no contact with your ex, you can get over him, start thinking straight, and learn to control yourself.

But the big question is how to actually do that?

How to stop being in any kind of contact with someone who still means the world to you?

If you are curious, I suggest that you keep reading because I am about to reveal some of the best ways to survive this period and get back on track again.

Focus on yourself

The thing is quite simple. If you focus on yourself, you won’t think about him.

If you don’t think about him, you won’t have the urge to contact him. Easy, right?

But the most important thing in this whole process is that you need to stay faithful to yourself and to your promises.

You shouldn’t change your mind because he sent you a melting love paragraph.

No matter what he does, please don’t change your opinion because you will realize later why it was a good choice.

Do things that make you happy

Maybe you were too focused on him, and you totally neglected yourself and your wishes.

But now is the time to finally start thinking about yourself and your happiness.

Start a new hobby. Enroll in a language school or a dancing class.

Talk to different people, learn things from them, and let them be in your company.

All those things can actually save you from reaching out to him and continuing the same agony.

If you just give yourself another shot to be happy, trust me that life will smile on you and that things will finally be better than you think.

Spend time outside

Even if this seems like something that won’t work, it really helps in cases like this.

When you are out, there is more chance that you will meet new people and that you will have some fun.

Also, it will prevent you from thinking about him, and you will feel much better.

You won’t feel like your whole world is falling apart, and you will realize that if one man was bad, it doesn’t mean that all the others will be bad as well.

You will learn to enjoy your life alone, and when you finally stay alone, you won’t even have a need to contact your ex because it feels much better without him.

Unfollow him on social media sites

The catch is that it will be harder for you to get over him if you have any sort of contact or if you see what he is doing now that he is single again.

He is now part of your past, and he should stay there.

So, unfollow him on social media sites, and don’t think about the things he does now that he is free.

I know it will be hard at the beginning because you will want to know if he has someone new or what kind of photos he posts on his profile, but if you stay faithful to yourself, it will pay off in the long-run.

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Don’t communicate with his friends

One important thing when sticking to the no contact rule is to actually break off all the communication with his friends as well.

If you talk to them, they will say nice things about him, hoping you will call him to be together again.

Don’t do that because you might feel sorry later.

If you already decided to leave him, it means that you had a good enough reason.

Going back to him would mean giving him another bullet to kill you because he missed the first time.

Live your life to the fullest

When you break up a relationship, you will feel a lot of mixed emotions.

One day you will be sad, another one you will smile, and the third one you will be so mad at yourself for staying with an idiot for such a long time. 

But in all that mess, there is one thing that can help you feel better: living your life like you always wished but never had the courage to try.

After all that you went through in the relationship with him, you got more mature, and you are ready to experience life in different ways.

This time you will listen to your heart and your mind only, and you will finally put yourself first.

And that is what matters the most.